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Microsoft releases battling OS release candidates


K so like the ball was dropped

K, so like there is no Avatar picture for either Hexley or for the BSD Daemon that makes me sad.

Note, I probably will never read this thread again. So all you antagonists that don't like my opinion, this is the internet.. it's free, click your close button, don't waste your time replying to me when I won't ever read it.

I do not write code, I am not a SysAdmin/Op, "I'm just this guy I know!"

On to the subject at hand...

Command Line for a File & Print Server is enough, even for most web servers and chat servers it's perfectly fine. Microsoft already screwed up their chances on POSIX compliance many times over esp with cygwin. I've been using computers since the age of the Commodore 64 and Coherent UNIX i386. I do agree the 64-bit ball was dropped and it was dropped hard. Most of it is the OS's fault 64-bit XP could have been marketed more heavily. I do agree with you folks regarding the differences between Microsoft workstation and server products. I remember when NT 4.0 Server was new, it was so much nicer than NT 4.0 Workstation and those products came out almost at the same time. Then again the majority of clients for NT 4.0 Server's first half of life was Win95 & 98 with most business users just using NT workstation because it was much more stable. That trend continued with 2k and XP/2k3. Yes some people run the Server product as their workstation and re-do the priorities on the Services. really doesn't matter. I think Microsoft could have done a better job of Vista for Business in this regards to make it more Workstation and less "consumer" or "pro-sumer" Could you imagine people paying an extra $200 just to not have Aero 3D and all the other crap? it'd be a boon to marketing "Ultimate" stature Business products, but it wouldn't make the AOL, MSNBC and other "partner" folks happy. Someone answer me this. Microsoft used to have some good products like Xenix (it was ok for what it as) and Word for DOS. How long is it going to take them to figure out it's time for something other than Windows to be their primary Operating System or product? They're a software company not an Operating System company. How long is it going to take them to figure out that Office needs to be trashed and start over from scratch with something new and more streamlined and creative?

Yeah I know I'm a Mac user but I've been using all kinds of computers and platforms and interfaces long enough to know when a horse is dead. Windows Server has never been a extremely successful or exciting product. I'm tired of software that has a bajillion features that a consumer or server admin might not use. How about a more streamlined set of product families with maybe game-like "expansion packs" that add features you need? Then people that don't need them buy more of your products because your more service-able to the (L)user or Admin.

Thanks for reading.