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Two Sundays wrecked by boss who couldn't use a calendar

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Re: At least make sure your contract include TOIL

From my (admittedly limited) exposure, the entire US model is basically "we expect commitment".

Cant do this last-minute shift-change on Friday? Don't bother coming in Monday!

Say what you like about the UK, at least our employment law does something to protect employees (as in, you cant be fired on the spot and find yourself instantly out of a job)

The PC is dead. Gartner wishes you luck, vendors

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Re: "target audience tend to build their own "

Same here. Looking at my PC now, it's exactly the same as when I build it in 2007. I've only swapped the case, motherboard (twice), CPU (three times), memory (same), HDDs (three swaps and an addition), monitors (on my 4th) and soundcard (removed). But at least I kept the same DVD-RW all the way through!

Just today I treated myself to a new PSU to help with my rebooting issue*

*vanity project to tidy up my cabling and stop my case bulging

WIN a 6TB Western Digital Black hard drive with El Reg

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The IT admins were getting serious about clamping down on people forwarding joke emails...

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Danni soon found out why buying the snakeskin laptop case from the cheapest seller on eBay was a mistake.

Conroy pledges to stop spams infecting Aussies' portals

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Oh, come on...

Surely by now we all know the cake is a lie!

BOFH: On the couch

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Back on form

He sabotaged the boss, sabotaged the PFY, had a slap-up meal on the company expenses and even had time left to get the girl.

The xmas break did him good - the old BOFH is back in force.

Taliban attack Brit troops with explosive donkey

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Exploding Donkey?

It'll be concrete donkeys, Holy Hand Grenades and super sheep next!

(Thankyou Team17!)

'Something may come through' dimensional 'doors' at LHC

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Makes me wonder...

...what computer they're running there? Hope it's not GLaDOS.

Why yes, mine IS the one with the Portal gun in the pocket. Thanks... ;)

Irish ISPs rally against record label anti-piracy threat

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Hopefully, it'll only be a short time before the UK subsidiaries of those companies stand up and say the same thing.

'World's Worst Banker' joins Lads from Lagos

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I didn't know

That the Lads were so up on their geek culture! A reference to PTerry ("Wuffles") AND to Dawn of War ("METAL BOXES!")

I believe the last shyster that disappointed Vetinari in a banking role walked through a door and down a VERY deep hole. We could learn a thing or two from that.... :)

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

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It's pretty obvious that before this issue went to court, no-one on the prosecution side really did any research into into what a torrent is or what TPB actually does; they were just mesmerised by the big sack o cash the Industry was waving around.

Now they actually have (because of the defence using technical terms like "internet", "file-sharing" and - possibly - "computer"), they realised there wasn't really any *actual* infringement of copyright performed by TPB themselves.

Damn them for changing the charges. I was looking forward to a fortnight of comedy watching the smug prosecution lawyer systematically get torn a new one. Oh well...

EA free petrol stunt triggers north London gridlock

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Paris Hilton



We all know we pay too much fuel duty, but this is just evidence of man's bacis want of something for nothing!

Paris because...errr...she could pay for the fuel? (Look, it's been a tough day...)

Scientists unravel galactic spaghetti monster

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All hail his noodly appendage!

The good and mighty FSM is truely looking down on us from above, and gives His blessing to take the unbelievers to the plank.

Load the cannon and hoist the mainsail! :)

Red Devil assaults Burnley FC's stadium roof

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"Oh how we fell about laughing at half-time at Deepdale when they told us what was going on up the road at the Dingles!

Paris, because even she know's not to go to Burnley!"

Hey - I'm from the "Dingles" and I ref....no, actually, I dont. It's Burnley's a hole, with only a few nice places (The westbound M65 is kinda OK).

But dont get too smug there - Preston's not much better (city my eye - where's the cathedral? And dont get me started on Preston Polytechnic!)

I moved from one to the other, so I feel free to critizise both...

UK BOFHs face psychometric dissection

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There's just no way...

A civilian? In MY server room? Not a chance!

I don't even like the idea of letting my own (off site) boss - the BOFH to my PFY if you will - into the server room, but he has a higher-calibre cattle prod than I do.

There's no way I'm letting in a soap-dodging student with a clipboard who didn't want to get a proper job!

<Insert obligatory rant about users causing 99% of their problems via their own ignorance>

Who will be the next Doctor?

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I actually...

...quite surpised myself by liking Donna. I was expecting her to be either just like she was in the previous Xmas special (i.e. infuriatingly shouty and annoying), or that we'd get a series of "Do I look bovvered?". But she actually turned out to be one of the best companions by a) NOT being all gooey about the Doc, and b) challenging him all the time to re-think his position on things.

As for the Doc's regeneration, there's going to be some wonderful Deus Ex Machina that RTD has thought up. My money is either on the hand, or Rose opening the heart of the TARDIS - she opened it once, and it's linked to psychically or somthing (insert usual complicated reason here) - and most of the Doc's regernation energy is sucked in, leaving just enough to heal him but not change his appearance.

However, the "Time Beatle" theory is out. The frizzy-haired one definitely said "There WAS something on your back", not "There IS something on your back".

Mine's the one inside the blue police box with "Bad Wolf" written on the door...

King Arthur was English 'propaganda', French claim

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...be claiming the Pimpernel next.

Yep, mine's the red one next to the guillotine...

IBM unveils nano-projector based VirtuaHuman with 1TB of memory

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I was wondering...

what the first true April Fool's joke I read would be.

Good job El Reg - made me laugh on a crap morning!

Al-Qaeda seeks geek fanatics for Jihoo!

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"Bolivian llama herders supply wool to al-Qaeda mitt-knitting grandmothers."

Will this have an effect on the supply of their quality airbags?

Mine's the one made of fine Bolivian wool, thanks...

Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

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RE: what next?

The cake is a lie!

I know, I know....a VERY bad Portal joke.

Mine's the one with the powder leaking out of the pockets... ;)

Campaign to name US street after Douglas Adams

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Krilkit xenocide?

Don't you mean "KRIKKIT" xenocide?

I think you'll find that dressing-gown is mine, actually....

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@ andy gibson

*hands him his coat*

I think you'll need this in the next few mins. It's not flameproof, but might buy you a few seconds as the taxi arrives.

Chris Griffiths

How about naming....

...a bypass after the great man?