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Street View ghost spooks Cardiff medium


Cardiff? Must be the rift again...

Is she sexually ambiguous too? Definitely Torchwood

Zero-G vanishing bone issue solved, says prof


Nice work if you can get it

"volunteers on Earth undergoing constant bed rest" - where do I sign up?

Virgin Media to battle modem hackers


VM's only happy customer?

Every time there's a VM story, you get loads of people complaining. Maybe it's different around the country, but up here in Edinburgh, I get my full 20Mb speed all the time, unless I've hit the limit which is VERY rare, even though I download pretty much all the TV I watch from Usenet, and in 6 years my connection has gone down a grand total of twice. Both times I called and it was back in an hour.

But I still hate Beardy Branson. He's just so smug

Virgin puts 'legal P2P' plans on ice



That noise was the recording industry shooting itself in the foot. Won't be long before they go the way of the dodo. They could have earned themselves a few bob, but they can't get past the idea that P2P=EVIL.

One-eyed woman wants techno-vision


Easier to pirate movies....

No need to get caught camming the latest release. You just have to sit REALLY STILL for 2 hours, and don't blink.

BBC has newsgasm over Obama's dog

Paris Hilton


Greyhound, poodle and beagle?

Paris, because if it's cute, she'll probably buy one

Finns develop mobe sleep-cycle alarm app

Paris Hilton

Oo-er missus!

Arousal Clock? Happy Wake-up? Sounds like room service at a Bangkok hotel

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide


Not all of Edinburgh affected

Had no problems at all, although I did notice the Online light on my V box flashing. Everything was still working OK though.

Apparently I'm one of the few who hasn't noticed any drop in service from blueyonder to Virgin. Lucky me! I still hate Branson, though.

Wii shortage costs Nintendo dear, analyst claims


Mark - eh?

Made it a best seller, by not selling many? How does that work?

By that logic, my novel is the best-selling book ever, because I've never sold a single copy!

amanfromMars icon, because he makes more sense