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Virgin Media preps firmware update for glitchy SuperHub

Jason Sheldon

Superhub - waste of money

I upgraded from 50mb to 100mb two days ago and had to have the SuperHub installed.

I currently use a Netgear WRXN3205 router with VPN etc. and Dynamic DNS using TZO.

I could not get it to work properly when connected to the Superhub.. I had to change the IP address of my own router because you can't change the IP address of the Superhub which conflicted… Then after disabling WiFi and firewall services on the superhub and setting the DMZ to the WRXN3205 ip address, things just started going awry.

I could not log in to the admin page of my own router, even though I was plugged directly into it.. it said my IP was coming from the WAN - even though it was dished out by it's own DHCP server…

Then I couldn't log in to the Superhub admin pages unless I connected directly to the super hub AND unplugged the connection to my own router….

Then my dynamic DNS service kept changing the WAN IP address settings to instead of the actual WAN IP address..

Then my Xbox couldn't get an IP address via wifi.. even though all other wifi devices connected fine…

After 24 hours, I asked them to reactivate my old 50mb Cable Modem (VMNG300) which they did.

After changing my IP address of my router back to and plugged everything back in, it all worked perfectly again.

So.. Virgin - give people the option to keep their existing cable modem if they already have their own routers configured and save them days of hassle and wasted support costs!


Woman puts shout-out for hitman on Facebook

Jason Sheldon

If it were in Britain...

She'd have been able to find one for free… thanks to our Dave and his 'Big Society' plans.

Cambridge boffins rebuff banking industry take down request

Jason Sheldon
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If the banks are that worried about fraud, why do they produce 'contactless' debit cards now, where you only have to swipe and don't even NEED a pin number!?

Ok, you can only do small transactions - but you can still work up quite a spend in a day....

Steve Jobs denies Judas Phone antenna problems

Jason Sheldon

Lifetime Warranty?

Are the free rubber bumpers going to be replaced free of charge when worn or damaged? Since we would expect the iPhone to last much longer than a rubber case, and the bumper is being supplied to remedy a design flaw with the iPhone, shouldn't we be entitled to a lifetime supply of the bumpers, for the life of the iPhone 4?

Southpaws up in arms over iPhone 4

Jason Sheldon

Remember when Jobs had network issues during his demo?

Job's had the audacity to blame the audience hogging wi-fi bandwidth for him not being able to demonstrate net stuff.. perhaps he was just holding it wrong?

Darling confirms telephone line tax

Jason Sheldon


So if I'm investing in the fibre infrastructure with all my monthly 50p's - does that not make me a shareholder too? OR am I right in thinking that we pay for it, and then the broadband companies make a huge profit.. when do I get my dividend - and will our 50p phone tax stop once the country is connected?? Doubt it.. there'll probably be continuous upgrades required..

Have the shirt off my back as well why don't you, y'bastards.

Apple uncovers child workers in its plants

Jason Sheldon
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Ok, so now they know...

but what are they going to do about the manufacturers? Halt business, or just rub their hands together?

O2 grovels for London network failure

Jason Sheldon

Hang on a mo...

What's this £8 "iPhone Bolt-On" compulsory charge I have to pay every month for data access... How can they say they were caught 'unawares'? Don't they know how many customers they have? Surely it's easy to cater for the 'maximum' possible traffic so you AREN'T caught unawares!

....and what exactly IS the revenue from the iPhone Bolt-On being spent on - because it obviously isn't bandwidth capacity.

Landlord sues tenant over moldy Tweet

Jason Sheldon


>In England, you can be sued for not clearing snow off the pavement, should some errant soul

>slip on it.

Not true. That would not be your fault, as nature placed the snow there, and the pavement is council property, not the home owner...

HOWEVER - you CAN be sued if you DO clear the snow off the pavement, and THEN someone slips on it, as you are deemed to have caused the path to be a danger....

So, best not to touch the snow on your footpath but to leave it where it is...

Brit ISPs censor Wikipedia over 'child porn' album cover

Jason Sheldon
Paris Hilton

Virgin Killer?

I'm with Virgin Media and the page is blocked.. but I'm wondering if they're just offended by the album title, not it's cover image...

Apple to slash prices by up to 15% on Black Friday?

Jason Sheldon


If you read their statement about the VAT adjustment, they say that the price quoted shows VAT at 17.5% vat, the current rate.. however, because the item won't be built/despatched until at least Monday 1st December, the final invoice will actually show 15% VAT.. so they ARE passing the savings on to you at the time of charging your card.

So there... that's your bus fare home as well.

Hotmail users bitch and moan about new interface

Jason Sheldon
Gates Horns

Yay.. broken on iPhone..

It's now impossible to reply to emails using the new Hotmail interface on an iPhone...

I wonder if that's by design?

O2: We didn't know we were capping 3G data speeds

Jason Sheldon
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3.5g in birmingham

my nokia n95 has shown 3.5g for at least 6 months here in birmingham. No wonder i didnt find it impressive - i was being capped too!

Kid's 'new' MP3 player was preloaded with smut

Jason Sheldon

To Greg: Nothing wrong with repackaging?

You wouldn't mind buying a 2nd hand toothbrush?

Western Digital drive is DRM-crippled for your safety

Jason Sheldon
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So Word documents and PDF files are all public domain are they? I guess writers and publishers aren't as important as record labels and film studios.



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