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Angry Romanian hackers deface Telegraph for Top Gear toss

richard tanswell

Der Kaiser

Let's hope that Der Kaiser don't do a similar attack for Sir Alex Ferguson's comments recently!

"Typical Romanians"!

Windows 7 - Microsoft minus the martyrdom

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Yeah right!

"Windows 7 is a service pack or a fix for Windows Vista," Blake said. "But they branded it as a new product because if they said SP 3 - even if it has every single fix - it would still have the mental attachment to that old operating system. By releasing it, that's given every enterprise the opportunity in the world to adopt some technologies they really wanted to."

More like they didn't release it as Vista SP3 because they wouldn't get any more revenue from it!

Great idea though, release a crap product, ask the users to help you fix it, apply their fixes, release it again with a different name and get them to cough up again for it! :)

Google accused of UK tax dodge

richard tanswell

Not just Google

Lots of companies do it, my subscription to Microsoft TechNet goes through Ireland too.

Why have taxes anyway? Why don't we just put our earnings into a bank and let them take a 25-40% "tax" themselves. Would be much simpler particularly as most banks are now goverment owned! It would cut costs and clear the cr@p out of Whitehall, makes things simpler and prop the banks up!

Well it's a good idea if the banks weren't so fuck1ng useless!!!!! :)

Microsoft extends Red-Ring-of-Death cover to fresh Xbox fault

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Most of the consoles have moving parts (ie hard disks, CD/DVD/BR drives) and can fail at the drop of a hat (literally if the hat was fairly heavy and was dropped on the casing).

Even the smallest of vibration can kill a hard disk or make it degrade slowly, we know this from PC's so why should consoles be any different?

I have a 360 Elite and am very happy with it. My mates have PS3's and a few of them wish they'd gone for 360's.

However, there's not much between the two and I'm sure both are prone to hardware failures, there's more 360's in use out there and they've been around longer and because of the MS haters, stories like this get blown out of proportion.

If MS let the XBox team developed a simple, powerful OS, I'm sure they'd have come up with something much better than Vista, something that worked on less powerful hardware.

I'm proud of my 360 and wouldn't change it for the world right now. Of course nothing has gone wrong with it so I have no experience of support/warranty but as an IT engineer, I've rarely had to call Microsoft for OS/App issues so hopefully I'll have the same experience with my XBox.

I'm sure that in comparison, hardware failures, OS failures and errors are more common on Windows PCs as opposed to the 360's. At least it can be fixed and under the warranty which is more than can be said for many electrical appliances these days like dishwashers, washing machines etc!

Wi-Fi Beeb viewing may break law

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Now what if you were at an address wthout a TV licence, you were watching the streams on your mobile but were running out of juice so plugged your mobile into your laptop to charge it? Is it legal to do this provided the laptop is not plugged into the mains?

Such a grey area really. Also, what if that "mobile device" being used at home to view telly via wifi took you to over the 4 TV allowance. Illegal again or only until you plug it into the mains?

What about if your neighbour had managed to hijack your wifi and watched BBC over wifi but they didn't have a licence? Are they legal?

I know chances of prosecution are pretty low, how they are ever going to catch someone on any wifi network and prove they had their mobile plugged in but the site had no valid licence is beyond me!

To be honest, BBC's programs are so shite these days that if I am taking a dump, I certainly won't want to be watching BBC over wifi on my mobile. I'd rather play Snake thanks (the phone game, not my penis thank you!)

O2 starts giving away iPhones

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Maybe wrong but....

Does it really matter about the length of a contract when O2 are the only network in the UK allowed for iPhone? If they dropped it to a year, what would you do after that? As far as I know, you can't take it to another network anyway and it can't be unlocked easily so unless you stayed with O2, the iPhone would be useless! This may have changed of course.

What they need to stop providers doing is charging you to unlock your phone that you have essentially bought (even though it was advertised as being free in the first place) at the end of your contract.

It becomes your phone on contact expiry so why should you have to pay to have it unlocked to work on another network if you choose to move? And it was "free" in the first place so another reason why you shouldn't have to pay! They should be unlocked automatically on the contract finishing!

Windows 7 test build 'turns off' Internet Explorer 8

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XBox Team

Why can't MS develop something based on the XBox technology?

It loads quickly, rarely has bugs in my opinion, works for very powerful games, can be shut down quickly, works well online, isn't resource heavy etc etc.

It's made by MS. Surely they can come up with a similar as a workstation? After all, if I want to play games on XP or Vista, my machine has to be extremely fast, have loads of RAM and decent graphics card to work! Probably 10 times the power the XBox has!

Tiscali shares suspended on titsup fears

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Good riddance!

I was with Tiscali once, absolute nightmare!! Service was never great and if you ever wanted to move away from them, boy they make it hard!! Also don't ever try and call them if you need any help or have a query....they never answer and are useless!!

It's sad however that they will take Nildram and Pipex with them. Nildram were a very good company until the takeover...a nice small-ish ISP with good service and customer service. I guess this is what happens when a large ISP offers lots of money to takeover a small ISP!

Windows 7 fast track alarms technical testers

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Vista runs well?

Anyone who says Vista runs well needs their head testing! OK so they may not have any obvious problems but should they really be happy with an OS that uses more than twice the resources XP does, doesn't mind the fact that it decides what to restrict than the user (ie hardware drivers, programs, it's own processes etc) and is just a royal pain in the backside!

I persevered for nearly a year, yes SP1 improved things slightly but the fact is, I was still unable to perform many of the functions and use the hardware/software that I did on XP so in the end, had to revert back to my main OS being XP. I can then run Vista in a VM and test it etc but the simple fact is, I don't have half a day a week to try and troubleshoot my Vista problems and just wanted something stable and did what I wanted to do.

Windows 7 will be exactly the same! As a system admin, there is no way in the world that I would even contemplate rolling out Vista or Windows 7 yet or in the future as XP does all we need it to. Microsoft need to realise that while there is a need for change in some way, Windows users don't care about how their OS looks or feels. It's about performance, flexibilty and reliability! XP gives us this at the moment. Even Excel 2007 causes problems with many financial models so although we like the integration of WSS and Outlook 2007, we will not be upgrading Excel to 2007, just Outlook.

MS need to listen to the masses if they wish to stay alive. It doesn't look like a repackaged version of Vista in Windows 7 will help that! I'm likening Bill Gates to Tony Blair at the moment, jumped ship at the right time!!

Kensington Universal Notebook Dock

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Wake up HP

I use a lot of high end HP business laptops and their advanced docking solutions. However, despite being told to the contrary by HP, the docking solutions do not support dual screens (ie the docking solution has a VGA and DVI port but only one works at a time). You can use the laptop screen and an external monitor but not 2 external monitors.

Our solution is a VGA/DVI to USB adapter but for the price that Kensington solution, HP must be able to factor something similar into their docking solution, considering they are nearly 3 times the price!

Dual screens are becoming more of a requirement these days, together with mobility, the docking solution should support this requirement!

Sacked worker faces jail over malware revenge attack

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Paris Hilton


What sort of knob does something like this from their home computer!!! Oh yeah, he was a member of a help desk! Explains it all really!!!

Now I know what he and Homer Simpson have in common....D'OH!

PS2 the most played console of 2008

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I think the wii is more of a social thing. It's good fun when you have your mates round but the games don't have any longevity. People who have no friends use the Xbox/PS3 online to play with their "virtual" friends.

I'm very impressed with my Elite 360 and although I haven't been online with it yet (I have real friends), I think I will be expanding my friend base into the virtual world!!

Wii Mario Kart online is also good fun!

Even if the survey is made up crap, it goes a long way to prove the cause of the Yanks' obesity problem...and why it's now impacting the UK!

Fifa/PES are great games but it doesn't beat getting down the park with your mates to kick a ball into a goal with no net and getting covered in dog shit or battering the hell out of your neighbours cars and windows!!! Ah the good old days!!!!

BT to be freed from service obligations

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Similar to the French!

Has anyone ever tried to setup ADSL/SDSL in France, in particular Paris?? No mattr who the ISP is, they tend to royally fuck it up and it takes almost as long as it does for a snail to walk to Paris! Bearing in mind the delay from them eating it on the way!

Beeb to cut the f**king swearing

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So what happened to free speech? The BBC is funded by the taxpayer in a supposed country of free speech...yet they do not allow their entertainers this freedom! Why are they paying the likes of Woss and Brand all this money if they then tell them what to do???

Am I the only one who actually found what those two did funny? Mr Sachs was rude enough not to turn up on their show after being invited. Brand did indeed previously sh@g Sachs' grand-daughter so he never actually lied about anything!

What's the f*cking g*d D@mn motherf*cking problem with this c*nting government and it's agencies? Britain has lost it's sense of humour, it's banks, it's terrorists have even b*ggered off to India!! Is there anything left for us to enjoy or shall we all just move to Bridgend?

Batman sues Batman over Batman

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Time for change

If the courts uphold the decision and force WB to change the name, I think that we may end up with a whole new batch of films....

Battyman Begins - this film depicts Battyman's early years and how he grew to like Dick......Grayson

Battyman and Robin (title pending claim from red breasted bird) - Battyman's flick with his sidekick. Also know as when Bruce met Dick

Battyman - The Dark Night - Battyman descends on Soho discovery some very strange, dark alleyways.....His main arch-rival in this film is "The Poker"....played by Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger!

Mine's the one with the the Batbelt round the waist!

Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater

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Not so bad!

I have an N82 and to be honest it's the best Nokia I've ever had!

The old N series phones had a tendency to crash, reboot etc but the newer ones tend to be really good and crash a lot less. N series with Skype + 5mp camera + WiFi + Mail4Exchange = a happy me! Especially as I don't want a large phone or a Blackberry!

Not convinced on touch screen phones though! You can't beat a keyboard for text/mail.

Thieves take out Cable & Wireless centre

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Backs onto a holiday site

I live in Watford, I didn't realise I could holiday there! Wow what a carbon footprint saving I can make!!

I think what they actually mean is "traveller's site" but in a PC way! Now that the "travellers" have damaged their local internet access, how are they going to do their Ebay listings?

UK is not a surveillance society, MPs claim

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Be careful!

Be careful what you write on here, the government are watching! :)

Uncontacted rainforest tribe caught from the air

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Paris Hilton


You can see these guys on Channel 4 on Sunday mornings, the orange is just fake tan. They're all harmless really, in fact many of the men wouldn't be able to use a bow and arrow for fear of breaking a nail!

Or were these pictures taken when Jordan was on I'm a Celebrity? Either way, has their celebrity status now improved to W list? They've reached the BBC websites top stories!

Paris because she's probably sh@gged them all!

Orange mobile broadband takes six-day break

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IT Angle


I'm surprised how large companies like this can be down for so long! Have they not heard of redundancy or disaster recovery plans?

When I was in the US last month, international text messaging was down for about 6 days also. Again, the message was: "we apologise and are working on it!".

Since the French took over, the company has really gone down in my estimation. Shame I'm only 2 months into a new 18 month phone contract with them!!

Freeserve were crap, Wanadoo were no better and now Orange are even worse! What next? Alistair Darling will do a Northern Rock and try to save Orange in the same way? Oh dear!

Anyway, as they're French, they probably just shrug their shoulders and just say, OK. Or maybe they'll blame it on the striking fishermen!

Is Vista ready for Business?

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Gates Horns

....and another thing!

What is the point of User Access Control on a Vista PC on a Business network?

Firstly, any good AV with application control will do the same and secondly, if you want to secure certain functions, you enforce them through a group policy and user groups.

It's Microsoft trying to make visible changes to a system and warrant the upgrade cost when in truth, they are actually useless add-ons already covered by their other products!

richard tanswell
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@ Wolf

So you're running Vista on 1GB of RAM? With no applications open it uses nearly 800MB of that so as soon as you have a few applications open you are paging which must reduce performance.

Unless you're merely using them as internet/office browsers. Do you have an AV running on them?

I remember XP SP2 greatly increased RAM usage from SP1 and we found we had to put more memory in them as they no longer coped with 256MB. I'm sure Vista will go the same way so now your short sightedness will mean RAM upgrades at some point. Agreed RAM is very cheap nowadays but it's as volatile as Oil prices so there's no guarantee it will be cheap in 6 months time when you need it!

We get in HP laptops with Vista and have an XP open licence agreement so downgrade for free. We have an image so it takes 20 minutes or so to go from Vista to XP booting from the image software so I also avoid HP's 20 minute Vista setup procedure.

So I actually save time reverting to XP than configuring Vista! Happy days!

richard tanswell

@ Jack Harrer

I've not experienced drops in wifi connections at all with Vista. In my opinion, it used to happen on various machines on XP which was usually solved by a router firmware upgrade, wifi NIC driver upgrade or a 3rd party wifi manager like Intel ProSet etc.

My recommendations for wifi are to always have the latest driver and to let Windows manage the wifi with no other 3rd party wifi manager installed on Vista and XP.

richard tanswell

Business OS...who cares!

Business users: Why not move to a central desktop experience like Citrix, then who cares what machine/OS your users have?

We have mainly XP but some Linux based thin clients, Windows 2000 and even some Windows 95/98 users working very happily in a Citrix environment thanks!

Easy to roll out changes etc, OK so it's no good if you work offline but these days, you can be pretty much online anywhere anyway!

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Vista Schimista!

I have a Wii at home (usually in the toilet!), no seriously my Vista Business laptop does not interfere at all with my Wii although I don't open my firewall on my Vista machine for Netbios as it's a work laptop and don't need to access my server or other PC's at home.

It works happily at work and at home on wifi using WPA.

I liked Paul Probine's comments too! Vista is just incredibly slow to log on, even with SP1 and all of the indexing, startup programs etc turned off. Once my laptop is on and working, I just use hibernate when not needed now so I don't have to wait for ages to logon and work.

I think that the actual interface is what will confuse users however. Certainly older, less tech savvy users will struggle migrating from XP to Vista.

If you want to do video editing, play games etc then stick to XP. If it's just bog standard Office and Internet then Vista is OK but XP performs better anyway so the upgrade is no point.

There's little on Vista I actually think is of benefit, maybe the incorporated backup is better but I use Acronis anyway so makes no difference to me.

In my opinion, Vista was designed by Microsoft with very little thought for the user and they felt that they had to bring something new out to keep interest in MS products. Fact is most Business IT peeps were more than happy with XP.

They tried to make it like OSX, they slightly succeeded on the look but nowhere near on the performance! If you want the "coolness" of Vista, buy a MAC!

Mobile roaming in Europe: Have your say

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Expensive....and doesn't even work properly!

I was on a stag do in Vegas a few weeks ago and suddenly my phone stopped sending texts. I did the usual "reboots" as it was a new phone but it made no difference. A friend also said he had the same problem so I phoned Orange. They said that there was a problem with International Text messaging, they don't know what the problem is but are looking into it as a matter of urgency. Four days later, it started working again! It amazes me how they charge so much for a system with no redundancy/failover/disaster recovery!

Of course, not being able to text my missus on a stag do may have been a blessing in disguise.....because of the time difference of course! ;-)

Sky plays the victim over Ofcom pay TV rights probe

richard tanswell

Going to a match cheaper?

Michael do you support an under 5s team because certainly Premiership and even Championship grounds charge a lot more than a Sky subscription per year when you include travel, burgers, beers, pies etc. And some of us just like to watch other teams play. For example if you're a Man Utd fan, you want to watch Chelsea vs Liverpool etc. So are you saying we should physically go to those games too? I don't think the capacity is there! Which is why Sky et al can charge what they do, they know people will pay for it. Which is why Ofcom should step in and do what's best for consumers. Sometimes lower price is not always best for the consumer, if as in this instance, some of your choice is removed (in this instance with no reduction in price).

I'm sure if I made a comment about how dull/boring/crap online gaming was, there'd be uproar and I'd be banished from the world wide web!

richard tanswell

@ Anonymous Coward

Agreed football is not to all tastes but then sitting at a computer all day every day answering every Register forum several times is not my idea of fun either so horses for courses! In the nicest possible way of course! :-)

richard tanswell
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Except the pub is also being overcharged to get the football on. Their subscriptions are massive which is forcing them to force it onto the customers through food and booze prices (in addition to the government's tax rises!) So it's a simpler solution, but more costly!

richard tanswell

...And who said there was less interference with TV these days?

OK so I know Sky do charge the earth to their subscribers. I'm paying £60 a month so that I can watch the football and my missus can watch something else in another room while I watch the football. Except, last season I could watch many more matches and even more with the Sky Season Ticket which I got for an extra £40 a season. Now I have to pay for my Sky subscription for Sky Sports and get a rougher deal on the matches and if I want more, pay Setanta £12 a month for the few matches I want to watch! In total that's about a fifth of my monthly repayment mortgage for both!

So ditch Sky and go to Virgin I hear you cry where they include Setanta and Sky Sports...but I want to watch Lost and other Sky One programs...oh yeah they don't have that on Virgin!

Before Ofcom stepped in, I was very happy thank you. Yes it could have been cheaper but surely a watchdog should help you get what you want at a lower cost? No it just means you pay more providers for what you actually want. They won't make you have different ISP's to access different content on the web so why are they interfering with my TV demands!!

With this government pushing up costs but not wages, Football is one of my only vices I can afford but even now I'm being pushed out by them! Maybe we should start charging the government for watching us on their CCTV and make sure that they can only access certain cameras through different providers! Sounds like a plan? I'm starting the revolt, please, do join me!

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

richard tanswell

Hull?? @ Anonymous Coward

Quote: "Clearly the best place for installing this is Hull".

How would they tell the difference between the sewers and the streets?? :-)

richard tanswell

@ Daniel Hall

Oh the joy of flats!! My friend just realised that on top of his £50 a month Sky+ subscription, he has to pay the flat management company a further £7 a month to use their dish as they won't allow him to have one put up!!

Maybe they will do something similar with a fibre network....or have a dataroom somewhere and share the connection like in serviced offices....whatever it is, you'll probably be paying more than if you lived in a house (and a faster connection)!!

I would imagine they'd use fibre as close to the building and ethernet from there...providing it's within 100 metres I guess!

richard tanswell


Surely this will just lead to more "backdoor" attacks.......

TAXI !!!

richard tanswell


I was always taught that the difference betwen a City and a Town was basically if it had a cathedral, it was a City! Nothing to do with size.

Does this mean we are getting a new protocol?

S - Speedy

H - Home

I - Internet

T - Transmission


I don't have a coat, so I'll just be off then!

Now RIAA says copying your own CDs is illegal

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iTunes et al

So if it is illegal, why does iTunes, WMP etc ask if you want to copy the songs to your computer when you try to play a CD through your CDROM drive?

Surely Apple and Microsoft are just as guilty for offering this "illegal feature"??

They should sort it out with the "Big Guns" and establish a law between them before ganging up on the helpless little guys!

Of course if he is sharing these files then I have no sympathy for him! Maybe British Transport Police should be banging up all of the iPod users on the trains!

Dell parks itself in PC superstores across Europe

richard tanswell

@ AC "Sugar Content of biscuits"

True! a Tesco's employee wouldn't be trained to know that and they should therefore refuse to answer the question or tell the buyer to read the info on the packet! That is the manufacturer's responsibility (and a legal one I believe).

My point was that the PC World employees will spout out some bullshit in order to get a sale, no matter if it's what the customer has actually asked. A Tesco's employee would not even entertain this idea!

However, if the diabetic had suffered a relapse because of wrong information a Tesco's employee had given him, there would be a pending lawsuit and at the very least, he wouldn't go back to the store.

With PC World, it's almost a monopoly, people are unaware of online options or do not know where to get advice on their PC so PCW is the only alternative! Again because of it's high visibility and misleading marketing claims!! And independent suppliers with the knowledge and ability to give decent advice and assistance firstly get crap margins from their distributors to work on and therefore can't compete and can't expand or go out of business because of companies like PC World telling everyone how cheap their stuff is!

richard tanswell
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Sorry PC World employees!

The whole point of a retail store is for it's associates to be able to provide the correct advice and guidance in order to secure a sale! If they wanted to just get goods in and out as quickly as possible with no fuss then they wouldn't be a retail outlet, they'd be an online store.

Of course online stores work on even smaller margins, sometimes even 1% profit because they work on volume and have lower overheads.

In a retail store, one of those "overheads" is staff which should also include training. You wouldn't just plomp someone on a checkout and tell them to get on with it because they are handling cash. So what's the difference with the sales floor staff...they are still handling cash in the form of physical goods so their care, attention and knowledge should be for the benefit of the customer. Not just some random crap made up to get the sale!

The Tech Guys I would imagine is the most profitable part of the company, simply because most of it is labour based charging. I mean how can you warrant charging £150 for reinstalling Windows on a system which has a simple piece of malware which could easilly be removed by a tool!

I work in IT and in my previous job supported the public. If I had a pound for every time I heard "PC World reinstalled or told me to reinstall Windows" to fix the simplest or problems (even System Restore would have fixed), I would no longer be working and would have my feet up on a sun lounger in the Caribean!

Training is the key here. The fact that most PC World associates don't have basic knowledge and understanding of things like networking and the difference between memory (RAM) and disk space (one of their recent ads stated something like "it has a 500GB hard drive which should give you all the memory you need!"). Ok so technically it is a type of memory but it misleads the customer. When I tell someone their computer needs more memory they then ask if they should get an external hard drive or something!!

Rant over, to summarise, PC World have a duty to provide training for their staff in order for them to be able to give informed and useful advice to their customer! Not spend that money on flashy glass entrances to their stores and decor....people really don't care about that!


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