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Are Dell's Energy Smart servers really smart at all?

Paris Hilton

Dell would never...

El Reg! I am horrified that you would imply that Dell might over charge. Why you are attacking my entire worldview to think that such a large computer manufacturer would be less than honorable. No go spank yourselves for doubting them.

Paris of course could be spanked your place...

Do you know how much of your porn is extreme?

Paris Hilton

Whew, I'm safe

So Two girls one cup does not involve animals...Check

Nope - no corpses... Check

Danger to genitals...hmmm nope safe there too.

Cool, so Two Girls one Cup is not extreme porn, I feel safer now that they are protecting us from the extreme kind.

Paris because...well duh!

Social networks may be imaginary

Paris Hilton

Ummmm Spherical Cows?

Maybe I don't know very many mathematicians, but if I asked any of them I know how much milk a cow will produce, they would be more concerned with current daily yield, or age of the cow. As for social networking, I would ask how many teenagers have committed suicide on a given site :) much more appropriate for determining how effective they are.

Paris because she milked cows once, and everyone has pulled on her udders.

China in anti-monopoly investigation of Microsoft

Gates Halo

How can it be a Monopoly?

Apple, Linux, Solaris, etc...

Open office, Opera, etc...

I have thousands of choices of productivity software, operating system, etc... I can order my hardware with no OS if I choose, how can that be a monopoly?

Malware not man blamed in child abuse download case


Now I know...

So when I want to view porn on my company laptop, I just have to keep it in temp directories and reset it to appear unviewed, and Im golden.

Royal Navy warships could run on sunflower oil - if fresh

Paris Hilton

Best Tradition of The British Navy

Damn the wogs!!! If those ignorant savages can't grow their own food why should we care! Use the crops to fuel the man o' war!

Why Paris? Cause she doesn't care if Africa starves as long as she can drive drunk.

'Screw the Long Tail'? Not us!


Positive Future

This appears to be the best way for them to capitalize. While a large number of people are willing to buy music, a large number are not. Advertisement paid sites like youtube and such are analogous to radio. It should be possible to determine the ownership of all the music, and allow google who makes a tidy profit to share it as deserved.

Scientists force confessions from mucky fingerprints



I agree that gloves require prior planning, how about a handkerchief, or a nice damp towel? I may not be able to help leaving fibers, but If I have any brains at all, I can identify all the surfaces I touched, and I bet lysol will remove all of those incriminating chemicals, or at least screw them up to the point of unusabiity.

A Defcon survival guide


A good start

All of the above are just a start. I recommend building a clean image prior to arriving a sodom in the desert. After the conference is over, scrub the drive like the *sic* probably AIDS infected specimen that it is. No matter how good you may think you are, someone has your number. No matter how secure your system, someone has found a flaw you never heard of. Assume that no matter how paranoid you may be, it was not enough. Also beware of blue tooth and such. someone might have a hack for your blackberry or iPhone, so be careful when using those as well.

Try to have a sense of humor about everything, I like to create disposable accounts, just to see what happens. Feel free to log into your disposable account from the open wireless, just to see what they can do to you, consider it an education.

Gardener offers mouthwatering 'mow and blow' deal


Sick minds?

Apparently my mind does not work the same as those at el reg. I just don't see any thing humorous here. Some guy does yard work, please give me the punchline?

Google in Colorado safe cracking caper



My thought, after the general ineptitude, is that they thought the camera was disabled, and thought that by googling safecracking from the office, that they might confuse the issue. If they had the combination, perhaps some equally inept police might think it was not an inside job.

Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn



Like there was any doubt? Of course they copied the porn, this article makes it sound like this is a surprise. If you have someone work on your computer. You should encrypt sensitive data or move it off of the device. Civil liberties or not, I don't leave valuables out where the public can see them regardless of the illegality of someone taking them. If you invite a worker into your home to work on the same computer, you should never leave them alone, and watch everything that they do. Common sense rules apply here. You can be right, or you can be safe, pick one.

Europe's banks must inform customers of US snooping


Ignorance is bliss

Obviously by reading the the comments above, I realize that many of you have no clue who or what SWIFT is. There is simply no alternate path for the trillions of dollars in financial data that travels the SWIFT network. It would create major headaches for international financial organizations if they "removed their servers from the US". This is a case of the US government being able to cripple banks by forcing SWIFT to shutdown.

As to demanding US reciprocity, what data are you suggesting that "the US" share. Financial data does not belong to the US government. So in that respect there is nothing for them to "share" with the EU. If the government in the UK wants to investigate financial data according to it's laws, more power to it. Any American financial data that traverses devices and networks in the UK is fair game if some law allows it to be inspected.

I believe that the true issue here is that SWIFT failed to notify its users of the data seizure. I would be concerned with the integrity of their data in those circumstances. Of course the users in question are huge banks, not the account holders at those banks. So Im not sure who they should have informed.

Rufus fights back


Where to start

Ok first of all all of us are idiots. If you get into a discussion with an someone from a different discipline, you will soon find out that A) you know very little about something, and B) the guy you are talking to doesn't know much about your specialty. I was in tech support ,yea verily and once upon a time in fast food as well.

"You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you cant please all of the people all of the time."

All of that in mind, if you can't keep your temper under control, you don't belong in tech support.

Google pleads with politicos for more foreign labour


Move to Michigan

Google can realistically do it job from anywhere in the world. The fact that they reside in California. one of the most expensive states to operate a business from, is meaningless. Build a server farm in Michigan, or Tennessee where unemployment is high, and wages are lower.

Of course the politicians will likely listen to the money, not common sense.

Paris Hilton dragged back into court


Is there a tech link here?

I really couldn't care less whether Paris Hilton lives or dies. If I heard that she was shivved in prison, I would only cluck at the violence inherent in the penal system. Why are we wasting time, and valuable El Reg space on this moronic twat?

Space elevator business plan crashes to Earth


A question

How do you manage to float several tons of material into orbit in the first place? I go t the idea of slowly expanding the mass until it will hold weight, but I dont see how the initial thread escapes the earth. Somehow I don't see the space shuttle reeling out a big ball of wire as it shoots off into space.

Woman claims Geek Squader tried to film her in the shower


How Pathetic

I am ashamed that they let this loser be called a geek. The best he could come up with for surreptitious video was his cell phone? Regardless of his ineptitude, the way our society (at least for we Americans) is going, Best Buy will settle out of court for millions. That is the true disgrace. Expect to see the woman posing for playboy soon after.

House-trash party girl blames 'hackers'


Hackers Stole my Virginity!!!

Children have been making stupid mistakes for as long as there are children. The added responsibility we grant to teenagers simply magnifies the potential damage they can cause. Since the dawn of time they have been trying to pass blame for anything they do wrong unto others. Why this should surprise anyone is strange to me.

Thailand blocks YouTube


Lese Majeste

I saw no point in the video myself. I suppose if you disliked him it would be a venue for expression. Lese Majeste is a long standing crime in Thailand. For instance, it is illegal to watch "The King and I in Thailand". Because it shows the King in a bad light. I suppose if they found a Thai was responsible for making the video, they might behead him on the spot. Oh well, I never thought that Anna managed to bring Siam to the modern day.

Google thwarts al-Qaeda kamikaze strike on US embassy


Sense of Humor

Hey paul have a sense of humor!

I think it's fairly funny myself. I could see Mustafa bin Blowmyself going to Google during planning his ascension to sainthood and being completely confused when he got to the wrong place :). Of course the bobbies are so nice that one of them would cheerfully direct him to the right place anyway, if he asked politely.

Utah backs calls to boot porn from Port 80


You are missing the point

The purpose here is the same as for putting jews into the Ghetto. When the SS wants to gather them all up they can do so easily. If you want to block all content on 6969, its one firewall rule. Doesn't matter if there is a redirector, the port 6969 content would not be allowed to pass.

I think that the really funny part is that some government schmuck is going to have to classify it all :)

"Nope that one gave me no sexual feelings, nope not that one either, ahhh little boys, that one has to go!"