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French firm intros remix-friendly music format


Faut pas rever!

Yeah, right! So let's assume that the recording industry adopts the format, that the players are upgraded etc. do you really think that the music industry will want to sell one file for the usual $0.99 that includes the radio edit song and a few remix versions that they would normally sell for $0.99 EACH?

Laisse tomber...

MySpace Music leaves creators cold


Barking at the wrong tree

From what I understand Major Labels usually hijack the royalty payments in the recording contracts as a means to recoup the advance payments made to the artists. So in most cases the labels will in fact cut out the collecting societies fees. So it does not seem to be such a big deal afterall.

What is more interesting is the way that Jamba comes into the equation with their mobile consumer base.

Europe too cynical for iPhone


N95 has already sold 4m units