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Storage world asks: Is a copy a backup?



It all boils down to RPO & RTO - how much data can you afford to lose and how much downtime can you have.

Depending on those two factors a "backup" can be anything from sync replication to local snapshots for quick recovery to a copy on local disk to a tape in a library to a tape shipped offsite to a secure location 20 miles away and a variety of options between the two extremes.

There is no one way of defining what is and what is not a backup as it varies hugely by company, by system, by application, by the actual piece of data etc etc

Nvidia G92-based GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB


Maybe now they will launch a decent Vista driver

I bought an 8800GTS pre launch of Vista - worked a treat in XP but (after initially not having any Vista drivers for about a month after the operating system was launched) the constant stream of drivers for the 8800 are all as bad as the previous. The driver constantly crashes when playing just about any game from UT2003 to Crysis - I have tried the beta drivers as well as the "approved" drivers and it makes no difference. Starts to get annoying when a game crashes every five minutes and, after this amount of time, no solution on the horizon. I thought the problem was unique to me but a quick search online and most people are suffering from it in one way shape or form...........