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Microsoft RE-BORKS Windows 7 patch after reboot loop horror

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Not for the first time, I actually had a problem with this latest group of updates. Windows 7 Pro 32bit.

Downloaded and installed then asked to agree a re-boot. Clicked the OK - the system closed down but did not re-boot.

Tried a re-start, nothing. Unplugged everything and started to look for my back up boot CD. Switched everything back on and thankfully it all booted up OK and installed the updates.

In the end, a minor glitch which gave me a virtual heart attack - Reminder = must retain my sense of humour!

New avast freebie security scanner aims to keel-haul MS

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I tried Norton and it was OK to start with but then ran into problems with paying for the update. I binned Norton and went to AVG - started OK for some time and then got really temperamental on me and I binned that and moved on to Avast.

I did try the Microsoft Security Essentials but then my computer virtually ground to a snail pace - I have not got the patience for something that bogs down my computer to run like they did back 25 years ago.

Avast is fantastic, updates automatically usually once a day and sometimes more. The programme is free and re-registration after 18 months is also free (for home use). I have recommended it to others and continue to do so.

UK.gov moves to block Hamas kids site

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Do not ban it

This seems an ideal way for the "powers that be" to trace who is reading this "dangerous" material - if you ban the website you achieve nothing, if you trace the users then you can compile a list of potential trouble-makers.

Pants bombs vs America: The infernal conflict

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Words of Advice

An open message to all those planning to carry these human bombs:

Before you embark on your task, check all your equipment is in place and most important of all - when your all ready to set out, give a big goodbye hug to your organiser and at the same time, have a test run to ensure it actually works.

ACPO proposes new domestic violence database

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Not a lot left

As things are running, their seems to be little that you can do as a male without ending up on one database or another. It is becoming a risk to be a man LOL.

One possible line of defence is to claim that you are a lesbian trapped in a male body.

Anyone for a sex change?

Mancunians finally get to open bank accounts, go to Europe

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Certainly a wait and see item on my Winter Holiday 2011 list

With the possibility of a change in Government next year and if the new Government stands by the policy to scrap the ID Card as a total waste of money, then this is definitely low on my shopping list.

Only the stupid would go ahead and pay for an item which would have no value now and even less in a few months time.

DNA database reports shows costs up, 'detections' down

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Cost Effective

Once a DNA sample has been taken and tested (at great expense to us the taxpayer), it is totally stupid to throw the results away and not store them for future comparison/detection/elimination.

If just one rapist or murderer is brought to book by the national DNA database then it is worth keeping the records. Let us not make life too easy for those that break the law with seeming impunity. Let us not slip back into the days of criminals being able to escape when we have tools to aid detection and then fail to use them.

This is not a matter of privacy but a matter of public order and safety for the innocent.

UK.gov backs ID scheme with peanuts promo spend

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Ad Campaign

Come join our great network = get your ID Card now and join millions on our great database.

Advantages of this scheme are:

We will know exactly where you are and what you are doing and of course with whom you are doing it.

We will be able to integrate your tax, benefit, health, criminal, driving, travel, bank, investments, property and many more details of you and make it all available at the press of a key.

We guarantee that no-one will have access to your information except the zillions of authorised thoroughly checked out and cleared persons.

We promise that we will try and not loose your information or leave it on a bus, train or in a taxi.

Our database has been written by the best in the business and it will take hackers ages and ages to get access to your information.

Let us help you to become totally exposed - special offer for this month: only £30.00

Oh yea - get a life - no way if I can help it.

Mines the one with the batch of cloned ID Cards in the pocket.

Airport rethinks strip-scanner for kids

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Get a Life People

If and when I fly, I want to get to the correct (as advertised) destination of the flight and I want to arrive alive.

What possible time would those viewing the screen (which is remote from the individual) have to get into a pedo mood. All their concentration would be on identifying items that could be of danger to the aircraft, passengers or crew.

I agree that any form of child abuse is abhorrent but It really is time that people stop over-reacting.

Home Office staff offered early bird ID cards

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If they make the ID Card compulsory for sections of employment then they should be tax deductible. I suspect that MP's will just put it on the expenses sheet anyway so we (taxpayers) will end up forking out for them.

Personally I have nothing to hide and anyone can look into any aspect of my life that they wish to. I am however still against having to have an ID Card purely on the grounds that everyone will then know that I have nothing to hide and therefore a totally boring person.

Apart from that, I pay an exorbitant amount of tax already and the IR seem to have no problem with my identity, why the hell should I fork out another £30; if the Government want to impose this totally impractical idea on 65 million tax payers, they should at least pay for it - perhaps by claiming a little less on their expenses would help.

Microsoft Security Essentials shakes up consumer antivirus

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Read the Small Print

I downloaded it and bothered to read some of the terms and conditions before installing it.

In addition to having to have a genuine copy of Windows (which I have), I did not like the implications behind the rest of the things that I was expected to agree to and immediately clicked the "I do not agree" button.

I will stick to my very good and reliable free AVAST thank you very much.

Thumbs down from me.

Rights commission slams police DNA database advice

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Get everyone on the DNA Database

Just think - if everyone was on the database from birth we finally track down virtually every crime involving human contact.

Prosecute the person throwing a cigarette end out of the car window, dumping rubbish in the wrong place, being sick over someone else's back gate and millions of more really serious offences.

Just think about it - we could all be in jail - last one in, shut the door please.

MS warns of forced Messenger update

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I use ver 8.1 and have ignored any constant nagging to update.

8.1 has all the features I want and need and every time they update these things, something else creeps in or stops working as you want it.

Forcing me to update is the pits.

CRB looks to ID cards to solve accuracy woes

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This is getting out of hand

Why do not the Government come up with the bright idea of just chipping babies at birth and anyone arriving in the Country - save all this hassle on ID.

Next bright idea will be for all those that fail the employment test will be for them to wear a yellow badge - now let me think - was that not tried somewhere in Europe about 60 odd years ago!!!!!

Increase in comms snooping? You ain't seen nothing yet

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Let them have access - No way to Local Councils

I have no objection to the security services having access to any and all aspects of my communications. I even do not mind the National Police (not local Police) having access providing they have just cause to do so - i.e., should they have a lead indicating that I was involved with child porn or drugs, serious crime or serious criminal activity etc.

I do however object to any Town Hall creep, social services or any of the other organisations of the like having any right to access for any excuse what so ever.

Pressure group demands UK apes China net filter plan

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If (and that is a big if) anyone is actually addicted to porn they must have an extremely high threshold not to be throughly bored by "samo samo". (Boy meets girl, get naked, girl plays with boy, boy enters girl in one or more of three ways - film ends). Must admit that I did see Sound of Music some 26 times but that is beside the point.

The main objection these people probably have to raise is that they themselves feel inadequate in comparison to the actors used in porn - true some of the positions are impossible unless you are more than well endowed but what the heck - if you can at least do some of them there is a chance that a boring routine could become fun - treat porn as an eye opening information manual and it might just cut down on some unhappy marriages; perhaps it should be mandatory for all to watch some at least for one hour a week.

(Married 38 years and still having fun)

Mines the one with the condoms in the pocket.

ID scheme will cost £400m annually

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What Cost

Why should MP's care about the cost of ID cards - just add it to the expenses sheet and us gullible public will just carry on paying for it along with mole trapping, gardening allowance, shopping bills and all the other stuff we currently get conned into paying.

Fire hazard because MP's seem to think that they have our money to burn.

Tories fear legal dodge over comms überdatabase

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A Record of who contacts whom - interesting.

I suppose this is one way for her to keep an eye on who her husband is contacting, even if it does cost the rest of us (the public) 1 Bn to do so. Perhaps it would have been cheaper just to pass the "accidental claim" for watching porn on TV.

Mines the one with the ISP scrambler in the pocket.

ID and Passport Service brings in ad men

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Lets go for it

What a great way to spend my tax money. Can I have some back for the following advertisement:

Hi subordinate population - you really need to register with us and see what you get:

For your FREE voluntary multi-useful ID Card (only to be paid for every 5 or 10 years) we will give you totally FREE:

Access to tax forms to fill in.

Access to Council tax registration.

Ability to register for births, deaths and marriages.

Police help (when available) should you need it.

Ability to be able to register your car, pay insurance, use a bank account, drink in public places.

Be admitted to an NHS facility for treatment (providing there is room).

Hold a driving licence.

Be entered on our National database allowing you (us) total control over your life and the lives of your family.

Register your car for annual payment of road tax.

Go to super small print:

The registration for an ID Card will ensure that any unpaid speeding fines, tax payments or other contraventions to our totally democratic and free society are paid for in full or you will be denied any of the above services until the said fines are paid.

We guarantee that all your personal information will be safeguarded and only disclosed to those that need it but cannot be held responsible should it fall into anyone else's hands.

We will not track your movements or use your fingerprints or DNA except where necessary to ensure you or a member of your family are convicted for any crime we may think up.

We will in no way be held responsible for anyone forging your ID Card or making improper use of it or the registered information which may or may not be accurate.

You do not have to carry the ID Card with you at all times but must produce it immediately to any authority that wishes to see it.

Loss of an ID Card will impose a fee equal to the cost of the initial card plus the cost of a replacement card plus a certified statement detailing the circumstances surrounding the loss plus a fine of £1,000 for the first offence increasing by £1,000 for each subsequent loss.

McKinnon's UK trial bid rejected by DPP

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The UK confession could be argued to have been obtained under duress - either sign a confession or be sent to the USA for trial is duress.

As far as I can see, the USA have proved that their super secure systems were hacked but have totally failed to prove any damage (other than to their pride).

Don't you need all sorts of paper work to travel to the USA - easy, put him down as a drug user and they will refuse a visa :-)

Mines the one with see through plastic bags of sugar in the pocket.

Small ISPs reject call to filter out child abuse sites

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Lateral Thinking

Would it not be more sensible to not block the sites but have an automated "Report Abuse" button which would provide the Police Authorities with the websites details - and thus a chance to track down the actual abusers?

Just blocking the sites does not protect the abused children.

Mayor Boris backs McKinnon in extradition fight

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Crap charges

If the USA top security system was entered then they should be paying this guy for showing up their weakness, not prosecuting him.

What actually is the offence - their was no damage to their system, no "stolen" information for financial gain and basically they have actually made total fools of themselves (and even worse, continue to do so) by showing up how insecure their system was to the rest of the world.

Perhaps the American saying "Have a nice day" should be changed to "Get a Life".

Mines the one with the file of blank passwords in the pocket.

UK.gov plans 'consensus' on PAYG phone registry

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Wrong end of the Stick

I do wish these morons would get their public announcements right in the first place, they just make themselves look as stupid as their ideas. It is the sim card that they are trying to get registered, the phone is itself not tied to any number.

They can easily stop the use of unregistered sim cards or indeed stolen sim cards.

This stupid move would bring about a market in cloned sim cards, danger of having your sim card stolen etc and probably a marked decrease in income to the telephone service providers.

At what age are they going to insist on ID Cards/passports for children - many have mobile phones.

How are they going to control roving = sim cards from abroad.

The few individuals they wish to control/watch/catch will totally work around this move and only the innocent 9999.9% of the population will be inconvenienced.

Yet another silly idea from watching too much television.

Stop because this is a daft idea which will achieve nothing towards their declared aim.

Labour minister says 14 year olds should get ID cards

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Paris Hilton

Too difficult to roll back - cods wallop

It is not difficult at all to roll back this monster - just scrap the idea, end of story.

Even if they ever manage to issue all some 70 million cards, they are going to be swamped with lost cards, stolen cards, clones, forgeries, cards chewed up in machines or accidentally de-activated through some means or other. This does not of course include the amount of new cards required every year plus trying to recover cards from the deceased.

At this time when the Countries finances are so damn strapped it is plain foolish to go ahead with this quite stupid expense.

Paris - cos she wouldn't be so foolish to waste money.

Did the width move for you, darling?

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My Gripe

It may only be me or my computer but I find it terribly annoying.

Every time I go to an article or back to the home page, the page flashes up immediately followed by something like a two to three second pause and then the page re-aligns its self.

I get frustrated as have either to wait for the full page to sort out or try and find the line that I was reading and start again.

This is the only site where I have this problem - I have a 10Mb connection and usually everything is instant.

ID scheme plans 50,000 cards by April

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A Living Nightmare

I don't think that the initiators of this scheme have actually thought through this ID card thing.

When you have 70 million ID cards finally in issue the percentage of cards that are going to constantly need updating as details change and even worse, re-issued when they get lost (and thus thousands of lost cards floating around the system), it is just leaping from one nightmare to another. This of course does not include the lucrative trade in making and selling forged/cloned cards.

Basically just more of our money down the drain.

Mines the one with the spare ID card in the pocket !

Home Office to order fingerprinting of air passengers

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For the purpose of ticket switch it would be quite simple to "stamp" the back of the hand with "invisible" ink of passengers with their ticket number (and another code) which means that the hand has to go with the ticket. That way there would be no objection on the ID side of things and a reasonable standard of checking would be enabled. Probably too simple to implement or should I say too cheap and therefore not enough profit to be made.

Paris because she has probably seen this in use in quite a few nightclubs in her time.

Hidden card fraud taxes UK.biz

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It's not fun for the legitimate card holder either !!!

I live in one EU Country and have my bank account in another EU Country.

Despite giving all the correct details when trying to make a purchase, the initial check that some of the on-line pay systems make, immediately rejects the transaction. (Presumably "Delivery address different country to Bank address" - even though the Bank Customers address is the Delivery address).

Visa is slowly rolling out an on line pin system for transaction verification in conjunction with some of the Banks (my UK one at least). When this is used, it is much like using an ATM (but even more secure) and the transaction goes through and all three (Bank, seller and buyer) are instantly happy. This system needs to be made more widespread so that we can all move on.

Paris - because she is bound to forget her password and therefore write it on the back of the card where her signature goes :-)

Max Mosley loses battle to get sex video off web

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Paris Hilton

Oh gee whiz

Does this really matter - what he does in his spare time in private that does not effect or harm anyone else is hardly earth shattering.

He is at least spending his money for his own pleasure to the benefit of those less fortunate.

Paris Hilton because she knows how to enjoy herself :-)

Smut peddlers and spammers invade Google Groups

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Kill off the Spammers Income

Perhaps I am being too simplistic but to me it seems fairly obvious that spammers aim is to get paid for spamming people to get them to go to various sites or advertise an item from a particular sails point.

Would it be too difficult therefore to put an immediate world wide block on a site that is paying spammers to push forward their site or goods (i.e., the one that you are taken to or the one that the link leads too. If the site is a legitimate one then they can appeal and be cleared after a suitable but very, very fast investigation.

If there is no money to be made by spamming then there is likely to be less interest in doing it.

Stop - because that is what needs to be done to spammers

Euro lawyers see tortuous road ahead for Microsoft's Yahoo! bid

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Stop this Madness

We, the Internet users will loose out in a big way if the two merge. At the moment we have the choice to pick out the best from three main players - it will be very sad if, as it appears may happen, we loose this choice.

US military prepares for plummeting spy satellite

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What goes up must come down

Send for Superman - another American invention LOL.

So much for global protection - what happened to all these so called missiles that are supposed to protect America - do they only work if they are fired at items not stamped "Made in America" ?

Be scared - be very scared - it's almost funny if it was not so damn dangerous.

Lebanese lottery scam suspect cuffed in Cyprus

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Just a minor thought - Where do you extradite him too?

The crime is world wide internet scam - time to set up a world court perhaps LOL.

AdultFriendFinder rapped for X-rated pop-ups

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AFF Advertisements

What really annoys me is that when you search for anything Adult and interesting, you get thousands and thousands of entries all leading back to AFF or one of it's associated sites - in effect drowning out the competition.

Pop-ups - have not found them to be a problem as there are several free "blockers" available.

On the regulation side, it would be useful if search engines had a facility to split searches into Adult content/none Adult content - perhaps password protected.