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Heaven and Earth moved to slot Sun chip in IBM blade

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RE: It only makes sense

Bearing in mind that there are quad, quad CPU blades, I would be impressed if you could find me a quad, quad CPU server In anything less than 2U (sun) and moreU (other vendors I think) And so it's really 10U instead of 20U (at least) :P

Also, having used the blade6000 chassis, the IBM blade centers and the Dell offerings, I'm actually quite impressed with Sun's.

(for example, PCI slots built in instead of occupying a blade slot.. what a novel *read, sensible* idea :P)


http://www.sun.com/servers/blades/x8450/ AMD quad, quad core

And likewise the X6450 for Quad, Quad core Xeon blades.


Ps, FB

The blade b1600 did rock, the only downside was like of storage attachment options.

Brocade punts new SAN router for kid enterprises

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@Anonymous Coward

I would love to know where you found a Linksys box with 4Gb/s FC-Fabric ports :P

But anyway, the default setup sounds crap (Even if it was 100Mb/s and the 50 was a typo)

It's not gonna be THAT cheap.

Virgin Media eases off bandwidth throttling


RE: "Theoretical 20Mbs" is a very apt description!

I am actually really impressed with the size of the tubes!

I have the XL package which should give 20Mb/s and I regularly (nearly every evening/night) download at a solid 2.1-2.5 MB/s (and when 2.5 is reached (fast download servers etc), it isn't a quick millisecond peak, it stays.

Another thing I was pondering,

20 Mbit/s equals exactly 2.5 Mbytes/s

(20/8 = 2.5)

TCP overheads take up 15-20% usually, and so this suggests that Virgin media actually give you MORE than a 20Mbit/s connection, so that after all the overheads, you get the advertised 20Mbit/s bandwidth to yourself :)

Virgin media customer support on the other hand are fools! I spent the first two weeks at a 4mbit connection, because the customer service techs didn't know how to update the line to the 20 Meg i had purchased! (they tried, and failed, repeatedly)

When the speed didn't improve, I got all kinds of excuses (such as, 'it's advertised 20Meg... but you may live to far away from the exchange!!!' LMAO)

Eventually I got through to a guy who sounded like he knew what he was talking about and pestered him to really look into the account. He confirmed that the account was set at 4Mb/s, and instantly removed the 'monthly change lock' or something and updated the account.

30 Seconds later, Im downloading ISO's at 2.5MB/s and it's been that nippy ever since.

Rock on!

Now if only they would let me buy some static IP's :(



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