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HP sees techies living in a box

Black Helicopters

yes but...

Are they grounded vis-a-vis lightning storms?

SF's silent sysadmin pleads not guilty


did they try



Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain


@Spleen and others

The reason it's a big deal, you jackasses, is because we are are talking about a (basically fraudulent) business practice that can make you a million dollars, or euros, for those who prefer hard currency, in 4 minutes flat. There are three hundred and sixty 4 minutes in EVERY DAY.

The reason it's on the front page of "Ol Rag", you blazing geniuses, is because we are talking about vast amounts of cold hard cash being stolen, public companies being sacked and sunk on the reef of Wall Street, with, if one may be permitted to conclusively murder the metaphor, letters of marque from Wikipedia's Crown Royal, for purposes unclear but in all likelyhood VERY CLOSELY RELATED to the shenanignans performed by TV envangelists in the bosom of the buckle of the Bible Belt in the good ol' U.S. of A.

Creflo Dollar is watching in unctous, pious, secret envy, green as a lemon frog.

This crap happens every goddamned day on Wikipedia, you crop-eared, pig-nosed, flap-handed short bussers, only it's usually Lithuanian red-harbled hopdragons or similar; you are hearing about it because it involves Real Money, and Wikipedia has real influence in the world, enough to sway stock prices, cause fortunes to rise and fall, etc.

What if this happened with Coca-Cola or Vivendi or your dizzy-double-be-God-damned-to hell's-infernal-crappers retirement fund? Would that make you sit up straight?

Was that unclear? Because I got it right from the opening graph. Is today Moronathon Day?


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