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Stallman warns open-sourcers on Javascript-browser trap


Oh dear, oh dear...

I don't subscribe to Stallman's "everything MUST be free" ideology and, actually, neither does Torvalds. I remember Torvalds expressing his view at one point that he'll use "the best tool for the job". This is a view I share; I'm happy using linux as my OS of choice, but I use the binary Nvidia graphics drivers because I actually like to get the performance I pay for out of my card and I'll use Visual Studio when coding an app for Windows any day.

For some reason, Stallman has a belief that all software MUST be free and, oddly, this actually gives rise to an interesting point about some linux distros: they make it near impossible for you to use non-free software, thus taking away your freedom to use whatever software you want. Ironic, eh? The point is simple: some software out there will inevitably be non-free. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be a lot of money to be made in writing it and, frankly, there's always going to be software developed for commercial reasons.

In conclusion, I'm not sure that a lot of people agree with the hell-bent ideology that he subscribes to.

NEC breakthrough paves way for powerless standy-by modes


I think what you're all missing here is...

In "traditional" computer memory, each bit has to be topped up with charge every so often in order to retain what it stores. If this magnetised memory doesn't need this then it will save power even when the device is on. Just because the memory has no power running through it doesn't make it unusable - the memory controller being on/off defines that.

What this means is that, yes, your phone in standby (what I think you meant here was sitting idle in your pocket, which is not what the article is refering to, if I'm correct) can receive a call because the GSM modem (is that the right term? I'm no telecoms expert) will still have power running through it and can send interrupts just the same when a call arrives.

Whist this doesn't mean great things for battery life of a computer whilst it is on (as was rightly said, the screen takes most of that) the battery life of the computer won't discharge whilst it is in standby mode (mine takes about a day to go flat like this, so useful if you accidentally leave it on overnight). Also, whilst it may not be a great saving of power for your single computer, think about how many computers there are out there and if they are all slowly replaced by computers that don't have to "top up" the charge in their memory every few nanoseconds then THAT will be a considerable saving.

Skype confirms / denies job cuts


What they're really trying to say here...

"Change has always been a constant at Skype and will continue to be."

means: "We've got no idea what we're doing here..."

"We will keep re-shaping our business to take advantage of the immediate and short-term opportunities in front of us."

means: "We like to manage things flying by the seat of our pants and just lay people off when cash gets short"


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