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Expedition to probe cavern lake 3km beneath Antarctic ice


I don't believe it for a minute

Surely if there were bizarre lifeforms in an under-ice watery lair, there would be a Playmobil reenactment of the glorious battle against them?

Terry Pratchett knighted for services to literature

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I trust he has a set of dented and well-used armor for the ceremony.

And $5 American to anyone who can convince him to show up late, shouting "Where's My Cow?"

Comcast eyes AT&T's American broadband crown


@'Comcast is Evil'

I don't think this can possibly be overemphasized.

Comcast may be doing well financially, for a while, but I predict that as Verizon builds out their fiber, everywhere they go Comcast will go away, probably forever.

Everyone loves to hate Verizon, but Comcast is purely the debbil.

Blackswift hypersonic plane cancelled

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'Concept Video'

A 'Concept Video' is all very nice, but how are we supposed to actually evaluate the real-world potential performance capabilities without Playmobil?

Superfluid leak downs LHC for months


Another masterpiece

I've only one more request (If you remember, last time I asked for simultaneous translation by your potty-mouth computer guy). Can we get some 'toffs' into the next missive to balance out the massive 'boffin' population? Perhaps even some toff-boffins.

Hilton documentary reveals hidden side of Paris



As long as there are people who spend a year filming her, and other people who care about it, she's clearly not the stupidest person in the world.

Hadron boffins: Our meddling will not destroy universe

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Translation please?

The only thing that could possibly make that article better would be a translation by your new potty-mouth computer science guy.


Suprise at spelling snafu sanctions


I had thought semi-literacy was an American trait

So you Brits have your share of rediculous loosers with miniscule brains, as well? And fuzzy-headed enablers for them, too?

No marks at all for the pretentious twats who are feeding the unholy current 'whilst' fad, either.

Sun may or may not be about to obliterate Oracle and Microsoft

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Language advice

I've always considered "dragging your dick in the dirt" to be a negative, not positive little homily. Perhaps a better phrase for the intended result would be "...and Sun knows how deep the river is, not just how cold."

This is the second of the author's articles I've noticed. He is 2 for 2 in my book, and I want more.

Ubuntu man challenges open source to out-pretty Apple


It isn't 'beauty' that's needed

As other people have danced around above, it's 'elegance'.

Eccentric brain-chip admiral expelled by toff schools


Just wait, there's one more thing coming.

"I'll tell you why state schools are less effective, in reverse order:

5. Red tape

4. Class sizes

3. Government meddling in the curriculum

2. Too many proto-ASBO kids making it impossible anyone else to work

1. No discipline"

As a card-carrying American, this list looks all too depressingly familiar. I hope you guys can fix your system before the idiocy of 'zero-tolerance' worms its way in through the cracks.

No icon, because icons are pictures, and so are kiddie porn.

Google ships database porn tool


As Television to literacy, Visualization is to numeracy.

I think an obvious widget to be constructed would be a picture of Edward Tufte, whose expression would become more agitated, and color become redder and redder as more pointless numbers are shoveled into this phb-ware.

What survived the axe at HP Labs


Apparently they've outsourced

To MIT's Media Lab.

Times Online denies knowledge of link spam campaign

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The Times miss the point

It isn't how their spamming took place that earns them a hearty round of derision, it's that they even employ a 'Search Engine Optimization Contractor'.

Had Douglas Adams survived to this point, we probably would never have been able to laugh at 'telephone sanitizers.'

Paris because people worth paying attention to in their own right don't need stupid people shilling for them, or something.

Emacs diet for Visual Studio?

IT Angle

Pull the other one, it's got bells on

"Emacs-like ... to appease techies who are fed up with feature bloat"

If this is seriously Microsoft's reasoning, I can only say, "What an age we live in."

The mind wobbles, as another ditzy blonde was known to say.

Jackass 2.5 to premiere online

Paris Hilton


"If its free for 2 weeks why would you pay to see it on the 26th?"

I'm not sure you're quite grasping the details of the target demographic, here.