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BOFH: The Christmas party

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Ah yes paintball, a feared sport by my last manager. Even more so as I play Tournament Paintball and have my own kit lol Strangely no one wanted to play a spot of fun team building paintball against me .......can't think why MWUHA HA HA HA !!!!

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Frozen paintballs out...cheap paintballs in

Putting paintballs in the freezer will make them more brittle and prone to breaking more easily. Which defeats the idea really. What you want to get are some really cheap and nasty punter site paintballs, rather than the top end ones. The cheapest ones are like marbles :D

Maradona rubbed from Yahoo! web by Argentinian judge


@ AC

Come on get with the times pal, they aren't busy bankrupting themselves, they already did that in 2001 when the economy crashed. The Peso went from 1:1 with the Dollar to about 4:1 where its currently sitting steady. At the time many places wouldn't accept Peso's but would accept any other stable currency, especially US Dollars and GB Sterling Pounds.

Also at the same time kidnappings became the in thing for a country that has no Job Seekers Allowance, and no National Health Service. If you had money you were at risk of being kidnapped, or your kids being kidnapped. At the Airports they would search people not for guns or drugs, but for money to stop them trying to take it out of the country. My wife was stopped and searched 5 times going through the main airport. (She flew out to Argentina the day after 9/11 and came back a few days before Xmas.)

Its much more stable now. The economy has mostly recovered although the exchange rate is still low, but its much better than it was.

And no they aren't liable to start a war. That was the Military Junta that was loosing their Dictatorship grip on the country and did a Bush/Wag the Dog and started a war to try and stir up popularity. Yes someone people still grumble about the Falklands/Malvinas but they are more interested in getting the former Junta members who made thousands disappear during their dictatorship.


Maradona is a God

Hand of God......nah Maradona is God. Don't get me wrong, despite my hatred of football Im still an Englishman and dislike his Hand of God cheating. In fact whenever there's an England VS Argentina match on, or something about Maradona on the screen, I remind my Argentine-Italian wife, (in a jokey manner of course.) ......her normal response is a deadpan answer of "Pfft he's allowed to do that, he's Maradona!!"

This filtering of Maradona won't last long though. Maradona is a God in Argentina. Take Beckham, Linekar, Best, Moore, and whichever the latest boy/girl band is and mix them all together and and you'll still only have a fraction of the adoration and obsession that Maradona has from the average Argie. So it will get overturned pretty quickly as they love him down there.

Data Protection the DVLA Way

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I have spent the last year or so dealing with Moorcroft in relation to a bill that was partially in my name. I stress partially as they had my surname but the wrong initial for my or my wifes first name. That raised alarm bells for me when they first contacted me so I requested the original bill information to check what the bill was, when it was for, and if it was a valid bill.

I lost count the number of times I requested this information, and it was never sent to me. But those nasty letters and then phonecalls kept coming. Eventually I got one person there who had an ounce of sense and they gave me the dates of the bill. I advised her, (and repeated by letter later,) that the dates they had were for after we had moved out of the property in question, and this explained the partially incorrect name details. Basically the Landlord hadn't wanted to foot the electricity bill and had told the provider that we were still living there during the period the property was vacant.

A quick copy of my council tax bill for that period, and a copy of the final bill from the provider shut Moorcroft up. However............

.....they have still not sent me written documentation accepting the documents, and have not confirmed by hardcopy letter that the account is closed. So Im going to do what I should have done a long time.

One letter re-requesting the close off and confirmation of documentation notification shall be sent to Moorcroft, the second copy shall be sent to the Credit Ombudsman with Moorcroft being advised that the Ombudsman is being contacted as well.

We'll see how quickly Moorcroft respond then. :D

Paris, as Im sure she's had to deal with these muppets at some point or other as well :D

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)


@Dan By Anonymous Coward

Hmm perhaps I should have chosen a slightly more differentiating name lol I just read the above comment and thought "huh I never wrote any of that why's he crapping on me ?"

To clarify, Im not a fan of Radiohead, but then I don't dislike them either. Im undecided on them.

I am however a Nine Inch Nails fan :)


@Jason Edumunds

"Who's going to figure out which bands are good enough for people to want to buy their stuff? For those who haven't realised, THIS is the factor that make the difference between 'another band' and 'The Next Big Thing'."

Tsk tsk you just don't get it do you.

Artist - Someone who enjoys playing/singing, etc, and wants to get their work out there, and hopefully get some money for it, but the money isn't the important part

Recording Company - Don't care about the artist, or the consumer, and just want money.

Hopefully Trent Reznor can promote this method of distribution more and we can see other bands and singers using this method. Its how many smaller artists are doing it now and some are having success. Lilly Allen started on Myspace and built up a following there and then broke the mainstream.

The best way really would be one or a few central music repositories of artists where any artist/band can upload their songs for purchasable download. It will allow more people to be recognised. The only problem is the costs for the hardware and bandwidth. Perhaps some minor charge on top to cover the hardware/bandwidth costs so no monthly subscription is required. So you can basically just turn up, choose what you want, pay for it, and download it :)

BOFH: Vampires!


@Paranoia comes from experience

"Trust The Computer. The Computer is Your Friend." ....the computer wants to kill you :)


Linkin Park cyber-stalker sent to jail


Breaking the habit ?

"A lack of musical taste still isn't a crime."

Ooh hark at you Austin.......bitter that some else got the fame, money, and drop dead gorgeous bird ??? rofl

Former HP boss in the dock over call centre murder


How safe is safe ?

They called for a taxi for her.....I presume a legitimate taxi company and not just grabbed any old unlicensed taxi in the street. So what more should they do ? They provided what any normal person would consider to be a safe form of transport. How are they supposed to know that the taxi driver was a murdering nut case ?

In a country of over a billion people what are they advocating ? Male workers go with female works on every trip ? Whats to stop the male worker being murdered ? Whats to stop the the male worker from being a rapist or murderer ? Maybe armed guards in all taxi's to protect the passenger from the 1 in a billion chance that the taxi driver is a nutter !!!!

BOFH: Insecurity complex

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Ah Jim's =)

Yep plenty of these Jim's around and they don't have to be male either. My parents know one who no matter what you had done, she'd had it/done it better/worse. She got caught out when a family friend said that he'd had a vasectomy and it was really sore, and the woman proceeded to claim that she had also had a vasectomy but had nearly died. Despite attempts at asking if she meant hysterectomy she flatly claimed no no she'd had a vasectomy.

Mind you saying that one of my friends is 1000% bullshit. When we were at school he would make various ludicrous claims. it amused us no end lol

Paris....as she's as brain dead as the bullshitters !!

Points mean passports: Citizenship Smith unveils 'like us' plan


Hi ho off to Argentina I go

Im wondering if this ridiculous scheme will apply to non-UK citizens already living here with permanent residency visa's. If it does then my wife and mother in law will have to leave the UK. Although I suppose as an independent IT Contractor I could employ them to undertake free child-minding duties (i.e. our 3 month old son,) and register myself as disabled and claim that they are doing in-house care in the community for me.

After-all I am a man so Im technically disabled as far as the washing machine and cooker are concerned.

Tbh if they want to force people to become British citizens they could end up losing a lot of people. There are many non-UK/EU citizens living her on permanent residency visa's who are happy to live here and work here and abide by all the rules, but have no desire to apply for British citizenship. (My wife and mother-in-law being two of them.)

And afterall why should we force non-UK citizens to become British citizens ? I thought the claim was that one of our greatest assets was that we were a multi-cultural and open society ???? They shouldn't be focusing on penalising every non-UK citizen, just the lazy hate mongering scrounging ones !!!

And kick the chav's out of the UK as well.


@anonymous coward

"By all means change the criteria so that you actually need to be a useful member of society to get into the country"

Well that rules Ms Smith and every other Member of Parliament out then doesn't it. Best start loading them on to planes and boats to deport them ;)

Jedi to open Surrey academy


By Suspicious Git

Tsk tsk keep that comment to the Wiccan's. Don't include the Pagans and Witches in there. (Big difference between us and Wiccans.) And yes some do believe in some weird rubbish, but some of us (Traditional Witches for example) believe in more sensible things.

Fair point about the political parties though. lol

Nanny agency hacker fined

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Failing Company Security Procedures

Meh, wouldn't be the first time a company has done this.

When I worked at Sun Microsystems we had one login and password for access to the FTP server that customers stored their Sun Explorer output to. I checked 2 years after I left and they still had not changed the login or password, and those Explorer's had lost of sensitive information on customer.

Paris because companies are as dumb as her.

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

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@David Wiernicki

"Do I have it coming just because Britain apparently has some horrible problem with groups of ruffians? (Oddly, there's nothing remotely like this going on in the crime-ridden US of A. Go figure.)"

Ah yes because of course there are no problems at all with gangs, teen crime, guns, or anything like that in the USA. Picture perfect paradise without any problems isn't it..........

Healthy? You're a burden on the state

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Healthy = more

Fair enough a healthy person costs more than an unhealthy person because they live longer.

But then a healthy person lives longer and contributes more money in taxes.

The only person who could contribute more is a "healthy" smoker who pays exorbitant tax on their ciggies (as an ex-smoker that still annoys me I used to have to pay all of that tax,) and lives longer and pays more tax.

So surely we should all become healthy smokers :) Sure we'll cost more, but we'll easily cover that with all the tax we'll pay.

P.H. as I've confused myself lol

Microhoo! marriage hits Google salaries hard

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Sterling/dollar exchange rate @ Steve Browne

Canadian companies are just as bad. My wife went on maternity leave and her company stopped paying her. Their excuse......"oh we thought the UK government pays that." (It does but they have to pay her then claim it back from the UK Government.)

Not a lot of fun ringing their HR Director in Canada to go "Oy numb nuts........"

Perhaps the £1 is Googles way of protesting the Yahoo Micro$oft alliance by showing how it will make all the other companies paupers.

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor


Born with blue eyes? @ Neil

Yes thats correct Neil, but its more of a dark navy blue. A babies eye colour changes about 3 to 6 months after birth to their final colour.

My son is 11 weeks old now, (although he was born 3 months premature, so he's still technically a week from birth,) and his eyes were dark navy to almost black. But then his mothers eye are black, (such a dark shade of brown that they look black,) and mine are bright blue. He does seem to have very very dark blue eyes right now, but we may have to wait a few more months to fully see.

Worse news is the poor bugger has his mothers nose lol

Tom Cruise Scientology vid leaks onto net


Shock Horror

A religion claiming to be the one true religion and if only everyone believed in them then all the world would be at peace........no change from normal there then. Every religion on the planet is stark raving bonkers. They all make the "truth" up as they go along, and all they want are two things from you.

1. Your money

2. Your slavish and unquestioning obedience

More woe for SCO as Nasdaq says 'go'


Sco Unix Technical Workshop

I received an email from Sco today about a "Sco Unix Technical Workshop" in Hygh Wycombe, Notting, and Leeds next month. I dutifully forwarded it on to the rest of the unix team and got the expected response.

"Surely "SCO Unix" is an oxymoron?" =D

Union threatens Shell with legal action


Never cross IT staff

It always strikes me as daft that these companies try to screw their IT staff.....aka the people in the company who have access and control to the most important data of all...ALL THE DATA !!

FatCatBoss: Sorry chaps we are laying you off, and will pay you a pittance in redundancy and give your jobs to some non-technical staff in another country which means I can buy myself another couple of Ferrari's and mistresses.

IT Staff: Oh ok then, guess we'll be off then. Oh btw all of the servers have accidentally cascade failed and it seems someone put some big magnets by the backup cupboard. But your new staff can handle that can't they ?


IT staff can do so much damage and commonly without any proof that they did it. As a Security test years ago whilst working at IBM, I downloaded ALL of IBM's EMEA router root level passwords, (about 6000-12000 routers,) and all the UK Server root passwords on to a floppy disk and walked out of the building. Had a couple of ciggies and then came back in. No one stopped me, no one knew I had done it other than my boss. I could have uploaded that to hacker chatrooms and pinpointed the routers that were open to the Internet and caused untold damage and havoc to IBM. (Good job Im honest.....and I wasn't pissed off.)

Google to reinvent UK newspaper biz



You're not wrong - I've had people in the US (having asked where I'm from) say "England? Is that in London?"

Ah yes the average cloistered American. Not to bright. No idea where anything is outside of the US, and all think they are speaking another language other than English.

No seriously......... I've had a face to face argument with an American girl in a pub in London where she insisted she didn't speak English, but American. (Sorry dear, no such language. A sub-dialect perhaps but not a language in its own right.) Or better yet, another American girl, (what is it with American girls and language ??) on the Intarweb who insisted that she spoke American and that it was a completely different language to English, AND.......if we were to meet in person we wouldn't be able to understand one another. In the end a dozen other posters, (Americans, Canadians, Brits, an Aussie, two Argentinians, and a Dutch guy,) all told her to shut up talking such rubbish and that she was speaking, reading, and writing English.

Thankfully most of those Americans stay in America, and they aren't all like that. I've always classified Americans in to two groups.

American Americans - Runs around with a shotgun shagging his sister and driving a pickup truck, shouting "YEE HAA USA IS NUMBER 1" and has no idea where anything is or what anything is outside of the USA.

European Americans - Intelligent, know they are speaking English. Understand that yes there are other countries and places and people outside of the US. Are not blithering idiots that you want to kill. Generally have travelled outside of the US. You wouldn't be ashamed to take them down the pub !! :)

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay


@Andy Barber

Actually Andy, go read why they are laughing at the RIAA and other companies. Simple reason being that due to the law in Sweden they can not be touched as they are not hosting the data. They have numerous details on their website about when they have had the Swedish Police batter down their doors and take away their servers.......and then the Police sheepishly returning them and apologising. The Pirate Bay is safe and secure from legal action until the law in Sweden is changed.

Much like tv-links.co.uk was shutdown and the owner arrested then the case was thrown out of court as he was not storing the data but providing a search engine effectively.

MoD sorts out 'turkey' helicopters for Xmas

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@By Jon Pain

At a rough guess that Chinook you got free ride in was from RNAY Fleetlands undergoing testing, repairs, or maintenance, (most likely because some numpty RN pilot smacked it in to the flightdeck edge of HMS Ocean as they KEEP doing.) Otherwise it came from RAF Brize Norton where the rest of the Chinooks are based, and they have to keep a couple in Blighty for use here.

Agreed though with everyone else that the MOD should have gotten off of their arses and got this sorted years ago. How does it cost 90 million though ?? Nah, wait I'll ask my friend who used to be a Chinook mechanic at Fleetlands this weekend when I see him. Its probably the nice fat cuts that corrupt Labour MP's take thats pushing the price up

Beeb censors Fairytale of New York

Dead Vulture

Not enough editing

Personally I don't see how anyone can like this song. Its full of "swear words" its not a proper festive cheer song. Its just about to drunk Irish. Edit the entire song tbh.......by burning all copies of it and not playing it.

Then you can get started on Cliff Richards xmas hits list. Not because they are offensive, but because they are just annoying !!!

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Gates Horns

Business as usual

Well at least that explains why my wife kept saying "unplug the modem and reboot it" and I kept growling back "I am, and besides whose the techie here grrrr"

I did tell her it wasn't the modem and was NT-Hell. Maybe it will fix my connection dropping in the evenings at random as its been doing for the last two weeks.

P.S. Need a Branson piccie

Drink-drive chain gang obliged to bury dead alcoholics



As others have said, we need stuff like that over here in Blighty. None of the wishy washy pc sending criminals off on holidays whilst the victims get sent to jail !!!

Satanic car key traps 12 motorists in car park of horror

Gates Horns

Just lulling us !!

They are just lulling us in to a false sense of security. First its a "faulty" car transmitter, then its intermittent computer glitches.

Next thing we know its nukes in the air, and Skynet terminators everywhere rounding us up and putting us in to camps for our own security !!

George Lucas announces Star Wars TV spin-off


Yay for new characters.....just no Jar Jar

Im all for seeing new characters. So long as there are no more "comedy" characters like Jar Jar Binks. However if this series is about Robots, does anyone else think it sounds like the 80's/90's Star Wars "Droids" cartoon series ??

Beeb news website goes titsup

Gates Horns

Hmm underpaid techies

The last time I went along to the Beeb for a techie interview, (and royally turned them down I might add,) they were paying an absolute pittance. They wanted Solaris Guru's who were also Network Guru's, who were ALSO Windows Guru's. Ok fair enough you might say.......but you'll have to pay for that.

Sadly they weren't. They were offering less than what you'd expect for a Unix Sys Admin.....and not even a Guru level of pay.

They want too much for too little, so its no wonder they are having problems. They just can't afford to employ the best :)

BOFH: Skip diplomacy



lol having all done "extra fun" ITIL training this week in our office, I can truly appreciate the reference to ITIL manuals lol And most of us struggling to stay awake in the training really drives it home =)

Solar storm rips tail from comet



I guess that's 15-Love to the Sun then :)

Science and religion collide for galactic conference


RE: Christianity by Steve

Crikey Steve you sound like a Wiccan fundamentalist with that little rant lol

On a lighter note though. You will find that Science and Religion, (regardless of which religion it is,) are frequently incompatible. Less so at the general lay practitioner levels, but utterly incompatible at the top end Hardcore Fundamentalist levels.

Im a Pagan and I've heard some truly bizarre explanations for creation. Just amongst other Pagan's alone for example: That nature or the Goddess and God created everything instantly, or that a Diannic Lesbian Goddess birthed the world from her womb.....eww ick. I don't believe in Deities. I've done far too much research in to them to believe that they are anything other than pseudo stand-in Parental figures for humanities various cultures. Or in some cases, an excuse for the excesses of humanity. (Muhammed getting to do more than any other Muslim is always described in the Koran as Allah letting him do it.)

I wish I could do that. I think I'll go rob a bank and say "Hey Nature didn't like you killing all the tree's, so Im here to liberate the paper money !!" Sadly we don't live in the loony past, but the modern era. Where Science, not Superstition, rules !!

Im frankly dubious of the Vatican's scientists but I'd give them the benefit of the doubt, just to hear what they have to say. But rest assured I'd have no problem disagreeing with them.

Jack Thompson sets about Halo 3


@Counter Lawsuit

Surely someone will cotton on to the fact that Jack Thompson willingly sent his underage son in to best buy to buy an age restricted game and counter-sue him for negligence of a minor ? =)

It would serve him right as well. The more important question I suppose really is what did his son think of the game ? Was it cool ? :D Or is daddy keeping it away from his 'impressionable' son and only daddy is allowed to play it ?

Thompson is an idiot. Games don't make people violent. Society and bad parenting makes people violent. The vast majority of people I know who are violent, are people that don't play computer games. They would have trouble even turning one on. Whereas those people who do play computer games are perfectly normal. Yes there will be the odd one or two people who do play and are violent but thats the same as in any scenario. The vast majority of gun owners are responsible individuals, but there is always a potential Dunblane or Hungerford nutter amongst them.

BOFH: In search of the lazy atom


@The real story

I believe.....the insinuation is that Angela did as they say......."got her rat out" :)

Oh yes there's the reference to the old "I didn't inhale" reference to smoking Mary Jane's tobacco. But its the underlying "I was young and needed money" that hints at the PFY's involvement in seeing to Amanda's rat :)


@That Explains It!

I think you'll find its more of a case that Friday's themselves are made up of lazy atoms.Albeit a small number of them. Saturdays and Sundays progressively consist of more and more lazy atoms as they accrue. Hence the "urrgh Monday" feeling on Monday morning, which is rapidly discharged by a volt of New Week degaussing the week.

PC superstore refuses to take sack in hand


@David Gosnell

That the PC World in Farnborough next to Asda ? I found PC World in Farnborough (I used to live in Ash Vale) only good for one thing.......parking my car in their car park when Asda ran out of spaces, or the Farnborough Air Show was on :)

Im sure their staff are as incompetent as PC World in Guildford, (5 minutes walk from where I live now) who were unable to answer any questions I had on graphics cards. Two members of the technical helpdesk just stared blankly at the cards on the shelf opposite their desk unable to answer my questions and not having the foresight to ask a colleague or check their online database.

Better yet was the salesgirl who proceeded to try and bullsh*t me royally on a wireless laptop I was looking to buy for the wife. Apparently you don't need a wireless router or any form of wireless relay, as a wireless router will work perfectly with a wired router....errrr ...in fact it will just connect to the intarweb with no need for any modems routers switches etc etc. She proceeded to come up with even more random rubbish. I ended up in an argument with her at one point because she assured me the laptop couldn't be upgraded later on, despite the shelf label clearly stating the available upgrades for ram, cpu, etc. According to her I would have to buy a new one if I wanted to upgrade, at which point she indicated the same over-priced piece of crap she'd tried to flog me earlier.

In the end I lost my temper and told her as I was a Computer Engineer I knew all about pc's, servers, and especially laptops and she could quit giving me bull. She still grinned inanely and just waffled on. Mindless drones the lot of them !!!

SCO faces financial crunch after Unix defeat



Yes we will continue on......oh hang on no we really are screwed.

Does Darl or any of the management at Sco really have a clue what they are doing ? Or do they just make it up as they go along ?

Internet gambling apparently no problem after all



"Overall, Brits viewed gambling as something of a sin"

Funny I've never thought of it as such. I have however thought of going in to a Bookies as being a highly unappealing trip due to the smell, decor, and rather unfriendly looking people in there. But with no smoking, and many Bookies sprucing themselves up they offer more of a middle of the road appeal. (Tbh I've placed one bet and that was as a nice little gesture for the wife. - I bet on Argentina winning the last World Cup.....the wife is Argentinian.)

Casino's however are the more refined, more polite side of gambling, (as many people see it.) But the whole process of having to sign up, come with 10 billion pieces of information to prove who you are, and the higher stakes tend to put people off.

Peruvian 'meteorite' strike provokes noxious gas attack


@Surely "Starship Troopers" coming true?

Then they are poor shots as they missed Buenos Aires. But then thats a good thing as half of my in-laws are there.

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins



Quote: pirates kick everyones arse, why are they so hard, because the aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr

*Fixed* and so very true laddie. There's none what can beat a Pirate arrrrrr

Astronomers detect red giant survivor planet


Mars and Earth

Bearing in mind that we on Earth are currently 1AU (Astral Unit) i.e 93million miles from our sun, being 20,000 or even 100,000 miles from the sun will not be a good thing for life on Earth. Mars is only another quarter to half an Astral Unit out from us, so whilst Mars as a planet may survive its unlikely any life on either planet will survive.

You'll have to start looking at the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Europa and Io, or follow the edicts of many Science Fiction writers and have huge orbital space stations around Jupiter. Giant cities in space.

However as this will all be in 5 billion years and I doubt I will personally discover the secret to immortality in my lifetime.......Im not to fussed what happens then =)

Sun Solaris upgrade snuggles with Linux


Linux on Sol10

Sounds great.....but what about getting Solaris 10 to run properly on HP kit grrrr Whilst setting up a patch repository server which we wanted to run under Solaris 10 x86 it repeatedly wouldn't recognise non-Sun hardware and we had to ditch the idea and install Redhat instead.

Hmmm so actually you can skip Solaris altogether and just install Linux instead =D

And will we be able to actually download the patch cluster from Sunsolve ? Which has been having issues for months now. I've only been able to download Sol10 sparc out of Sol's 10,9,8 sparc and x86. Sunsolves helpdesk are less than helpful with their copy and paste responses as well. In Sun still had their patch ftp server this wouldn't be an issue !!

Arsonists target Cornish housing developments


Expensive Everywhere

Why is it I read Vulpes Vulpes comments and I get the mental image of a cloth capped old man waving his walking stick angrily in the air shouting toerag's at the local kids ? =D (And no thats not a Cornish stereotype, we have cloth capped old gents in Hampshire & Surrey as well.)

Sadly everywhere is expensive right now. Ridiculously so. In fact my wife and I are expecting our first child and are looking for a three bedroom house around the Guildford area. (As its convenient for the UK equivalent of Silicon Valley, and London.) We've pretty much given up on buying as prices keep increasing, and renting has shot up in the last 12 months along by 20% and will continue to do so.

Its gotten to the point that low income wage earners in our area are at the point that they can't afford to rent or buy as you need to be a mid to large sized Company Director, or IT Contractor to be able to afford a place to live. In fact it has me seriously considering chucking in my new permanent job and going back to contracting just to be able to afford to live here.

So quit whining about poor old Cornwall. Whine about poor old Blighty in general and demand the Government do something about the housing price crisis for all of the UK.

As for Cornish terrorists....tbh I thought they were joke as well to begin with. And I still smile at the thought of the Ooh Arr Eyy. Sorry but Cornish Terrorists are never going to be taken seriously in my book lol

'Happy slapping' vids prompt Brown to push net filters



Whilst we need more Police, and especially need more of them on the beat.....what we need are the parents of these kids to actually educate their children on morals and ethics.

My brother looks and sounds like a chav most of the time, (despite being brought up middle class,) but he is not a chav. Why ? Because my parents instilled morals and ethics in to him. He knows right from wrong. Ok, so he won't get out of chair when a woman enters the room, but he'll give up his seat for a pregnant or elderly woman.

Too many parents just don't care. They let their children run around and do what they want. And they either don't discipline them or their idea of disciplining them is beating them senseless. A smack or clip round the ear was a bloody good deterrent for me. It taught me about consequences. Something the chav masses seem to have forgotten about.

Its also something that the Politicians have forgotten about, and the Political Correctness Brigade. All the nice normal people that I know watched 18 movies, and played violent games under-age. And we all turned out fine. No happy slappers, or murderers amongst us. But our parents taught us right from wrong, and disciplined us when necessary. THAT is what Brown and the PC 'tards need to focus on. Getting parents to be parents, and not slacking off on parenting !!

Venezuela plans crackdown on bloody silly names


Could be worse

It could be as bad as Argentina during the 70's. New born children could only have a Spanish or Argentinian name. My wife's parents called her Natalia and were only able to get away with it because her father is Italian and ......lets just say that a few foldable notes were slipped across the the naming clerk ;)

Racist Reg hacks slammed for 'vitriolic hatred'


Half-Welsh....and proud of it !!

Well I think D.Bevan must be the President of Boring Humourless Git's Anonymous if everyone he knows didn't even raise a slight smile at it.

Im half-Welsh, (my mother Welsh,) so I've had to endure the "Sheep Shagger" comments from time to time. I just respond with humour.

"Sorry Im half Welsh, so I don't shag sheep.....I just get oral off of them" :)

Shuts the other person up and gets a laugh ;)

Nicole Richie does 82 minutes hard time


@By Adam Reiniger

Yep don't get me started on Pete DOHerty. Less "off to half -arsed attempts of rehab" and more "Off to clink for you matey boy for a nice long sentence of no drugs and lots of buggery !!"


Great Example

What a wonderful example of the US Penal system, and its favouritism towards celebutards (love that word.)

Honestly is there any point in giving them the sentences ? I mean they spend a grand total of mere minutes or hours, or at the most a few days in these penal correction institutions. Despite their whining and crying and demanding their psychologists etc these 'prison' sentences are like an austere day spa for them. A few days of simple Buddhist like lifestyle, and et voila they a reborn. (See Paris Hilton for reference.)

Its a mockery of the penal system and what its there for, and just reinforces the view that celebrities get away with anything and everything !!