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Samsung etches tiny mechanical shutter for cameraphones


ref: video

Video is made up of still images, or frames , The number per second being dependant on the standard being used.

Citroën e-car launched in Blighty


Can't wait.......

......for the next craze of running down a street at 2am, unplugging all the charging cars causing chaos the following morning when the drivers realise they can go nowhere.

Nikon unveils the D5000

Thumb Down


sorry, should have written £720, not £799.

Still if you look at the specs, the camera is missing some fundamental functions for this price point.

It doesn't have an inbuilt focus motor, so you'll need to use AF-S lenses, which is limiting.

It also doesn't have a second controller wheel, so manually changing aperture and shutter speed at the same time isn't possible.

It looks on paper very much like a bridge camera you can change lenses with.


entry level?

It's hardly an entry level piece of kit when the body alone is £799 rrp..

Entry level is still served very well by the aging but fantastic D40 which produces stunning images for its sub £300 price.

Sony-Ericsson warns of handset slump


bring back the Osterich!!

The only Sony phones that I ever used that were ever any good were the analogue 'mars bar' 333 and the CMD-Z1 'walking osterich' phone...

And Ericssons were amazing back then too.

WoW accused of turning man's mind into 'living video game'


crimes aplenty....

..if Blizzard doesn't sort out its flakey servers before the 13th.

Roll on Wrath of the Lost Wife.

Barack Obama will be president



We'll see if it changes much.

It would be nice if, in no particular order they:

Fix the economy,

Fix the damage form Hurricane Katrina

Stop sticking their noses in other countries business

and stop treating the rest of the world as terrorists.

Net-stock fraudster Moller offers flying saucer on eBay


someone loves him...

get James May to bid on it surely...

Nikon D40 entry-level digital SLR


outdated review???

Why on earth are you reviewing a two year old camera who's replacement and upgrade has been out for almost a year in itself?

Please Reg, stick to PC related reviews.

Plasma TV components applied to password cracking



Chuck Norris doesn't need to decrypt data.

The data takes one look and Chuck and rearranges itself in the correct order to save it self from the inevitable.

Blockbuster gets legal poke for Facebook Tupperware campaign


Point and laugh..

...at your friends who still trudge out to the shops rather than download the film via Bittorrent...

Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps


they really don't have the richness, the responsiveness...........

Not normally what I thing of when it comes to Microsoft either...think more Bloat and Sluggishness, then your on the right track.

London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax


Being cynical,

So, obviously, congestion is no longer a problem in London...........

Microsoft develops 'intelligent' shopping trolley

Paris Hilton

Oo....satnav and in trolley entertainment......

......for when your on the lash and pushing your mates along the highstreet or down multistorey car parks...

Paris of course for her aptitude at getting trollied..

BBC's iPlayer launches Christmas Day




"Just had my visit from the license collectors to check why I haven't paid and they were quite happy to see my TV being powered by my media PC playing iPlayer programs."

So does your TV not have a tuner? Even if you don't use it for tuning into a broadcast you still need a license!

It's like cutting the plug off the TV, it doesn't matter, you still own equipment capable of receiving a signal.


You are totally wrong.You only have to read your final sentence to see you have no idea what your talking about.

You only need a license if you watch broadcast material, which is either via satellite, cable or Analogue or Digital reception.

You do not need a license if your TV is connected to a PC / DVD player / VCR only and is not receiving broadcast signals.

The TV is then classified as a 'monitor' and becomes exempt from the stealth tax.

Following text lifted from /www.tvlicensing.co.uk.