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Play.com spam points to malware downloads

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Also got the spam

Also a play.com customer - I got the GSN spam but spotted it as such straight away.

Not had any apology from play.com though

Sky 3D soccer fails to score

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Missing the point of 3D

Disappointing (but not surprised) to see that Sky have opted for the 1950s 3D gimmick of making things jump out of the screen. No wonder the writer got bored of it.

The benefit of football in 3D is to be able to gauge the trajectory of the ball.

Lad passes gruelling 'getting on bus' test

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Only a certificate?

Anyone managing to use public transport outside London deserves a medal.

London cab & bus trials for satnav speed-governor kit

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Where'd the Satellites Go?

And when the vehicle is in a narrow street, high sided buildings on either side with little view of the sky? (We are talking about London here) How does it work then?

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

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What's the point without a decent backbone?

In related news, water companies have announced plans to install 15" pipes to all households. When asked whether the 6" mains pipes in the road could cope with this, the water companies said that anyone who washed too much would have their supply reduced to a trickle until the next day.

BBC goes live... over Wi-Fi

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When is WiFi not WiFI?

Also getting the false error stating that I am not on WiFi when I clearly am.

IP addresses in server logs not personal data: Ruling

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So static is better?

So having a static IP address, and therefore personally identifiable via a whois, means they're not allowed to keep a record of a web access.

Burned by Chrome - Fire put out

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B3TA have...

already modified the comic to suit:


Faster broadband through bonding

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Not a new product

This sort of service is not new and has been offered for some time by the likes of Andrews & Arnold (http://aaisp.net.uk/aa/aaisp/multiline.html)

Hamster-in-rain emergency prompts 999 call

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What change?

Whenever I've had cause to ring 999 in England, the response has always been "Emergency, what service do you require?"

eBay: 'We will lower listing fees'

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@ Neil Docherty

There is a way to filter out the positives. Try toolhaus.org

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

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BBC pandering to US English

The Video has had faggot blanked out on MTV/VH1 etc. for years, but I always put that down to their copies being the American versions, having been censored for fear of litigation over the pond.

This however is the UK, and the BRITISH Broadcasting Corp.

Stop pandering to American English usage!

Canadian cable giant slips Yahoo! name onto Google home page

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Get a decent ISP

...who gives you access to a webpage showing your usage per IP address, and the ability to configure email and/or SMS alerts when you near your usage limits.

No ISP should be allowed to modify content.

PC World parent awaits FTSE 100 relegation

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High Overheads, High Prices, non-tech staff.

Title says it all really.

More and more people are getting tech-savvy and realising they can get better gear at lower prices elsewhere.

Not surprised really.

When Commodore ruled the world

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Ahh memories, memories

My first exposure to Commodore was the PET my Dad brought home from work. We got a C64 in 1982, serial number 2711 made in Germany (later ones were made in Japan).

I still had a C64 in 1990 when I used it to write up my final year project.

School had PETs and BBCs. The only kids who had BBCs at home lived in large houses and their parents drove large cars.

Still got two of them somewhere, along with a 1526 printer and 1561 floppy drive.

If you're interested in 80s Home PC nostalgia, I'd recommend the book "Digital Retro"

Steve McClaren secures 2007 Foot in Mouth award

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Translink text makes sense

I agree with druck. The Translink text makes perfect sense.