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Ryanair battles ASA over 'saucy schoolgirl' ad

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*puts head on desk*

*groans softly*

It's the CONTEXT it's the CONTEXT, can't you see that? It's got nothing to do with bloody well Page 3. And it's not a sodding thought police issue either. Would you quit it with the endless kneejerk invocation of the spirit of Orwell? Good grief! If I had a quid for every time someone mentioned something 1984-ish this week alone, I could buy all of you and put you in frilly panties and make you DANCE for me.

*resumes position*

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Thanks John Savard

for a smidge of sense/perspective.

Most of the rest of you... sheesh. Go and talk to some women, or something, if they'll let you.

Big Dave, I'm not even going to dignify with a response a comment claiming to have any clue about feminism from someone who calls themselves 'Big Dave'.

(I think you've all had enough chance to drool about how you'd hit that, by the way, so any other comments along those lines are getting canned.)

Oh and lastly, I believe 'ephebophilia' refers to people attracted to adolescents.

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Stuart said: "RyanAir are agressively (and, imho, deliberately) missing the point, aren't they?

It's not about how clothed or unclothed the model is - It's the association with under-age school-girls. And how about that crap about "fashionable among young women"? Do Brit 20-somethings really dress like Britney Spears, or is the RyanAir spokesthing lying through his crooked teeth?

Sorry, but few things rile me up quite as quickly as PR-bods faking outrage"

And I generally concur.

It's all about the context. Ryanair are an offensive bunch, full stop. They offend with their general tawdriness, mendacity, smirking hypocrisy and shameless headline-grabbage. They're the corporate equivalent of a starlet 'accidentally' flashing her pants at the paps every damn night. Boo to them.

No, objectively it's not *that* offensive, but still I do weary of this kind of crap and the tatty circus it creates. There's an utterly terrifying van that comes around here delivering canned tuna, with a cleavage-tastic blonde on the side saying 'Chunky?' or 'Flakey'? I mean... what is that? Whuh? Did I miss a meeting?

But I realise this is neither the time nor the place to start passing comment on the use of sex (i.e. provocatively-presented females) in advertising. Noooo.

100Mbit/s sewer broadband rollout coming your way

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Hi! I moderate comments, and indeed sometimes I do take exception. I'm afraid I don't usually have time to mail everyone to whose comments this applies and explain why.

Fortunately you were able to repost the gist of the rejected comment (why did I reject it? I really can't recall), and now I can see the error of my ways and what an enriching contribution I passed up on.

Did you also have a hat? Here you go.

New Bond film title voted a 'Licence to Thrill!'

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I refer you to the 9506507080 comments above explaining just that.

Now I just have to decide whether to reject all the comments wherein your ass is handed to you for that. Hmm. Do I feel magnanimous today?

Hoax: German IT boss sacks three non-smokers

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puff puff squeak

I always enjoy face-offs between smokers and non-smokers*, chiefly because of the hilarious pomposity and lack of self-awareness of the former. Throw around your whining/wheezing accusations of 'discrimination' all you like - as far as I'm concerned your right to do what you like (which I absolutely defend) ends at my eyes/lungs/hair/clothes.

Really, though.

*Of course non-smokers are pretty obnoxious ourselves, but the crucial difference there is... we're right.

Tag-a-lag: Chip implants mooted for UK prisoners

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That's a giant bag of shit, I am sorry. I'm sure he'll get his in the end.

I have to disagree on the organs thing, though, off-topic as it may be. As long as there's an opt-out, for anyone who reeeeally has a problem with saving the lives of others, then it's the only righteous thing to do. Thousands of people are living miserable uncertain lives on endless transplant lists while perfectly viable organs are being burnt to bits. It's the most sensible thing Gordon's said since he got into office, I'd say.

Oh, and Anon Coward, I generally concur. It would really help if they stopped sticking the vast majority of drug offenders in chokey, wouldn't it?

Beware the populist mash oozing out of Facebook and YouTube

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and yet and yet

You can *borrow* the herd beasts if you are good.

I'm pleased you're nice and reasonable, I do hate online slanging matches THEY DEMEAN US ALL (except for the people who can't get any demeaned-er, of course). So.

I get the annoyances, totally, and I know it doesn't suit everyone. I must say though that MySpace lends itself far more to idiocy and general fuckwittery and spammage than FB. It's a different culture - in my experience, hardly any actual strangers try and add you or contact you at all on FB, whereas any and every fucker with a project or a band or a thing or a millisecond to kill or a desperate need for personal validation through online statistics will bother you on MySpace. Which is mostly why I've left mine idle - as far as I'm concerned it's only useful for finding music, and it hurts my eyes.

I do use phone and email. As well. In conjunction with or independently of. I just find that I find out about things to organise via phone and email, through FB. And perhaps I'm just fortunate (I know people who've had all kinds of bother and ballaches with it) but I honestly don't find that I'm deluged with crap at all, from any angle. In fact, it's got me the odd bit of work, which is well worth the occasional, eminently ignorable 'which root vegetable are you?' request.

The privacy issues - yeah, it's a tough one, and I'm keeping an eye on it (The Reg being handy for that). It'd probably be more principled of me to leave, but that would seem a bit foot-meet-self-inflicted-bullet at the moment.

I think you've probably already revised that opinion, otherwise you wouldn't be discussing this with me, a non-drooler. And er, well, I don't really mind much if you revise it or not. But of course I don't think everyone who hates it has a big haughty snot on. Just lots of them. (OK, I'll concede you're not one of them. Well, not much...)

Dear me. This is cutting into my Facebook time.

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well, Mike

I know all about the grubby little issues with it, and I'm well aware that it's not made by some altruistic soul to please me - sorry, but that's not exactly the first time I've read that kind of list, and anyone with a bit of common sense could work it out. But for the moment the benefits are still worth it, for me - besides, so much of it is avoidable/ignorable with a smidgen of effort.

And I wasn't actually talking about the end for the Zucker gang, was I? Just the end for me. I'll use it for as long as it works for me - if it becomes intolerable or too worrying, I'll leave (and there are ways to do that, even if their policy on it is unconscionable).

I think Facebook is doing a lot less in the ongoing battle to dumben us all than many. None of my friends send me giant marshmallows, because I don't have friends who are like that - they're more likely to put the odd note up with a link to something interesting which I might not otherwise have read. Depends on your friends, doesn't it.

It's amazing how heated people who aren't on Facebook get about it, though. I'm still not quite sure why. Maybe they assume we're all hopeless drooling herd beasts who can't wait to get their own shiny ID card. Well... no.

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I do find the Facebook-bashing hilarious. I don't know how people can muster the massive swaggering sense of superiority about it, when it's just a means to an end - the end being more contact with the people you like, some online, some offline. What's pathetic about that? I find it's a pretty good way to organise and augment my social life, myself.

Perchance, in the words of teh internets, you are doing it wrong.

I am Legend hints at Batman-Superman movie

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I liked it

Rotten Hollywood-bollocks last act and really inexcusably bad vampires/zombies/w'eva (I gather they used actual meatsacks to start with, then it was decided that they weren't realistic enough... heh, there's an indictment of something), but otherwise I thought it was terrific, very brave and unusual action movie. And yes I about lost my shit more than once.

Imagine if they'd stuck with Arnie for the main role. Brrrr. The raw emotion.

US Marines: Osprey tiltrotor doing OK in Iraq

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Hi Brutus. I do mod duty. It takes up quite a bit of my day since you lot are highly productive when it comes to comments - haven't worked it out, but it's in the several hundreds every day and suspect it hits 1000 now and then. They go through pretty much continuously, albeit in a bit of a batchy way, and we read every one, just like Blue Peter or something. (Actually it'd be lovely if you could send in some of your own drawings sometimes, for variety.)

So, y'know, I'm pretty busy. How about you?

MySpace celebrity hacker downs hacking forum

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Thanks folks - we've sorted that now. Evidently we've all got the Zuckerberg brain-bug... bitch.