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Panasas: We'll move the earth for you SIXTEEN times faster than FTP



My setup (for uploading sites) is based on scripted rsync, and it's (realistically) over 50 times faster than FTP (which is just painful for 10,000 files etc). Considering it easily saturates the line (apart from a few seconds of working out what to send) I don't see how you can get a 16x improvement. Unless rsync normally only uses 1/16th of the bandwidth, which I really don't think it does.

Being faster than FTP is also hardly an achievement.

London Transport plans Oyster bypass



I thought Tfl didn't own the Oyster trademark which is a part of the problem?

Every tech market loves a monopoly



@The Indomitable Gall:

What this is actually about is standards that people can rely on and learn/target.

What everyone seems to forget, with regards to FOSS, is that they largely have no respect for standards at all unless it is a closed source company who doesn't adhere to them. Every distro has its own package management, file system layout, audio/video api's, widgets, filesystems and custom crap and it's touted as 'choice', yet MS having the audacity to use their own document format is 'lock in'. DirectX is evil, yet having multiple sound API's on Linux is somehow not?

The only difference between 90% of distros is their utter failure to adhere to any meaningful standards or API's, and if they did all these differences would vanish. As far as 'innovation' goes people love to attribute that to Linux and act like it's not just a clean room version of Unix. Any serious research into things that Linux 'invented' quite often reveals significant 'prior art' in the commercial sphere. Compiz, the majority of the apps, the majority of the games and even the UI itself are just v+1 versions of proprietary products.

As the article says if Linux presented a single united target platform rather than a thousand competing fiefdoms it may have had a chance. The very fact that they can't even decide on a unified package system where a 6 month old app is too old when I can run a Windows 95 installer and have it still work is nothing less than a disgrace.

Well-behaved comms industry bad for Ofcom coffers


How about

How about maybe stepping in and stopping BT from forcing me to pay for a home phone that I have never used? The fact you have to pay for a physical phone on top of broadband is ludicrous.

Android PHP option planned for Javaphobes


Haters gonna hate

I like PHP and everyone who hates it is just an elitist bandwagon jumper who probably has no clue what they are talking about.

Linux game-time refined with latest Wine



"But given that Photoshop CS2 is over five years old, and looking a bit long in the tooth at this point, it's probably not high on the list of things Linux users are missing. In fact, Photoshop CS2 has little that you won't find in native Linux apps like GIMP or Inkscape."

Do you know anything about Photoshop? As Gimp isn't even up to 5.0 level let along CS2. Even basic, basic stuff like layer groups, layer effects and a usable type tool are missing.

Microsoft picks over Google's Windows exit strategy



Secure has nothing to do with Stable. Plus that site of yours locks up Firefox too - I fail to see your point.



My shiny new MacBook Air comes with the firewall off _by default_ - a situation not seen in the Windows world since XPSP2.

As for:

"Does anybody dare to connect a fully patched windows install to the internet, without it running

1) a firewall

2) antivirus

3) antispyware"

That's a load of crap, you'd have to deliberately disable the firewall first anyway and I doubt there are that many known unpatched remote execution and elevation exploits out there for this to be possible.

What you are actually doing is quoting ~5 year old anti-MS propaganda where someone would use a pre SP1 disk with no patches half a decade after release and then be all surprised when they got rooted in 5 minutes.

Do try to keep up.

DoJ pokes Apple digital music biz practices, says report


What about...

What about them using their dominance in digital music sales to lock out non-iPods from iTunes (and vice versa?) as proven by the Pre shenanigans. If that's not anti-competitive behaviour then I really don't know what is.

Will hybrid SSD/HDD products succeed?


Not a terrible idea

It's a nice idea and it means costs of SSD's can drop as realistically on a standard home system there isn't going to be more than ~30gb of stuff that actually needs the access speed provided by the SSD.

What I would prefer to see though is an SSD drive with this ability that you can plug your own SATA drive in to and it would effectively boost the performance - while making sure everything on the SSD was still on the HDD (for swapping). Instant speed boosts without a loss of capacity for probably not a lot of money - I'd buy that.

Twenty somethings shocker for UK music sales



I was a subscriber for about 6 months, but the fact the number of tracks on there appear to be dropping and it is missing too much stuff effectively forced me to cancel, returning to my minimal music buying ways.

Johnson: ID cards will pay for themselves



So the public paid billions for the first part of this stupid scheme, and now it's silly to cancel it because it's going to pay for itself by, you guessed it, the public forking over yet more money.

Send this idiot back to the school system that obviously failed him.

Government faces four more days of HP strikes


Fair enough

It's called 'capitalism', the workers say they are not going to work unless they get x, and when they don't get it they strike. It's no different from HP hiking prices by 10%.

HP can give them what they want or fire the lot of them. Your time is a product you sell to companies after all - why should they be the only ones that can choose what to charge?

Intel: Just 3,000 employees run Windows 7



@Richard Porter:

I've got an 8086 that still boots, runs MS-DOS 6.2. Sure you may be fine with a junk P2 and 256mb of RAM but real people that have to do real work would prefer having a system that is actually fast and responsive, rather than losing significant amount of time to a disk that thrashes permentantly due to living in swap because they are too cheap and/or stupid to by a decent computer.

The problem with modern system loads is not the OS, It's THE APPLICATIONS. If you load any modern browser and open more than 2 tabs it doesn't matter how fantastic your OS is performance is going to drop off of a cliff, especially once it hits swap.

Sure, show off with your 'Red Dawn' OS but stop the lies and idiocy in pretending that just because you use a nerd OS somehow the rules of physics and reality don't apply to you. Just because FF was compiled with a 'free' compiler does not make it run any faster or use less memory - in reality Firefox on Linux runs measurably slower than it's windows counterpart.

Plus Linux simply doesn't do what I need a desktop OS to do, and the rest of the world agrees looking at it's miniscule marketshare.

OpenSolaris devs 'ignored' by Oracle



What do you mean 'immediately profitable'? Are you implying that Oracle should follow the same underpant gnomes strategy of giving everything away for free and hoping some money turns up at the end?

There is a reason Sun went from being a titan of the industry to being bought by a DB company.

Microsoft erases Windows 8 optimism



Why do you tux worshipping idiots have to dump your propaganda in every single thread that mentions Windows on the entire Internet? Not only that it is lies, damn lies and FUD of a magnitude that would make SCO blush.

We all know about Linux as it's impossible to avoid the idiots who think making a clean-room copy of Unix, cloning the userland, copying the Windows 95 UI and then copying (badly) the apps and games from other systems somehow makes them original, while Windows, which is the only OS that isn't a copy of Unix, is somehow a ripoff.

Sorry for the blogspam, but I wrote a post about this:


Also, Remy Redert, whenever I talk about problems with Unix (aside from 'bugs') I get told to shut up - 'f**k off it's free' they say. Hardly listening to your customers.

Everyone knows about Linux yet still nobody uses it - maybe this should tell you something.

Linux coders do it for money



So the 'army of coders' myth seems to have fallen flat on it's face. Most people don't want to work for free in their precious spare time on an OS. Who would have thunk it?

Microsoft's Sidekick restoration turns into farce

Paris Hilton

The mind boggles...

How can they not have any backups?!? Surely they should have older backups at least but _no_ backups?!? Madness. Who was running things? Paris Hilton?

Database containing 1.8m UK postcode locations leaks online



The problem is it is prohibitively expensive to use. If they allowed a comprehensive API that a single site could use for a few pounds a month they'd make a killing. Instead they charge a small fortune and 99% of people who would use it simply don't.

FOSSers host global Saturday celebration


Join us next Saturday!

Join us next Saturday for 'Developer Suicide Day', where various developers take to the streets to demand that people don't pay them for their work! I can see it already...

Apple decrees Spotify worthy of iPhone

Jobs Horns

That sucks :(

They've had the Android version in development for months - longer than the iPhone version. In fact they have taken so damn long someone else even made a version - which Spotify then promptly got pulled off the store.

I smell a rat.

Apple MacBook Air June 2009



Thing still not got ethernet or are you reliant on the dog-slow wifi to back anything up across a network?

Apple-apeing Microsoft spins out retail store prototype


How about..

Start Bar?

Bezos begs forgiveness for Amazon's Big Brother moment


Apology not accepted.

The ability is still there, the abilty was put in in the first place. If they didn't mean to do this they wouldn't have given themselves the ability in the first place, and if they don't plan on doing it again they would remove the ability with firmware.

They are only apologising for getting caught - not for doing it. And they will do it again.

IPO gives 'reputable' web pages prior art status


Code Wheels?

What about the good old fashioned code wheels? You know the ones, turn the wheel to 3, 12 and 14 and enter the letters/words/symbol shown. Often used for computer game copy protection in the 80's + 90's.

Scrap software patents! The whole concept is ridiculous.

Please don't eat your horse, EU asks owners


Stupid Laws...

If you wear leather shoes. Have a leather sofa. Eat lamb, pork, duck, or whatever the hell they make sausages out of (you can't convince me it's pork). Then you really can't complain here.

iPhone 'photo lawyer' app to take the stand


One fatal flaw...

What's to stop someone holding a high res pre-photoshoped photo in front of the iPhone in roughly the right location and snapping that?

People without broadband in 'I don't want broadband' shock


It's not the money

If someone says they can't afford a computer with the internet, they are talking crap quite frankly. You can get cheapo broadband for pretty much the cost of a TV license, and I've even started to see laptops sold on mobile contracts for nothing down and £40 p/m.

Since it seems everyone can afford a TV and a mobile phone, they can afford broadband. Computers are not the £1000 beasts that they used to be.

UK2 brings support back to Blighty, culls execs

Thumb Up


I've been looking for a new hosting provider, I'll take a look since it seems their head is in the right place.

The last thing you want when your website has just died is to speak to a powerless minimum-wage lacky with a call script.

Microsoft fortifies Windows 7 kernel with overrun buster


@Goat Jam

What your talking about is about problems with iTunes, not Windows.

Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines


@ Lee Jackson

Without piracy there would be no iPods, no MySpace, no MP3 players, no YouTube, no internet radio, no iTunes. Hell, the mp3 format would just be an off-comment in a mailing list somewhere. If nobody broke the law the music industry would have absolutely no reason to innovate, and they have proven quite comprehensively that they have no intention of doing so and would stuff the mp3 genie back in the bottle if they could.

If everyone obeyed the law 100% we would still be using CD walkmans to listen to music on overpriced, monopolised, silver discs.

It's simple capitalism, with piracy as a factor. If you do not provide what your customers want they will go to the competition. Piracy is a major problem because the industry wants to define the needs of the customers like they always used to, but no longer can through technology.

While big business hates it it is essential for customers as it drives down prices and creates competition where none previously existed due to monopoly.

Gnome answers Linux critics with 'big' vision plan


About bloody time!

Maybe they saw this blog post - http://piestar.net/?p=32

I am glad they have started taking the idea of moving forwards seriously, but feel it'll just be the same small group of developers creating untested grand plans which they'll foist on the general public with pretty much no usability testing - ala Sugar OS.

Not that I don't wish them the best of luck, I just don't hold out hope!

BBC Trust moots new licence laws to cope with net


Re: Re: Freedom (@ Charles)

I think you missed the point. I myself do not have a TV, have no TV recieving equipment and do not watch TV, yet if the TV licensing people had their way I would still have to pay £140+ a year for having broadband. I would have *no choice* in the matter at all.

Being forced to pay something irrespective of if you want it, need it or use it with no control over how the money is spent is a tax.

So far I have had 3 people come round in the last year and a bit to harass me, countless letters, threats (it's possibly borderline illegal) simply because they cannot believe someone would have no TV.

Google, Mozilla back 3D interwebs


Probably wont work

This will never really take off for one simple reason: cost.

It's still fairly expensive and time consuming to put together and maintain a decent flat website of any complexity. As soon as you start requiring 3D designers + programmers to make a simple page you'll push the time/cost investment into silly territory.

Not that it may not be interesting and maybe even useful, but it will not be adopted to any great degree.

UK IT should 'fire men first', says Kate Craig-Wood


Women in IT

I think surely we have got to the point now that the complete and utter lack of women in an IT environment (and the sciences in general) may be a result of their personal choice and preferences, rather than the result of a secret, underhand, campaign to keep them out?

IE8 for Windows 7 beta in 'reliability update'



I am running Windows 7 on my main laptop and I have to say I am quite impressed. It never even occurred to me to use IE though - it's dead to me.

Debt collection can be harassment, rules court


TV License?

So can I sue the government to get them to stop sending me demands and BIG RED LETTERS, and sending people to my home to try to 'enforce' me to buy a license for something I do not own?

Pay cut consultations could trigger redundancy payments


Yeah right

Who's going to take a voluntary pay cut?

And who's betting that once the economic situation improves pay will not?

NSA offering 'billions' for Skype eavesdrop solution


So much for the constitution.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

Microsoft's IE 8 beta adds 'special' list


Re: Cars

Jesus christ, I really think people just skim an article, click reply, then concoct a bash at MS.

If anything they suggest possible 'roads' you can drive down that will get you there faster with your car. MS is at least trying to dig themselves out of the standards compliant hole they put themselves in, give a little credit at least.

Go back to writing I love Linux poetry on the Ubuntu forums, fanboy.

Intel accused of stealing chip virtualization, violating God's law


One thing...

He does sound like a total crackpot, but if he can produce the schematics* which are proven authentic** and pre-date intels he may have a case.

* As with anything CPU design takes years and years of study and toil by large teams of people to produce anything even remotely decent. It's not the sort of stuff you have an 'ah-ha' moment over and then make a chip. Anyway his 'schematics' are probably written in crayon.

Best Buy punts resurrected Jesus Phones


$100 difference?

$100 dollar difference from 8gb to 16gb? I just bought a 16gb memory stick for just over 20 quid, so how on earth do they justify this?

Scareware mongers hitch free ride on Microsoft.com and others

Jobs Horns

The real problem...

The real problem with exploits like this, and other things like phishing, spam, and quite a lot of malware is that it can only really be easily addressed through user education. You cannot expect to give people free reign on the most complicated device ever produced by man and expect them to be able to operate it with no training what-so-ever - it's going to end in problems whatever you do.

See the AC post above whever he blames 'M$' for his own stupidity. I don't think any platform outside a locked down walled garden* is immune to social engineering attacks - these sorts of people will fall victim even without a computer involved.

* The Linux 'repository only' method is a walled garden - as soon as people start releasing software without going through the main distibutors in their Apple store-esque closed system (which will be as soon as people start using it) then Linux will suffer the same problems.

New .tel domains bid to be world's phone book


Why all the useless domain names?

We still don't have a .sex or .xxx because of these puritanical (but money hungry) idiots. Apparently giving porn it's own domain name would 'legitimise' (lawl) it.

Yet he have stupid crap like .biz and now .tel polluting the namespace.

The whole concept of domain primarily names by location is a bit daft. Why not by subject - .shop, .game, .movie, .porn, .blog etc. The added bonus is then you could boot squatters off for inappropriate usage.

I don't know, it seems the whole thing is being run by idiot suits - bring on a oss DNS2 imo.

Law firm argues links to its website abuse its trademarks



Why settle a technical problem that any decent admin could fix in 20 minutes (block incoming links) when you can spent tens of thousands lawyering instead? Job security? Are they that hard up for work?

Firefox millions - only 12 per cent Google free



Shouldn't they be looking at the various US churches, that also have tax exempt status but still meddle in politics and make huge wodges of cash for their owners, and have been doing so for a damn sight longer than Firefox?

At least Firefox gives us a useful browser, rather than information from an invisible man in the sky.

Microsoft crashes Adobe RIA party

Gates Horns


The only people who seem to give a toss about Silverlight are MS. I've yet to hear anyone even mention it, let alone ask for it.

Carphone Warehouse denies mass Linux Webbook recall

Gates Halo


How come every time a Linux based device has astronomical return rates it's always because 'it's not Window', yet OSX based devices which are even further from Windows that Linux (UI wise) generally do not have these problems?

There are very realy usability problems with Linux, and the biggest problem it has is not unfamiliarity with the UI, it is the almost total denial in the community that the UI has problems, and the addressing of anyone who dares point out such problems as a troll.

The end result is an emperors new clothes style situation where anyone who doesn't think that Linux based devices are an amazing example of UI perfection is branded a troll, the 'community' all agree that it is perfect (as they have driven out all the critics) and blame all of their problems on MS.

Meanwhile Apple has no problems selling UNIX based devices (without start buttons!) for an incredible markup by the bucketload.

Maybe before you brand the next person who has criticisms as a troll and run them out of town you should perhaps listen to what they have to say, then maybe this problem will magically solve itself.

AVG slaps Trojan label on core Windows file

Paris Hilton


I switched to Avast years ago, mainly for the reason that the system tray icon was prettier. Glad I did in retrospect.

First Amendment rescues Grand Theft Auto's 'totally nude' strip club


Re: Trademarks - Not neccesarily so...

I believe that if the name is invented, and not an existing word, then the trademark can span the whole domain. Invented names such as Xerox are trademarked across the full range while terms such as Apple are not.

Anyway I think this falls under fair use parody, which is protected.