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Dirty PCs: How much filth can you take?


Ahhh... Problems I have known

Back in the early 80's (before PC's) I installed terminals at answering services (we supplied the computer). The "after care" consisted of cleaning off the thick film of cigarette gunk that was always on the front of the terminals (the operators smoked like chimneys). When we left we we always complemented on how much better the system worked.

In other venues, I have a brother in law that did maintenance work on Airplanes. The smoking in airplanes allowed them to find the leaks quite easily. Now that they have non smoking planes it is more difficult to find the leaks. Such is life!

iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest


Maybe not too stupid...

It appears that all the "stupid" apps are $.99. It seems that these developers really aren't that stupid after all. They are getting some money from the sales, so they are pretty smart. The dumb people are the ones that actually BUY the applications. Need I say more?

BOFH: Look out!


Shredder by BOFH??

Doesn't it have a "pre-scanner" included. Just to make sure that nothing "valuable" gets shredded. That would be an excellent option!! Wireless, of course, and located near the "executive office". That would make an interesting device to have around!

Google sacks Eric Schmidt memo leaker


Would Google hire...

Eric Schmidt. Given the current hoops that applicants are required to jump through, it doesn't look like he would qualify as the "brightest...".

Of course, he also gets the raise.

The forgotten, fat generation of Mac Portables


Brings back many memories...

I joined Apple as a contractor before this was released. After I had gone through all the introductions, I was given a tour. On the way, I was introduced "to the portable we aren't working on". My project was Appletalk for A/UX (Apple's version of System 5 unix at the time). At the product intro Jean-Louis Gasse did a complete assembly of a portable while on stage. It was a wonderful demonstration. Some of the bits included tossing a power cord over his shoulder as being unnecessary, and coming out with a glass of water in a paper bag as being necessary to assemble the unit.

As for the bloke with a dead battery, the battery pack is a pretty standard one using lead-acid batteries (D size ones in a pack as I remember).

Yes, it used a 68k processor. Nice device. Much better than an 80x86 for its day. I always muse what would have happened to Intel had IBM chose a 68k as the processor for the IBM-PC. It has a MUCH better processor instruction set than the Intel ones, with LOTS more registers and a large addressing space from the very start.

Apple has changed a LOT since then (the stock is up quite a bit!) and Steve is back in the saddle. Now days cell phones have more CPU/memory than the portable did. Times have changed!

Silicon Valley wrestles self over public safety spectrum


Just give it back

To analog TV so my portable receivers can use it. The whole thing is silly anyway. The public safety people have too much anyway. Let them use cell phones. It is much more private anyway!!

App Store II: Steve Jobs sucks Mac's soul


Interesting timing of this...

It is STILL October 31 here in the Pacific time zone (Cupertino, CA) and being Halloween, all I can say is:

Trick or Treat!

Apple has chosen "Trick!".

Boffins mount campaign against France's official kilogramme


Changing kilogram...

Kinda like the Mel Brooks "History of the World, Part 1", where Moses comes down from the mountain and says: "Here are the 15 [drops one tablet] ooops, 10 commandments". Changing kilogram, might happen so, if it changes, will my body mass index change as well, and the government charge me more for my medical insurance if it goes the wrong way?

As for the US being on the SI system. Yes, it has been for many years. All our units are defined in terms of metric units. Like an inch IS 2.54 cm.

As for Troy ounces, Linux's units command yields that they are 31.1... grams. So when you see the late night ads for "gold leaf coins" that have 31 milligrams of gold on them, that is 1/1000 of a troy ounce, or about $1.34 or so, or not very much!

Palin email hacker asks judge for leniency




We need to set an example!

Microsoft vision chief sees world without Microsoft PCs


What is the difference...

I am reminded that there is a video that shows off KDE-4 under Linux, and the silly dweebs think that it is the NEW "Windows". All the glitzy features were really cool.

The video is out there somewhere (it was done by some Aussies as I recall).

So, if your public thinks that an alternative is just as good as your (new) product, yes, there is a problem.

When you see "Office for Linux" we will know they have thrown in the towel!

Hacker almost derailed Mandela election in South Africa


Just shows that there needs to be...

TWO separate systems. One for "voting", and one for "counting". The voting system needs to be private and have the voter verify their vote. The counting system needs to be VERY public so we can all verify the final outcome. To combine these two systems is fraud waiting to happen. It appears that we never learn this lesson, and continue to "improve" things at our peril! (*SIGH*)

EU to lift flight ban on carry-on liquids


An improvement, but...

All this window dressing is just security theater. No more, no less. They don't allow mere mortals past "security" so I can help my (92 year old) Mother-in-law.

Maybe now I can take a cheeseburger on board since the airlines don't provide food any more. One can only hope?!

Obama consults Steve Jobs on making America great again


Why bother...

All that happens when silly presidents come to the bay area is tie up traffic (they close down BIG sections of freeways around here) and ask (beg) for money. They RARELY (if at all) ask for advise, and even rarer actually use it.

Look, if you want advise, use the modern conveniences like telephones (so last century), and possibly video conferencing. If would be so much easier. Sorry if that doesn't get you lots of glowing press reports from the lackeys in the press, but you might actually get something done and not waste time flying that nice blue plane we all pay for!

Go Home!

Linux bug bestows attackers with 'superuser' powers


The real answer is the turn around time of this problem

The problem was fixed is "warp time" compared to other operating systems. If this were any other operating system, it would have taken MONTHS to find the problem, and probably YEARS to fix it (on a Tuesday), if it is fixed at all.

Of course this is about a feature that probably isn't in the "other operating system".

US demands right to snoop the world


Hope and Change

Be careful for what you ask for, you may just get it!

Downloads are not performances, rules US court


The unaddressed problem

Is that after the download, when you DO play the download back IS actually a performance. The rights company wants to get $$$ from the "little guy" when that eventually DOES happen. The problem is that since the "little guy" (the one with an IPOD) has no money anyway, there is little chance, thus the attempt at download time.

Yes, it is all grubbing for money, and the rights holders ASCAP, BMI, SESAC (among others) are looking for ANYWAY to get their hands on some money. Maybe we should all go back to player pianos where this all started.

Microsoft claims state first with Minnesota cloud


BPOS = Basic Piece of S***??

Probably. Time will tell when the state has a high priority "problem" (who knows what it will be). When a blue screen of death happens at the server, and a virus attacks, all of Minnesota will be dark, and the finger pointing will begin. It will end when the finger points to Redmond.

Microsoft should be aware:

Be careful for what you ask for, you may get it!

FCC rubberstamps rules for 'WiFi on steroids'



Dolly Parton IS right. This is a unmitigated disaster. Sure every unit will have a GPS. So what! If the white space was viable, it would be used for TV signals, These little boxes will be a mess for anyone who uses wireless microphones. They already took away the 700MHz spectrum here in the USA, and the 800MHZ (we had TV channels 70-83 there!) spectrum is mostly unused by analog cell phones (nobody has them anymore!). Oh, and by the way, in several metro areas in the USA TV channels are allocated to two-way radio service. The white space junk spews out without knowing how it will be received. If the receiver happens to be in an area where the TV channel IS used, and then feels like responding, interference ensues. Not very good! Then one needs to take into account heights of the transmitter. In the SF bay area small signals on the top of hills can be heard for miles, and go into SEVERAL markets. It doesn't work, and it never will. Dolly Parton IS right!

BOFH: Die, Robot


Fun with elevators (Lifts in UK speak)

Amazing what you can do. One "project" in a facility I worked at was to completely remote the car controls to a position "above" the car. It included a complete override of ALL controls (including telephone and emergency stop). It was fun. We were preparing for an "invasion" of neer-do-well protesters that wanted to occupy the building. We weren't about to let them have their way. I guess we were all BOFH's then (it was the early 70's). Such fun!

eBay boss outbids everyone in election spending


Much better than the alternative!

Another dose of Governor MoonBeam. No thanks, I lived through the first 8 years, and that was enough! He was the one who decided that freeways were a "bad idea", and we had an overpass in the air in San Jose as a monument to his administration.

Sorry, no zen for me, I've had enough of former Governor Browns for my lifetime!

Microsoft: IE9 will never run on Windows XP


But some people still use IE6

Some time back there was a survey that indicated that IE6 is STILL used around the web, and some applications STILL rely on it. And so it goes. Nothing is EVER obsolete in Microsoft's world. People have things that "work" and they keep using it. Then complain that the new kit they just bought won't work correctly. When the next version of windoze erupts on to the scene, I suspect that it will still somehow support IE6, or something like that, since there are still aps out there that insist upon having that version.

As long as there is still a "C:" drive, it will still be DOS, maybe with lipstick and mascara but still DOS.

Ubuntu man responds to GNOME 'coattail' claims


One word solution:


Get rid of the cashew!

Linus Torvalds outs himself as US citizen


Maybe he moved to the US for the weather.

Look, he gave up cold winters for "liquid sunshine". If he stops by I'll show him the sauna in my parents house (it is in the wine country of California). My dad wanted one from the times he spent in Finland in the late 60's early 70's.

Every country has its faults, I guess the english ones have the fewest (in general). Then again, maybe Linus wants lower taxes, and became a citizen to vote about it.

Mac Office 2011 allows only 'light edits' in Windows Web apps


There is an alternative!

OpenOffice. It is cheaper as well!!

Enough said.

.XXX domain deal stripped bare


Probably little p0rn on an xxx domain

It might be like viagra. Most of the time when you actually see the word spelled correctly, it ISN'T a sales offer. The sellers are so used to "disguising" the work, that the actual word now is the most accurate, and has the least offensive content.

It might even happen for the xxx domain (although I doubt it). Soon, when xxx isn't enough, they will need xxxx to make up for it and the arguments will start over again.


Retired joint chiefs chairman dons a Red Hat


Maybe he can convince

The military that Linux is a good (superior) alternative to anything from Redmond. Yes, Sir!

VW to eliminate worst road hazard: drivers


Fueling rate??

Good luck if you can get 1000km in your tank in 1 minute (unless you are a NASCAR driver! They have the proper amount of fuel, but not the economy!). Most of the time 20 gal of fuel (at 31 MPG or so is 1000km) usually takes a bit more of my time (maybe 4 minutes, I may need to check). In any event, the 1km/minute electric fueling may be close to the truth. REAL SLOW. Yes, they need to improve that!

Until then, I will attempt to cruse by the Palo Alto exits on Bayshore freeway (US 101 for those of you non-local) and give the VW engineers a single finger salute (or they could give me a job, I can be bought!).


Apple files chip block stack patent


Good, or Bad...

At least it isn't a silly software/process patent. This is actually something you can see (assuming you have proper magnification), and possibly touch/feel.

Not some silly "if not..." thing like Microsoft!

Apple to reveal musical something on September 1


Please let it be a good thing!

I've got Apple stock, and has been floundering recently (at least it is up for the year). Since I need to sell a bunch of it before taxes go up next year, I'm hoping that it really will be a nice thing that everyone wants.

Now where was that flight manifest for British Airways on Aug 31, LHR to SFO. I thought I saw something on it.....

One in five workers still clinging to IE6



Wil SOMEONE put a stake through this evil zombie's heart?

Do we need a silver bullet to kill it off?

Time will tell!

Maybe a mandatory service pack that renders it so slow that it can't be used (and puts up subliminal screens that say UPGRADE). We can only hope!

People have no bloody idea about saving energy


But I like certian things...

Like Nice HOT showers for long periods of time (my wife says "save some water for the fishies"). Look it is just the way I am. I like creature comforts. I know that having a heated swimming pool is a bit much (I get used to thermal shock after a while), so I forgo that and get on with my life.

Some of the "waste heat" of incandescent light bulbs heats up my office here in the winter anyway. I do recycle Al cans (and get paid for it!) since I do consume a bit of soda, but for all the other stuff, I pitch in the nice big blue (recycle) bin the trash company picks up each week at the house. Sure glass is more costly, but as the wife likes wine, I let it go. I guess there is a limit as what can be done.

Lately there is a silly paper/plastic bag debate, and I re-use both types for various things, and they don't go immediately to the trash, so I really am a 550nM kinda of guy.

As for nuclear power being "non-renewable", and there being a "finite" amount of fuel for them, there ARE these things called "breeder reactors" that MAKE MORE fuel than they consume. The problem is that the fuel needs to be re-processed to get it back, and former president Jimmy Carter put a stop to that (because it makes nice weapons too).

Look, ALL energy is nuclear in some way. If it didn't originate from the sun (the nice hydrogen bomb in the sky), we did it here in a reactor, so quit griping and get on with it!

Yahoo! begins Bingification in North America




If I wanted Microsoft, I would go there. I guess I will go to G now (*SIGH*). I really liked Y!'s home page, and G's page is kinda useless. I use the browser search thing, not the home page, so why bother!

Hotmail still not working? Use Chrome to fix it, says MS


Microsoft Software?

Has bugs?

Why you could have blown me over with a feather.

Are you sure, can you double check that. I've been told that Microsoft doesn't have bugs. Maybe from the head guru himself!

Want to use WD diagnostics? Buy Windows


Somebody needs to get their act together!

The drive industry NEEDS to get a good specification of all the silly features that they use in diagnostics and let everyone know what is going on.

Look, people like WD (Hitachi, Segate, etc..) need to understand they their business is to SELL DRIVES. If you need to waste time in their support it is WASTED $$$, and if they have good tools they should be nice and available on as MANY platforms as possible. Most drives (from whatever vendor) are commodity items, and users/buyers probably could care less as long as they work. So drive vendor SELL DRIVES and tell us all how to service them so that you won't have to. It will SAVE you money in the long run, and let you make more for your shareholders!!

Ballmer's 'lost generation' note finds resonance


Windows is dying

It is just that nobody has told Microsoft. One of these days they will realize it. Who knows Ballmer might even announce it to the world.

The easiest way to understand this is to see Microsoft's stock price over the last few years. It has been essentially FLAT. Stock price is a forward predictor.

I'll leave it to others to look at other stock prices. Hint: the ticker symbol is AAPL (notwithstanding today's results).

GPL scores historic court compliance victory


Is being unemployed qualify as "Charity"

Then sign me up. I need an HDTV.

This all begs the question: Why does an HDTV need busybox at all? I mean it is a simple display device (last I heard).

At least they aren't using windows, or we would all get Blue Screens of Death at critical points in the Bourne movie(s).


Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet


It isn't about the products, but the company's performance!

The stock price has been FLAT for about 10 years (Steve Ballmer's reign about the same, coincidence? You be the judge!). In years before 2000, Microsoft's chart was straight up (almost), and people got used to it. Now that Microsoft changed into a silly dividend stock, investors lose interest. Apple has the upward slope now, and rags like the Wall Street Journal have taken notice.

Yes, Microsoft has the cash (and sacred) cows. Yes, they work, but have no sizzle. Places like that are boring and the business world loses interest. Soon they will lose interest about their product as well.

It will probably happen sooner when the itemized price tag on a WinTel box shows the price you pay for the nicely installed Microsoft software.

Polaroid 300 instant print camera


This DOES have its uses.

If I were on a jury, with images from this device, it will be pretty obvious that the whole thing wasn't doctored.

In some cases "Photoshop" is a disease. This is the cure!

Proprietary software puts pacemaker users at risk


The implantable things are looked at

I (at one time) worked for an ICD company. We extensively tested the silly thing, and ran it through its paces. It took no less than 4 W95 machines to do the testing (I thought 4 machines was overkill). The actual devices used 6C02's (it was back in 1998), and they got "permission" from the 65C02's vendor to use it in a medical device. The code WAS in ROM (unalterable), but the code used parameters to do the setup. The units used inductive pickups to do the transmission to/from the implantable device. With the cost of the beasts, due to its development and insurance, they included a laptop for the programming (setup) of the device.

So, yes they are looked at quite extensively, but as everyone says, there is ALWAYS one more bug! So I do applaud the added scrutiny.

Dell warns on spyware infected server motherboards


Maybe there is a clue here:

"He said the malware would not infect non-Windows servers."

So Linux won't have a problem and Windows does. Sounds like a perfect reason to change.

Apple lays claim to expired patents


Are they (John McEnroe) Serious?

Look, all it takes is a simple search plugin to pull up a patent and see its issue date, and from there extrapolate the expiration date. Lots of things also say "Pat. Pending" which can mean anything from "It was issued yesterday" to "I thought it was a good idea, but the wheel is already invented".

This is down right silly. Lots of things cite patents (current and expired). I think of it as a "How it works" documentation.

Get real!

1984's MacPaint source code hits web


More "donations"?

We can only hope. Apple DOES have original software. I seriously doubt that anything from Redmond is worth donating (or unique).

If another donation would refute this, please go ahead. In my dreams!

Apple iPad – the 'Tickle Me Elmo' of 2010


Buy more, please

I have Apple stock. More sales please. I need the $$$$$

BOFH: Little ups and downs


Elevators ARE fun!

Couple of things:

1) In a galaxy far far away, a long time ago (over 40 years), while I was in the 3rd form, the elevators in the school house were reserved for "non students" (how cruel!). They were a bit more primitive than today in that they had swing doors. Said doors had contacts that confirmed that they were closed (how safe). I found it "compensating" to apply a piece of scotch tape over said contacts after moving the elevator car to the highest floor. Got my BOFH training early in life (over 40 years ago!). It was mentioned in "morning reports" the second time I did it. It seems that they didn't like calling the elevator repair service out for a $$$$ bill.

2) A few years later we equipped the elevator in the building I worked in with a complete remote control (sadly before microprocessors were common). It was a wonderful wired umbilical we put on the top of the car. We included a com line for the "emergency telephone", and an override for the "emergency stop" button.

What FUN!!

NSA: Secret 'Perfect Citizen' project does not spy on US


Simple comment

I am a PERFECT CITI<begin intercept>ZEN. I have done nothing wrong<begin forward>. My taxes are fully paid. I have nothing to worry about<priority high>. I am fully cooperative with all authorities<abort: level too high>.

All is well with the world.

SCO rises from the dead (again)


Where & When do we call in an ICBM strike?

Can someone establish the coordinates for the lawyers? Seems like this about the only thing that will dispatch this problem "with extreme prejudice". Apparently this is what is required to terminate this.

Well, maybe a vat of liquid metal?

We keep getting "I'll be back". This is a terminator movie, or am I dreaming?

3D TV: Avatar or Ishtar?


It is not really "3D"

Actually it is stereoscopic. You get the same view regardless of where you sit. True "3D" is a holographic experience, like looking out a window. You get the picture you are given, no more, no less. In that case, a simple picture is just as good. So, in the grand scheme of things, all I can say "why bother".

That puts it in the Ishtar category. I wish it luck.

Why we love to hate Microsoft


We will know when we succedded when...

Hell freezes over...

I doubt that will happen anytime soon, but a good indicator will be when Microsoft starts developing applications for Linux.

A good start would be for Microsoft to get rid of IE (in whatever rendition they have) and possibly go into the banking industry (Like the Greater Offshore Bank and Trust, where they keep all their money). Give me $500 and I might open an account!

Low-priced home digital media connections promised


Why, Why, Why...

Didn't they do this originally. Look HDMI cables are nice and all that, but why not have nice easy RJ45 (8 pin modular) connectors in the first place. It would have saved EVERYONE lots of grief with expensive connectors and difficult to place terminations.

Actually a better system might be to have a SINGLE coax corrector for the video for this hi-def stuff (junk). Much easier to handle, just like the NTSC/PAL connector that was usually yellow and paired with left and right audio.

How can UK.gov spend £35m on a website?


Looks like full employment...

...for consultants. A very profitable profession. Must do this someday. Just mention being a "partner" and let the rest go. Pass around a few quid/bucks and let the gravy flow.


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