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Parliament's take on Freedom of Information



Essentially it's 'our' copyright - as taxpayers we should be able to republish the fruits of our collective endeavours.

Home Office finally approves UK cybercoppers



They can start by investigating the phorm/BT illegal interceptions then.

T-Mobile joins 3 UK in prepaid mobile broadband race



Despite the hype, at 3GB per month it won't be replacing my ADSL and BT line combo anytime soon. Bottom line.

NXP sues to silence Oyster researchers



What's irresponsible is proprietary vendors that *try* to hide their insecure products.

BT starts threatening music downloaders with internet cut-off


What about FON users?

... especially since BT bundled FON with many of their routers by default. Surely a FON user could hop onto any of the nodes listed here : http://www.beta.bt.com/apps/openwifi/secure/hotspots.do and torrent away.

Google kills Anonymous AdSense account


Google excuse

"advocacy against any individual, group, or organization." - I'm sure I could find a few sites out there advocating all manner of things against Osama and Al-Quaida.

Local mag claims Aussie Eee PC buyers will pay extra for Linux

Paris Hilton


...so is MS subsidizing theeee pc ie paying them to install/sell with XP.

Silly anyway - just buy the cheaper XP model, install linux.

Legal blow to secret government lobbying


At last..

Something positive to counter the inordinate sway BB holds over uk.gov.

Virgin Media mops up CEO's 'boll*cks' outburst

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Bollocks, all of it

"...does not intend to hinder access to content providers who do not pay. Rather, VM could offer content providers deals to upgrade their provisioning if they want to ensure best access to to broadband subscribers...."

I'm glad they think they can reverse logic and get away with BS like this. I don't want my ISP 'upgrading' provisioning (thereby downgrading 'the rest') for BS that I don't choose/want/need. Gimme my clean fracking pipe.

BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in


ISPs can sod off

.... they knowingly oversold - and come-a-crying when people want to utilise what they've paid for. That said this should be a doddle if they managed to sort out decent peering agreements in the UK.

UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses


When will the stupidity end?

Another day another stoopid idea for reining in internet use.

What's with ignorant morons legislating stuff eh?

UK.gov delay means hacking laws are so last century



This is great!! Maybe that letter I wrote to my MP actually hit home. It seriously needed a rewrite - specifically the dual-use bit - hopefully with some sense this time around.

Indian gov says no plan to squeeze out BlackBerrys


Terrifying Prospect

...what about our data handled by call centres? - How is it secured in the light of this?

Asus 8.9in Eee PC surfaces

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I'll take one of those....

with an atom cpu. thank you.

Paper clip attack skewers Chip and PIN

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"...not currently economically viable for a fraudster to carry out,"

...well not yet because they havent YET pillaged everyone's accounts with this hack yet.

Where do they get these guys?

Ubuntu chief ushers in the age of Intrepid Ibex


Doesn't anyone get it?

Ibex are 'Longhorns'.


BPI chief hits back at ISPA over villain of the year jibe


"encouraging their customers to act responsibly"

quote of the year.

Just what I want - my ISP or BPI telling me how to behave.

How I'd love to be a fly on the wall at one of these ISP<>BPI meets!

Lord Triesman on P2P, pop-ups and the Klaxons


Is it just me .... or does he think we're stoopid?


Can't seem to comment on the article above , but here goes - if people can copy music from their CD's ...fine; however if the cd - or any other purchased media is drm'ed for that matter it'll be illegal to 'circumvent' it anyway - rendering the 'you can copy the content you bought' bit entirely useless.

Is it just me or are we being taken for puppets?

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oh dear...

“Perhaps the technologies can pop up something on people's computer which when they're downloading says, 'You don't really want to do this'.”

If this is the extent of this gentleman's understanding of the tech issues I'm very worried indeed.

UK gov sets rules for hacker tool ban


Thisi is plain insanity

I saw this happen in Germany - never thought it would happen here. Fascist indeed.

Thing is - how do we stop the insanity?

BitTorrenters seek sanctuary in Pirate Bay


Marketing Folk

May all the greedy media companies and their cohorts burn in hell.


Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers


RIPA used?

According to some reports the IP data was obtained under the provisions of RIPA - I was under the impression that RIPA only provides for data being made available for the prevention of "Serious crime" or terrorism? Please correct me on this.