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Brit censors endure 10-hour Paint Drying movie epic

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Re: Subliminals

And then, loads of other folk would want to sit through it to see those fleeting images too :-P

Spotify now officially even worse than the NSA

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"Local law may require that you seek the consent of your contacts to provide their personal information to Spotify, which may use that information for the purposes specified in this privacy policy"

Wow. So they're even admitting what they're doing may be illegal for their customer user without action from the customer?

Phone maker punts AA-powered blower

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What they don't say?

I bet it doesn't last long, even in standby, in a poor signal area. I know my GSM phones of old would last days in a good signal area, but barely a day when the signal as bad, and the phone spend all its energy maintaining 'keep alive' messages to any cell transmitter it could *just* manage to communicate with...

GSM phones up their transmit power to try and maintains connections in weak signal areas...

Google SHOCK! Snaps up Motorola phone biz for $12.5bn

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That didn't last long!

My how things change - in just 5 days...


Nokia: digital SLRs are doomed

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I don't understand...

Maybe for snaps. And for people who use DSLRs for snaps.

For the rest of us, when Nokia start feeling the pain from Apple, Android, RIM, etc they decide Nikon and Canon are better targets? Go figure?!?!

Lily Allen exits Twitter, bins BlackBerry

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...nice one

Nice news snippet to get us all talking about her.

So she's not gonna be contactable when she's out. Or able to contact anyone. A pop star. Yeah, right...

Western Digital My Passport Essential portable HDD

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You might as well get used to it - MicroUSB is becoming the defacto standard for phones, replacing MiniUSB, so that will be the standard for cables, PSUs, etc as we have now for MiniUSB.

I have a MicroUSB phone and suffer none of the connector issues you describe, though perversely I *do* have loose connector problems on a MiniUSB device I own.

So I think the issue is NOT the connector type so much as the quality control on the connector/cable maufacturing process and chouce of supplier. Maybe you got a bad sample?

BT cuts 0870 charges

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0870 and 0845 numbers may be going free for consumers, but I DON'T think even for land line phones this includes 0871, 0844 etc. numbers. I think many will assume it does :-|

Police give up on lost CDs

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CDs are worthless anyway

Wouldn't anyone with any knowledge to exploit the contents of these CD's just have copied them as the first thing they'd do. Return of the originals is a but pointless anyway, isn't it? Doesn't really reduce the threat of their exploitation much at all...

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@ AdrianC - I give up...

Yup. Absolutely right!

But I think they DO know this. It's just the political mileage of being able to say "Oh, that's OK, then. The data's safe again". But you'd think *that much* would be challenged, wouldn't you...

<conspiracy theory mode?=ON>


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