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Canadian runs up $85,000 mobe bill


Faster than DSL

This was a Bell Mobility phone. I'm pretty sure Bell Mobility has a CDMA network, and is probably using CDMA EV-DO, which allows data transfer rates up to 2.4Mbit, significantly faster than DSL in some areas (the fastest DSL I can get is 1.5Mbit, not too far from Seattle).

I have a $10/month unlimited data plan from Sprint which really does allow unlimited data transfer (within reason - there are clauses about not using with servers, etc.). When I got the plan there was no clause about "Phone as Modem" use. That plan no longer exists, I pay about $40/month for a plan which would now cost around $150/month. Sprint unlimited "Phone as Modem" plans are now $60/month, 40MB plan is $40/month, $0.01/KB after that, with a $100 cap.

I think it's safe to say our friendly Canadian, while possibly being a moron, is getting undeservedly screwed by Bell Mobility.


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