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Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime

David Simpson

The Red Peril

I hope the commie hating Americans grind these bolshi workers into the ground, losing money from boot times ? I think work shy hippies will come up with any excuse not to work !

UK health records should not be flogged off

David Simpson
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NO !

Or just stick to the system already in place, let GPs direct researchers to patients.

No-one should trust the Government or the NHS to decide our rights to privacy. Especially with private medical companies breathing down their necks.

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest

David Simpson
Gates Halo

IE5 ?

So who is using IE5 ? Me sometimes, my iPaq runs WM2003 and I'm pretty sure the mobile IE is based on IE 5, are all IE5 hits WinMo devices ?

Also to everyone complaining about Firefox 3 crashing, did you uninstall 2 reboot then install 3 ?

It can make a big difference.

Auntie Beeb's amazing, evolving, ID card stories

David Simpson

And the cupboard was bare....

I think the nice thing is the credit crunch, why because by the time the banks get their cash and Gordo cuts taxes (just before the election) and Darling starts trying to spend our way out of recession they will all discover that there really isn't enough cash left for an ID card system.

The whole ID card fiasco has finally made me glad to have been born in raised in Belfast because I can now just apply for an Irish passport and avoid the database completely.

As for the quality of the BBC News site, they are dropping so fast they will be competeing with Heat magazine by the end of the year. I used to read the technology section but it too has lowered itself to the depths of the Gadget show with their uninformed raving, quite sickening.

I can't wait to join the queue for the french bound ferry with several million other people if the ID card system ever does see the light of day.

Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?

David Simpson
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They should watch they don't raid shipments of CDs/DVDs then sell copies worldwide, The RIAA and the FBI would be invading Somalia by the end of the week.

Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009

David Simpson
Gates Halo

Too many haters with rose tinted memories

Whats with all the bitching ? I've been running the pre-beta and its amazing.

XP was a total dog when t launched it took sp2 to finally close the open doors and make it stable.

How can so many people think back with rose tinted spectacles ? 98 & 98SE were buggy crap, I praised the day XP was launched so i could escape the evil lock ups and blue screens (although not entirely).

XP was around for too long they screwed longhorn/vista bigtime, we should be getting new OS versions every three years that should be the norm, Microsoft isn't screwing anyone, use whatever OS you want.

The simple fact is no-one has to buy Win 7 for it to be a hit, it will come pre-installed on every new PC.

From actually using it I think this could be a surprising gem from Microsoft for a change, but you haters can't stop hating eh ?

iPhone passcode blocks everything - except phone calls

David Simpson
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Or just take your sim out.

A lock code is far from secure anyway, if someone stole your iPhone with the intention of stealing free minutes as well as a phone, they could just remove your sim, stick it in their own phone and run you up a huge bill.

Not really much you can do about it, thats what insurance is for.

Apple opens Macbook front in iPhone jailbreak war

David Simpson
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iTouch ?

It's called an iPod Touch

iTouch make home theater equipment


Who's got more cash? Apple or Microsoft?

David Simpson
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So Software sales is where the money is....

So basically these figures show that by not selling hardware and only sticking to software M$ make four times as much profit.

Time to tune up Snow Leopard for general release.

The sad thing is that even though Vista was disliked by consumers it was still a sales success due to the O.E.M market. If Apple can take a bite out of that market they would have M$ on the back foot.

Why no c*nt and paste for the iPhone?

David Simpson
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Tell em

You tell 'em Steve-Dave

Jezza Clarkson cops flak for 'truckers murder strumpets' gag

David Simpson

Iceni Project

Brian Tobin, director of The Iceni Project, "a charity which had helped some of the murdered prostitutes in Ipswich"

I assume that means the Iceni Project helped some of the prostitutes BEFORE they were murdered.

The UK is now full of people who read newspapers and watch TV Mary Whitehouse style just looking for things to be offended at.


Yes Clarkson's joke was tasteless but that does not make it unfunny, it was very funny. Much like poor old Ross and Brand, it starting as being a horrific attack on an old man and his young grand daughters dignity and has now turned out that Brand did indeed sleep with her and she is a borderline sex worker who sold her story to the Sun, BRING BACK ROSSY !

Dawkins' atheist ad campaign hits fundraising target

David Simpson
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Sounds like a great idea but I'd rather they advertised with my slogan

"If Jesus hadn't died on the cross I would have killed him"

Home Secretary rejects McKinnon anti-extradition plea

David Simpson

Don't love the player but hate the game.....

While i admit that extradition laws are biased toward America, they are biased because the terms of the bill of rights have so far stopped America enacting their half of the treaty in law.

We don't have a bill of rights, I agree we should disagree with the terms of this action but don't defend McKinnon in the process.

He is being extradited for a crime he has admitted to committing. He is an idiot, regardless of how undefended US networks were he new it was illegal to access them.

I can climb a wall into council buildings nearby if i want to inspect their files for fear of a local UFO cover up but I know if i get caught i will go to jail no matter how easy a break in it was.

We need a review of this treaty perhaps suspending it until America enacts their part of it, but for god sake let them ship McKinnon out before doing anything.

Apple to 'ditch' Intel for Nvidia in standard MacBooks

David Simpson

Better the devil you know....

As far as I've read this was a 3rd party fab problem and not strictly an Nvidia one.

I'm sure they've guaranteed against further quality defects. Maybe all the rumours about Nvidia leaving the chipset business will become "Nvidia makes Apple only chipsets"

Also since Snow Leopard will be able to offset cpu tasks to gpu, I'm sure Intel would throw a strop if Apple started buying gpus from AMD, that would certainly start a few cold sweats at Intel.

Apple surrenders the Pink (to Microsoft)

David Simpson
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@ David Kelly

"I'm sure some things I remember as having originated at Apple were independently developed elsewhere. But the Mac brought them to the world."

Yep that is without doubt innovation at it's best ! ;-)

But then an article written by an ex Xerox and Apple engineer is surely without bias.

Artist to smoke Cobain's ashes

David Simpson

good luck!

Is this artist aware that cremated human remains are highly toxic ? I hope the massive amount of lung damage kills him so some other attention grabbing artist can smoke the remains and keep this thing going.

Maybe we'll be free of talentless attention grabbing artists within a few years.

Lawyers slap Nvidia with chip glitch lawsuit

David Simpson
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I will never buy Nvidia again.

My laptop died of Nvidia disease 3 months before HP ordered a warranty extension on it. I had of course already sold the heap of junk for spares so obviously i will never buy HP again either.

Hope they get their asses sued off.

Freelancers might be taxed as employees after High Court ruling

David Simpson

Huh ?

Is anyone a qualified accountant because the amount of differing opinions on this page is staggering.

@Overseas employer

By Anonymous Coward

As smart as Register readers are I would advise an accountant, I know we all like to save a few pennies but depending on comments on a news story for tax/business advice is not very wise.

Caterpillar plans 600 tonne godzilla-lorry robots

David Simpson

Calling John Connor.....

If John Connor and his lovely mother are reading this story I for one would advise testing the Caterpillar board for liquid metal replacements......quick.

Logitech V550 Nano wireless laptop mouse

David Simpson


Yes i think the term LAPTOP BAG fits somewhere in this review, and NASTY LARGE LOGITECH LOGO.

But why leave it just with the mouse why not have a clip on powerbrick, spare clip on batteryand it would be even handy to be able to clip my favorite mug on so i can use my laptop as a crude tray to carry my tea into the office.

It's only a cheap ol' laptop isn't it.

Yahoo! shares! hit! five! year! low!

David Simpson


Lay! off! the! fucking! exclamation! marks!


Grid computer recreates ancient Greek lute

David Simpson

Cock o the walk baby

Sounds alright but I gotta have more cow bell.

iGoogle personalises personal pages on other people's behalf

David Simpson

It's better

Apart from the slightly buggy jumpy loading, I really like it, nice to have my contacts down the side.

If you don't like use the java code posted or ...... what for it.......... Use a different product.

McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo

David Simpson

Guilty man gets sent to trial ! Oh the humanity !

The crime was committed on US soil. The attacked servers were in America.

I am British, not a Daily Mail reader or a conservative.

Hacking is illegal for good reason, he has admitted to doing it, The words of the treaty state that a suspect is deported for trial if CHARGED with the offense.

The reason the Americans have yet to ratify their end of the treaty is because it is technically against the constitution.

We can argue all day but he did it, so why defend him. People don't just get deported they get several chances to appeal and he has lost them all, why ?


And bear in mind he has been wasting legal aid on all his defence action over the last several years.

Who cares if goes to jail for 20 years, that is the penalty in America and he knew it.

Now Hollywood is chasing UK downloaders

David Simpson

Claim against direct debit.

Why do any of you idiots leave the direct debit running ?

Although if you do you can claim the money back from direct debit themselves.

Tiscali are Italian, no mafia jokes Reg ?

McKinnon loses extradition fight

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David Simpson



"McKinnon said the legal basis for his appeal was that the extradition treaty under which he is to be sent to the US has not been ratified by the American government."

Actually read the whole treaty, If a person is charged for an offence they can be extradited to be tried for the crime, doesn't matter where you are, the computers are in America they were attacked the offence happened in the States regardless of where Gary was.

After all the Lockerbie bombers were tried in Scotland and one of them is still in prison outside Glasgow, how is Gary any different ?

and don't call me "mate" I'm really not.

David Simpson

The man is a huge tool !

I am FOR extraditing him.

He did commit the crime on US soil, that where the computers he hacked were.

Why is the IT community uniting behind this guy, he is an idiot ! He has also spent the last 5 years wasting tax money on legal aid defending something he admitted to doing ! He was offered a soft option of 6 months in minimum security US prision then being sent back to the UK to serve the rest. HE TURNED IT DOWN !

Asperger Syndrome does not give you the right to commit crime punishment free.

I hope they throw the book at him, hacking other peoples data is illegal, he certainly didn't do it by accident and he did it right after 9/11 HOW STUPID IS THIS GUY ?

If he'd hacked the home office and copied several thousand names and addresses of tax payers, the general public would be baying for blood.

Remember when you see TV pictures of him being dragged into a plane


Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch

David Simpson

Apple don't want you to see the BIG picture......

Has anyone thought that Orange Poland took the laurels for paying actors to queue at the behest of Apple, so we don't rumble that Apple have been paying queue actors worldwide !

Pentagon hacker McKinnon earns extradition delay

David Simpson

stop wasting legal aid on confessed guilty people.

He hacked US military computer networks , what did he think would happen ?

He has already turned down a bargain with the US that would have seen him in minimum security for a few years then sent back to the UK for the rest.

The man is an idiot, lets deport him as a warning to others


IBM solves world's 'paper or plastic' crisis

David Simpson

IBM is pushing back boundries people !

How about leaving a pile of paper bags next to a pile of plastic bags at the end of the checkout, customer then picks bag type without wasteful waffling.

Patent pending bitches.....

Firefox 3.1 vs IE8: 'Alpha, beta testers step forward, please'

David Simpson
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No crashes ever.......

Yep same here, no crashes at all, I work as a repair engineer and so many people blame "bugs" on certain programs when really it's the other crap on their PC and the fucked up state of their registry.

FF2 on mac was a pile of shit that crashed a lot but 3 is silky smooth and seems faster than safari.

Why would anyone use anything else, the sheer amount of plug ins makes it perfect, my present favorite is pic lens, amazing 3D browsing !

Dell's dinky designer desktop

David Simpson
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Vista downgrade

If you don't like Vista, upon first booting your computer refuse the license and give microsoft a call, they will talk you through your free XP downgrade.

Easy as Pie, I personally like Vista but it will crawl on these wee machines

Pope apologises for Apple's MobileMe sins

David Simpson

Yeshua was your lord stupid !

@ Kenny Millar

Why is it offensive to your religion ? Jesus is a name, your actual lord and saviour was called Yeshua (If he actually existed and was in fact actually the son of God)

"Yeshua is the original Aramaic proper name for Jesus the Nazarene, who lived from about 6 B.C.E. to 27 C.E. (A.D.) The word "Jesus" is actually a mis-transliteration of a Greek mis-transliteration. The Emperor Constatine even mistook Jesus for Apollo, the son of the Greek god Zeus. In Hebrew Yeshua means Salvation while the name Jesus has no intrinsic meaning in English whatsoever. "

There is nothing in the bible about not using that name, can't take it vain (which we are not ) and the only other bit that applies is not worshipping false idols.

I certainly don't approve of worshipping apple like god but then apple fans do have alot in common with christians, not much education and a willingness to put faith over fact, you unlovable crazy bastards

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

David Simpson
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Vista has been fine since SP1

While I certainly think Vista had problems in it's first year, since the release of SP1 I have moved all 3 of my work systems over to Vista and it runs very well (even on a 3GHz P4) Very rarely crashes compared to XP and is just a much nicer place to be.

Vista media center runs my home entertainment very well and even Apple's front row pales in comparison.

I'm sure M$ will learn from their mistakes and since Win7 will be using the same kernel it will be nice for M$ to stick with the system for a while like with XP.

I have been running Leopard X86 and it does seem to run faster than Vista on the same hardware, although Leopard does seem to be a step back stability wise from tiger, It also seems to still have a few performance bugs on intel(as witnessed on my wife's macbook).

I think most of Vistas detractors are just unable to move to a new system and actually manage to learn the differences in the new system before they run screaming back to what they know, bear in mind most of the incompatibility problems came from software houses trying to suck their customers dry for "Vista versions" of their software instead of just releasing a compatibility patch (ADOBE I MEAN YOU !)

If Apple really want to fight M$ then how about a PC version of OSX, Redmond would shudder to its core !

PC World pips Asus to UK Atom sub-laptop premier

David Simpson
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What's the problem

What is the problem with this exactly ? It's actually cheaper than an MSI Wind (at least the price Expansys) cheaper than an ASUS EeePC 901

Certainly looks tempting, the Acer also looks good but no bluetooth and an awful touchpad kinda ruins it.

Not a fan of Advent stuff or PC World in general but if it's a rebadged Wind then who cares ?

Just for future reference before you write an article about availability try checking stock on PC World's web site ;)

Flirty texting could land Scots in jail for 10 years

David Simpson

When will the madness end ?

I've lived in Scotland for 4 years and its mildly saner than Belfast (where I'm from) but in general the whole of the UK is going mental !

Physical violence is what law makers should be going after, drunken violence, sexual assault, hell even sober violence should be an automatic jail sentence.

If the government want to lower prison populations (and the associated cost)

Then all non-violent crimes should not automatically end in a jail term, get them out working instead.

This new law may make it easier for woman to stop unwanted attention but 10 years in prison is ridiculous !! Stop the moralisic bullshit, no-one has the right to being offended by anything GROW UP !

Why not make a law that states when a woman makes a police complaint about unwanted phone attention, they give her a crime number she gives that to her phone network and they change her number for free. easy.

As for unwanted emails , anyone ever heard of a spam filter ? jesus when will the madness end ?

AVG scanner blasts internet with fake traffic

David Simpson

The Saab of Browsers

@Phil the Geek

Opera is the Saab of browsers ?

You do know that Saabs are just Vauxhall/Opels with a Saab style body on top don't you ?

It would seem by that analogy that Opera would be based on IE and not Firefox ;)

As for AVG, who cares if it makes the web safer.....

Boffins: Roadrunner hypercomputer could drive a car

David Simpson


Get on countdown, once it out foxes sexy Carol I'll start digging a secret bunker.

Manchester's congestion charge: pay-to-leave

David Simpson
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Council enslavement

Well at least here in Edinburgh we got to vote, and we turned it down, although Edinburgh is a nightmare for traffic.

If Manchester can borrow close to 3 billion for this why can't borrow 3 billion to build a flashy new low carbon transport system ?

Oh wait if they can borrow 3 billion then this scheme must have huge money making potential, didn't anyone every point out to coty councils that they are supposed to be serving their community not enslaving them.

A transport system would actually help people and since the proceeds of this plan will be paying off their loan for 30 years say goodbye to an alternative.

It's about time stuff in this country was NOT run like a business, business is only good for profit not civil improvement, and civil improvement is rarely profitable in the short term.

AMD mugs Intel in backstreets of Paris

David Simpson

Who said anything about no games ?

The merging of CPU & GPU will not be a disaster, its just that the use for that system is not yet here.Everything is becoming aimed at parallel computing (since dual core became the new black) and its daft not to hook the GPU upto that system to share more workload.

When fusion arrives you will still have a PCI express slot for better graphics but I really have the feeling that the combined CPU/GPU will be great for running flashier interfaces and touch interfaces (Windows 7 etc.)

Architecture is changing to cope with the fact that CPUs are starting to hit a wall that only optical computing will solve, Fusion will in no way ruin gaming don't be so daft!

We are not losing dedicated GPUs its just that CPUs are evolving so a sole CPU can do as much as possible therefore saving power and allowing greater size reduction in motherboards, cases and laptops

What hell hath science wrought lately?

David Simpson

Beware the future

Let us not forget in this scary modern world that gene splicing may soon be subverted by the terrorists, imagine white anglo saxon suicide bombers who read the times and set up quangos.

It could happen !

Imagine a dirty bomb that once soundlessly dropped on western civilization may turn all childless people into "charlie chesters" then all parents would be forced to drive their own children half a mile to school everyday in 4x4s for security. This would use up our oil reserves, raise oil prices and help push our economy into dire financial trouble.

It could happen it really could !

Virgin Media and BPI join forces to attack illegal filesharing

David Simpson

Peer Guardian ?

*cough* Peer Guardian *cough*

Pity I wanted a BPI letter to display on my dart board ;-)

Home Office hands over £50m for police mobile devices

David Simpson

Last person to leave turn of the lights.....

The Uk government just keeps giving us more reasons to either uprise against them or leave the country, I'm allergic to tear gas so I think I'll just head over to Holland or France instead.

I can't wait to buy one of these PDAs off ebay and see if ihave a record !

Government announces shortlist for ID card contracts

David Simpson

Nazi ?

Funny that IBM are in with a shout, they were famously involved in the last national ID database that the Nazis put together for the Jews.......hmmmmm makes you think.

I for one (and the Mrs.) will be leaving the country before this comes in and instead of renewing my british passport I think I'll go for an Irish one instead (one of the few perks of growing up in Belfast)

There is no longer liberty or freedom in the UK it is a police state, but don't you feel lucky that they delayed the 2p fuel tacx rise til September, they really must care.

TJX employee fired for exposing shoddy security practices

David Simpson
Black Helicopters

Best Practice

I think best practice with TK Maxx in any future purchases I make will be cash only.

They will never get my new card numbers, best way to keep them out of hackers hands.

Climate profs 'can't recommend' enormo-space-parasol

David Simpson
Black Helicopters

Too many cooks.............

Yes perhaps we should wait for climate models that actually work first (Chaos theory anyone)

Do people actually get paid to work on this pointless crap ?

Since there have yet to be any major civilisation destroying problems associated with global warming I'd rather just wait and see. Who knows what problems might be caused by a space sunshade. Just leave well enough alone and do what we've always done ADAPT.

Social networking site bans oldies over sex offender fears

David Simpson


Most people i know use faceparty as a contact site, mainly to set up sex parties and other swinging type activities, Poor over 36ers you are now offically overy the hill.

Since when did faceparty become a social network ? It always seemed pretty obvious it was a swinging site even down to the paid for saucy pictures

Russell T Davies bows out of Doctor Who

David Simpson


Dr Who used to be good when i was a child, actually I think the whole being a child thing helps as it really does stink now.

Does that mean no more Torchwood ? please god it really is god awful.

How about some Dr Who bashing it would make a change from the ass-kissing drivel usually printed on the BBC site about it.

Most over hyped crap since boy-band reunions

Ballmer eggs on Hungarian student

David Simpson
Gates Horns

Silly Question but.....

Not to insult the Hungarian people but is there billions of anything lurking in their economy ?

I think when it comes to big Steve we have to go back to the original and the best



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