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Supplier promises to nudge UK schools towards secure webmail

Peter Foulkes

We had RM Nimbus machines at school (late 80's). Finding user ID's and passwords in plain text, left in the memory, including the administator ones, was trivially simple to do.

'Boutique' ISPs: Snub the Big 4 AND get great service

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Re: Where is Zen Internet in this advertorial?

"I dont know what is going on at Zen"

I sadly have to agree. I've been a Zen customer for many years and found their telephone support, both technical and administrative to be exemplary.

Until recently.

50% of my recent contacts with them have been very poor. I changed to FTTC and the first technical contact's knowledge was dismal. Second person I spoke to was up to their previously high standard. The last time I spoke to someone in accounts who was rude and unhelpful enough for me to consider terminating both of my contracts with them. Other calls have been a disappointing experience and the time it takes to get through has increased drastically.

I have publicly endorsed and recommended Zen in the past. I rated them that highly as a company to deal with. They were a refreshing change and I was quite willing to pay more for my broadband just because I liked the company and their apparent ethos. My experience in the last 3 months is that they are not the same company.


Ofcom set to fatten up London's White Space TV spectrum

Peter Foulkes

Not just the actors.

Your oft repeated description of the current users of this band as Luvvies overlooks just how many different people use this space. The radio mics, wireless guitar packs and in ear monitor systems that many musicians at all levels, from pubs to arenas, rely on will also be affected.


Google pulls 'racist' Make Me Asian app

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Re: More PC over-over-reaction

And the same quick Google gives you:

"Winterval: the unpalatable making of a modern myth

This is the story of the evolution of a simple Christmas tale that wound up, poisonously, at the Mail and Melanie Phillips's door"


"How this happened makes for a fascinating story about the causes of bad journalism, the messages of irresponsible and paranoid church leaders, and badly informed, popularity-seeking politicians looking for a tabloid-friendly soundbite. The bad journalism started with the local newspaper that broke the "story" of Winterval on 8 November 1998 and travelled quickly through the national media. What is worrying is that the original story was so clearly completely untrue and contained clear statements from the council that demonstrated this."

Google Drive stalls on LAUNCH DAY

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Just because you are on a Mac doesn't mean every problem is exclusive to a Mac.

I'm on a PC and get exactly the same message, "Your Google Drive is not ready yet"

Hey ho,


Shell's London office UNDER WATER and besieged by GIANT EELS

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Drama at Shell

"The company’s London office at one point contained a travel agency, hairdresser, restaurants and bars, a gym, bank, cinema and huge swimming pool – all operating underneath the tower."

And also a theatre, complete with fly tower (you can see it from the river bank side if you look carefully). I was shown around the theatre in 2003, quite an odd experience as it was all completely intact but had been unused for around 5 years by that point.

Adultery website boosted by Christian publicity campaign

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Not a viral, genuine backfiring protester

A quick peek at your favourite search engine would seem to reveal that Jon is indeed a genuine man on a mission from god who may have unwittingly found his niche as a pretty successful viral marketeer for shagmywife.co.uk


Kingston's thumb drive is tiny Tardis

Peter Foulkes

Squeaky Clean

My 4GB SanDisk Cruzer USB stick is spotlessly clean following at least one spin cycle.

It also still works and the data did not wash away.

Danger Mouse seems to want fans to pirate his blocked release

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An old cynic says...

This looks like a very good marketing exercise.

Who is printing and providing the distribution of the album with no music? EMI perhaps?

It seems a great deal of publicity has been created by an artist and record company who are well aware of the availability of free downloads and have the opportunity here to actually recoup some money by falling back on the old style physical product.

It is like the Emperor's new clothes and I would imagine there will be a great deal of self congratulating if they manage to pull it off.

The legal issues regarding the release are likely to be rights related, i.e. someone else wants paying for the use of their music. What a genius way of avoiding the payments. Sorry guv, we never sold it to the kids, look we even sent out a 1000 press releases telling the world we weren't selling it.

When Commodore ruled the world

Peter Foulkes

Interesting Read

Anyone wanting to know more about the Commodore story might want to get a copy of this book:

On the Edge

The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore

Brian Bagnall