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Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?


Sounds like an australian schooner

I recently visited australia where they already have a beer size in between a pint and a middy (half) called a schooner. I think its more like 3/4 of a pint rather than 2/3.

Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player


The First One ?

blimey. I've got one of these in a cupboard at home. Didn't realise it was the first one.

Toshiba tech paves way for 100Gb Flash chips


100 Gb is correct

this is talking about 100 Gbit in a single layer chip. Most high capacity flash chips on the market use 8 Gbit multi level cell architecture eg iphone which has 8 layers of 8 Gbit nand in one chip for 8 GB total. I think 16 Gb architecture will be out shortly and samsung announced last year they have created 32 Gb single layer in a lab and 64 Gb this year. They have also patented a process that allows 16 layers rather than the previous maximum of 8.