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It's official: The Home Office is listening


@ 15:44 AC

Are you sure you're not breaking a law ? and if a law is passed that you are (even unwittingly) breaking, you would be brought to 'justice' before you know it.

My coat please, the one with the emigration papers.

UK.gov plans central database for all your communications


What Have I done ?

Pretty much everything except armed revolt my friend - protesting (civilly of course), working from the inside, working from the outside; writing to MP's, taking active part in the socialist workers (and respective splits). Not doing much of anything at the moment except battening down the hatches, preparing the kids for what's to come, locating places to move to when push comes to shove, boning up on survival techniques, getting ready basically. If you think that's taking things a little too far, well, I fear is that is not going to be enough.


@ bobbles31 et. al.

Anyone want to set up an emigration service for UK Citizens fleeing persecution ?

I am seriously thinking of it ... If the paperless office is truly here, and video conferencing is cheap, why do you need to work here ? You can keep your job, live anywhere else while dodging the criminal amount of tax and surveillance of your personal life. Leaving it to whatever company you work for to complain about their lack of privacy .....

As for those who work in more immediate service industries, then come along - 'cos we all need you as well, and we would like you to be free.

Calling for the mass emigration from HMP UK.

Privacy? Forget it. Sell your brain and desires to the highest bidder


To paraphrase Heinlein

It is your duty to buck the system at every turn - if you can't get away with paying less tax, pay a little more - it messes with their system, and causes headaches. Give false, or as little information to governments, corporations and other bodies. Make it as difficult to profile you, and in turn profile the world, as you can.

Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque


Just a point

Got to say this, but as I was taught, it goes something like this;

10 - ten

100 - hundred

1000 - thousand

10,000- ten thousand

100,000 - hundred thousand

1,000,000 - million

10,000,000 - ten million

100,000,000 - hundred million

1,000,000,000 - thousand million

10,000,000,000 - ten thousand million

100,000,000,000 - hundred thousand million

1,000,000,000,000 - billion

10.000,000,000,000 - ten billion

etc. It's all to do with language, and the use of words to describe numbers.

Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'


@ JonB

Just? Unjust? What right do a minority have to say what is Just?

Killing, maiming, harming is obviously wrong. Any Law that is passed that states that if you kill, maim or harm another member of this society will be punished is a just law. Can't really argue with that.

What a person does to themselves is up to that person - no it really is, it's called freedom. IF, however, what you do to yourself directly violates said above law, then said above law comes into effect, and the defence of 'I was drunk, out of it" is no defence, because you were free to make the decision to take whatever, or do whatever to yourself in the first place.

If, you were forced, or tricked into taking or doing something, then you have to prove that you were set up. - Then, if it is proved, the perpetrator gets it, and you (as a victim in this case), get a clean slate.

FFS ! Your Life, You Decide. Jesus - take responsibility for your own actions and your own defence. Nobody said being free was easy - it's not. It's fucking hard work, and now it's even harder.

Being a slave is real easy however. And that's what any government wants - an enslaved population. And that's what we are. Enslaved.

Squirm all you like, they've got you - and if you try to be free they will take away your life.

'Extreme porn' law could criminalise millions


The straw ...

....that broke the camels back.

I'm leavning this country, even if I have to carry my kids through the tunnell, I'm leaving it. There is no Great in Great Britain, no United in the United Kingdom. It has died. Since when did this Island become a jail? Saying that, our prisoners have more rights than than those of us on the outside.

I hear that to become a full MP, you have to undergo a full frontal lobotomy - if not, then there are a lot of brain dead arsholes who beleive that just because they 'won' the vote gives then the right to infect the population with their psychological disorders.

Machiavelli would be proud. The Marquis de Sade would bow his head at the genius of it all - how to do evil while claiming to be good.

I would say "When the revolution comes", but they had killed them all back in 1914. Or why did you think that the First World War was fought in the first place ? Over a duke ? Over territory ? No, because revolutionary fever had taken europe at the rutn of the century, and the whole place was going to blow - Russia got there first, and tipped the imperialists hands. The German Royal family took a sideways promotion to headed the British Monarchy, and the rest carried on as normal.

Words fail me, there is no action possible to rectify the mistakes our glorius leaders have (blindley, stupidly, maliciously ?) made.

Hold on tight guys, it's going to be a bumpy ride - hope to see some of you when it's finally over.

That's me, exit stage left.

eBay sues Craigslist as family squabble goes public


@AC Torchwood

I agree, and Torchwood actually surprised me too, not enough to sit and watch it - then again, I haven't sat down and watched television for about 10 years now. I even missed the whole 'Big Brother' thing (read the books instead - no need to watch a poor application of a psychosocial "limited interaction" experiment). Oh, and no sports either - I stopped watching the Grand Prix when it became boring and never picked it up again, which was about 10 years ago.

Six months on from HMRC, data losses still rising, says ICO


@ John Arthur

Well, I do have a driving licence, the name and address and other information is wrong, and I have not needed it in 15 years so it has not been an issue. Somebody decided to give me two NI numbers - and another refused to believe that they have made a mistake or that there was a mistake, in different names (same forenames, but one in each of my parents surnames), made my first passport application a nightmare, and my second one an almost disaster. Applying for dole is an invitation for fraud investigation as a matter of course - so I have not bothered doing that, as has been applying for loans and even Bank accounts (however, those that I had when I was a child, I could still use - until I closed them down. As for an NHS Number - they've lost my records up to 1995 - and I was issued with another (see above) only to have that taken away, then re-issued, with loss of records again.

So, I have zero faith in these people to actually do anything. I gave up trying to convince them otherwise. Especially after I had to sign the official secrets act on two separate occasions, in both of the NI Names - the mind truly does boggle. I even asked the DCI I was working with at one time about it - he laughed. Sort of the reason for me wanting to get out of this country - It's a joke in very poor taste.

And yes, I would like the system mended - but for that you actually need a system, rather than a collection of badly thought out, incomplete, disparate bureaucratic make do's that have been cobbled together and patched over in place of an actual working system.


Ah well,

Being a person who has no bank account, or debt, or claiming unemployment benefit, or income support for a child, and that pretty much 90% of my on-line persona's are, while not entirely fake, contain very little information about who I am (I'm freelance - I just don't see that working for money is the be all and end all - I do just fine thanks :) all this data loss by companies and government is passing me by - I am sure that what little is out there out me can be circulated, but seeing as the thief would have to know who I was in the first place in order for them to impersonate - it makes the data that they steal of very poor value.

Of course, this does not apply to all you out there, who's trust is being systematically abused by pretty much everyone. To be honest, I stopped trusting banks ever since the Bank of Scotland told me that they never checked the signatures on cheques of under £500.00 and refused to refund me the money they had charged me for bouncing a cheque I didn't write. And I'm afraid that trusting the government has never been an option.

Anti-paedophile police treble arrest figures


Just a thought -

We live in a 'Limited Democracy', where you devolve your responsibility for making decisions to another. It seems that we've devolved our responsibility as human beings to another as well. Would this be known as 'Limited Humanity' ? Not quite so long ago, it was the responsibility of the entire race to look after the upcoming generations, now the responsibility seems to lie elsewhere. The only thing that's making this happen is greed (think of the cost, I have no time for it, not my problem, etc); and pretty short term greed at that, from all of us. Get your fingers out people, unless you want your humanity to be 'limited' we all need to get to work.

To the people who say "Will someone think about the children", that means that you are not prepared to, and are asking others to do the caring for you. We ALL should be thinking about the children. Period. We ALL should be looking after them, looking out for them, teaching them, helping them. It's not exactly rocket science, but it is hard work - and there is no other work that should ever take priority over that. The how is up to each society, community, nation, whatever - but the basic is the same - without them we are walking dead. I, for one, do not believe that my responsibility end just with my own children. It doesn't end, from the moment of your majority, to your final breath. All of them should be looked after, looked out for, taught. By all of us.

To those who have braved the world and spoken truly, respect. To those that would abuse trust (and that's a general as well), and their own species, well.... we have to decide if there is a place for you in our society - at the moment we've got a lot of work to do, and too little people outside of the 'limited' democracy bullshit actually willing, or able, to do it.

This is only a general statement of a fundamental truth. How you, as an individual, community, or society, fulfil that truth is legion.

Woman accuses RIAA of killing dolphins


Collective Noun

Got to do this,

A Buggery of R.I.Ass.'s ?

Oh. all right, I'm going now .....

Time Warner splitting up AOL

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'Tis an ill wind

that blows nobody any good.

US boffins create darkest material ever


Ultra black

In order to 'see' this, all you do is take a good long run at a wall, with your head down. The colour you see flashing before your eyes just before you die, is that black. - with apologies to Einsturzunde Neubauten and Terry Pratchett (and yes my German is not up to scratch)....

Microsoft readies Hal 9000


Just you wait ...

Until they roll out Homo Sapien Sapien v1.1.

All this is to do with the simple fact that there is no 'standard' human, no one human will act like another human consistently enough for any current forecast tool to be effective, and these forecast tools are being used to work out how much money a certain thing will make. It's the bottom line, everything else can be calculated to within an inch of it's life, we humans keep on breaking the mould. Just as soon as they get the genetic engineering right, they roll out the upgrade and it will be 'Game Over' folks, at least until the next load of natures children get up to speed ...

Me ? I'll see you all on Europa.

Pantone cranks up the whalesong

Paris Hilton

The years go by

It's Christmas - Happy times .....

Whalesong and Joss-sticks, reminds me of my youth, when that colour was as close to black as I could go without my mother pitching a fit when I painted my room as a moody teenager. Heady days .....

Paris, just because.

Fire stations too much like fire stations, says Govt


I'm sorry but ....

Isn't political correctness an oxymoron ?

Yep, getting my coat - exiting this country before the next "Great Fire".

Validus backers banking on swing to DC

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240 V AC

I used to do that as a kid - got electrocuted so many times that my mother told me I should be glowing. However, since computers run on 12V, 5V and 3.3V rails (unless there is something about server power supplies that I don't know) the danger of serious burning should be kept to a minimum. I believe that one of the tech websites has built a DC computer out of consumer parts which was powered by olar and batteries. Not that I am suggesting their solution would scale to the size they're talking about, but the whole thing could be run outside of the national energy grid. That in itself would be extremely beneficial.

BusinessWeek novel turns Google's cloud into epic hero


The Martian Way

Actually, he makes sense - Iain M. Banks style (Excession I believe it was - and a variant of it in The Bridge by Iain Banks). Good post set out like a meta-tag header you occasionally get when using Googles search engine.

'Death Star' galaxy blasts neighbour



Ahh sir, you are obviously not a patron of the classics. But the Doc does get the "Best Space Opera" award .....

Seem to be getting my coat a lot these days - so much for global warming.....:)

Space brains resign over efforts to attract ET attention


@John Imrie

I had a look at that secret RAF site - do you know that NORAD is going to be tracking SANTA (Soviet-Alien National Treaties Alliance) this year? On the subject of aliens I have the take that they did this, and we're the result of a genetically modified food source that got canned by the Galactic public due to the unknown effect of consuming said meat. Consigned to the arse end of the unknown universe to be forgotten about. Until we start ringing the dinner bell again. Or we're the remains of a Penitentiary. Jury's out on that.

I'll be out the back .....

Recording industry puts stake in ground with Jammie Thomas case

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@ AC

No more than I. I agree with you totally.