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San Francisco's 'rogue' sysadmin still being paid while in jail



Insubordination? Isn't that management speak for "not immediately complying with some brain dead plan from a bunch of high up wafflebrains "?

Daily Mail loses employee info


A betrayal of trust on an epic scale

For sheer, mind-boggling incompetence and stupidity this stands in a class of its own.

The tragedy is that this story of sloppiness and utter irresponsibility is just another example - albeit an extreme one - of the way in which standards of competence in our newspapers, once the highest in the world, have been allowed to plummet under Labour's stewardship.


One assumes that Dacre, or whoever runs the Daily Wail, has already tendered his resignation.

UK clamps down on bus-spotting terror menace

IT Angle

Rob McAffrey

I did wonder what Sky Sports presenters did during the summer. Now I know.

The war on photographers - you're all al Qaeda suspects now

Black Helicopters

"Have the police not thought this through?"

Well what do you think, given the average copper has an IQ equivalent to their shoe size.

Is it safe to download al Qaeda manuals yet?

Black Helicopters


I bought a train ticket yesterday. Given that some terrorists have previously travelled on a train, I presume I should give myself up and subject myself to 42 days free board and lodging?

AP may have to take on entire blogosphere


Re: Word count is red herring, says blogger

In my experience of local newspapers, you can contain all of the story that matters in as few as zero words.

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

Jobs Horns

Re: ResidentShield no panacea either

Blocking Quicktime? So it's not all bad then!

QXL.co.uk shuts up shop



You won't get a competitor to ebay, because it's in the seller's interests to go for the largest market (ie: ebay), so they get the best price, so why would they go elsewhere?

Amazon sues New York over Amazon Tax


if NY citizens should be reporting this in their tax return

why doesn't NY just ask Amazon for details of all transactions sent to NY, and bill their residents accordingly?

Yahoo! Flickr video play sparks online revolt

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Yahoo's anti-midas touch

The immutable first rule of the internet: Everything that Yahoo touches eventually turns to shit.

I'm just surprised it's taken Flickr so long.

Phone insurance firm reveals Sharia rules policy


Alcohol and pork-related business?

Are there companies out there that exist to get pigs drunk?

How the BBC plans to save your ISP


PlusNet's dodgy accounts

Don't BT own the useless clowns known as PlusNet? So that BT cost to them is entirely arbitrary.

Yahoo! tries to whip investors into line


Yahoo! tries! to! whip! investors! into! line!

Where! Is! The! Punctuation!?

Reg Dev wants you!


@Paul M.

Nothing. So no doubt plenty of features on open source as those practitioners are used to working for free.

Microsoft! bids! $44.6bn! for! Yahoo!


Typical yahoo!

"Can't compete with their own product, so they buy an existing one off the shelf"... sounds just like the Yahoo modus operandi to me. Flickr!, etc. A match made in heaven

Scareware scammers target Mac users


not a compliment

I think a dictionary may be "a complement, of sorts", to the author

BOFH: Memory short circuit


@sean donnellan

You appear to be using Wikipedia as a proof of something. Care to explain your actions?

N95 struggles to find itself

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Anon Cow = Nokia PR

Start tracking is removed. Fact. No warning is given. Fact.


Nokia Lying scumbags

I presume anyone who recommends google maps over the previous tracking has never taken their phone abroad. Can you imagine the roaming data costs?

If anyone can point me to the page in the manual that says "This feature is time limited and will be removed" I'd like to see it.

Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs

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Why are taxis exempt anyway

If there is one person in a car driving himself across town, he's congestion. But if that same person hails an taxi that's been driving around empty causing more congestion, and gets in it, then that's public transport. Yet the taxi is causing more congestion (due to driving around all the time, partially empty) and more pollution (due to driving around all the time, and not going to its destination and parking). Taxis should pay more congestion charge, not less.

PlusNet blasts email into blackhole (again)


Re: 18:41 GMT

CISAS also regulate ISPs. Tell the wankers at Plus net you wish them to either settle your complaint, or to raise it with CISAS.

Also, if the Register would tell me what questions they had for Plusnet, then I'm quite happy to make them my questions...


Plusnet = Wankers.

Q: Dear Plusnet. Isn't failing to protect personal information a breach of the Data Protection Act?

Q: Dear ICO. Given that Plusnet screw up on a frequent basis, destroying or disclosing personal information, why haven't you acted?

Q: Dear Plusnet. When you statement says "As previously announced", does this mean you were planning on losing the data?

Q: Dear Plusnet. How come you contrived to lose all the genuine emails, and none of the spam that you keep sending me due to your previous screwups?

Website addresses health inequalities in England



Poverty -> Ill health. Poverty also leads to lower internet access levels. So what's the point of a Website?

Broadbandit nabbed in Wi-Fi bust


Better than the ICO

Is this more potential crims than the ICO has ever caught, in its entire useless history?

Doctor Who to meet self in Children in Need special


IT relevance? :)

And surely being dead shouldn't be any obstacle to using Jon Pertwee.

Cadbury bows to 'bring back Wispa' net campaign


A coconut boost

is the proper Boost. The others are poor later revisions

Click here for the UK's highest-paid IT post


But it's in Scotland

I think they need to up their rate a bit

Google gags Facebook code leaker


Comments are for the feeble minded

Good code should be self explanatory.

If you need a comment to explain trickery, remove the trickery.

Tories aim to ditch data protection laws


Why not scrap data protection laws?

It's not as if the ICO actually enforces them, so they might as well scrap them. Why spend the money on the ICO if it's not actually doing its job.

Orange lands Lampard TV coup


Orange launch widescreen phone

presumably is the next headline

UK Information Commissioner: protect your own data


because the ICO won't

Protect your own data, because the ICO won't. If you contact them detailing a breach of the law, they never act. Occasionally they'll ask the company, who respond "we're not breaking the law", and the ICO says "they said they weren't doing anything wrong", and believes them. It is, without a shadow of a doubt the most pathetic, toothless, idle excuse for a regulator in existence today.

Orange launches new assault on English language


Why limit it to their marketing folk?

Why limit the fuckwitticisms to Orange's marketing folk? It's endemic throughout the entire company (see Inigo Wilson for further idiocy)

UK payment service outage leaves users fuming


The Protx Saga

Protx good. Protx taken over by Saga. Protx now shit. Coincidence?

Worm eats music on infected PCs


I have a list of suspects

Who suspects the RIAA? Or Sony's Rootkit department?

DVLA turns censor on grubby number plates


There's an old style mini in SF

with the plate "SHAG ME". Clearly the vernacular passed by the US authorities

ICO scamster jailed for 20 months


how ironic

that someone doing some work should be prosecuted, but the ICO, which does bugger all, is allowed to continue pretending to protect people's data

Newcastle council credit card file lifted


Let me predict...

... that the chocolate teapot of the ICO will do precisely sod all

Gmail: a short, sharp rant


Could be worse, you could be with Plus.net

It could be worse, you could be with Plus.net. Then you'd have had your email addresses distributed to all and sundry while they claim they can't do anything, and it's not their fault because despite Plusnet being insecure, the taking of the email addresses was a criminal act.

Qantas spunks AU$100m on 'pterodactyl'


The most important question

What we need to know is why the kangaroo started hopping in a different direction in 1968. Can you find out, Lester?

Jesus Phone needs an exorcist


fried apples

Oh, I can't wait. All those Apple disciples who've spent years in a security bubble caused by next to no-one running their system, happily browsing the web from their iphone at a snail's pace, being turned into jelly by a hacker who turns the iphone's microwave transmitter to 100%.

Vodafone forced to recognise Connect


Don't mistake Connect for a Union

Connect isn't a union. It's a management patsy.

I worked at BT once. Connect supported BT Management in their call for a pay freeze (ie: A real terms pay cut)

Hackers saw through iPhone AT&T shackles


Ha ha ha

"Lastly: Get a grammer-checker. "

Ha ha. Pass me the Alanis Morissette dictionary.

German bus driver objects to passenger's breasts


Don't worry, Matt

I recognise humour when I see it, even if no-one else does.

Turing test challenges spam filters


As a former PlusNet subscriber...

I look forward to receiving a few hundred of these by Monday.

Enraged reader savages iPhone fanboys


breville? delonghi?

Dualit!. Honestly. Breville! Some people.

Soggy IT pros check in from flooded Sheffield


Is that you, Rufus?

Is that you, Rufus? Are you working at PlusNet now?


If getting to PlusNet requires initiative

... then their staff won't be able to. In my experience, they couldn't find their arse with both hands and a map.


Frisbee Pizza

They said they ordered Pizza. They didn't say they arrived. They've probably done it so they get the "free pizza" credit.

iPhone contract charges unveiled


What happens if you don't pay the activation fee?

I suppose these prices are exclusive of sales tax, and other ambushes on the unwary too?

Orange and Littlewoods breach Data Protection Act, says ICO


Is this an April fool?

ICO pulls its finger out? I may have my mind addled by glastomud, but you won't fool me with that one.