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Brit apiarists demand £8m to save honeybees

Gregory Orton

The governement should be the first go cold and hungry....

.... when the sword of damocles finally drops and we past the tipping point of no return.

can't they see that is essential for our future survival, not our future wealth. yet they continue to throw money at the gaping vortex that is the nhs.

BBC redesigns and 'widgetizes' homepage

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bah, no content....

"It was a no-brainer to move to a layout that would be cleaner, more open and more easily readable. There was also a desire to get away from the tired and monotonous blue base colour of the original page."

is it me or is that a thinly-veiled excuse for simply having less content on the page?!

Whoever said it was right, I don't want the BBC homepage to look like an iPhone interface. I'm not touching the screen and I am not using my fat fingers to do it.

These website with big primary coloured rounded button naffness just make it feel childish and not very-seriouss at all.

Whoever said it, I want the BBC to be content related, not a portal. BOO!

Jackass 2.5 to premiere online

Gregory Orton

what you all seem to be forgetting...

I am no fan of the Jackass series. but some of you are acting with such incendiary anger and bitter words.

I fully understand that most register articles are designed to invite mocking and berating of the every industry tied to geekism - but i thought some of you may be sensible about this.

Cutting out all the corporate jive talking, I sincerely hope this is successful. I agree with the comment about "2 weeks after they'll start charging" which makes no sense at all. they are giving people two weeks to watch (and rip) the stream for free before they start charging it. useNet will have a copy with an hour.

but this is not the point. if this is successful, it will be a precedent. something for the music industry to look at and say. "Wow, what a bunch of cretins we have been. If we'd just woken up to a different distribution model, rather than assuming ALL of our customers are blood-thirsty pirates of the high-interenets, then we might have actually earned their respect!"

Even if the film in question is straight-to-video quality toss, so are 70% of the films released at the cinema gone to see by the proles. Come now, lets be more sensible when commenting next time? eh?