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'Trust it': Results of Signal's first formal crypto analysis are in

Martin Jones

You mean apart from the fact that the code is published publicly for anyone to check for backdoors for themselves?


Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

Martin Jones


Welcome to the new Global American Empire. You are all Citizens. You will uphold our Laws, while we blatantly ignore them with regards ourselves.

Bend Over. Resistance is Futile.

Martin Jones

Bye Bye The Register.

Has anyone else thought this through?

If all the boys did was make available links to networks of Copyrighted Material, then we can now reasonable expect any website that even mentions Torrent etc websites to be just as guilty.

Which the reg is with this story (as is the Beeb and everyone else).

Tasty Can of Worms anyone?

Radiohead and chums demand copyright 'fair play'

Martin Jones

Please stop calling these people "Artists"

Art is art, it is made to be enjoyed.

People that obsess about earnings and money are making Commodities, not Art.

They are Manufacturers, not artists.

Stop sign to encourage the Reg to label these muppets accordingly.

Brit porn filter censors 13 years of net history

Martin Jones
Paris Hilton

Stay in your Homes! Remain calm!

Anyone notice that we scream like hell about Censorship in China, but are more than happy to implement it over here?

I for one welcome our New Fascist Overlords.

Except that they're not new. :(

Paris, just cause.

New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special

Martin Jones

Worst refutation ever!

Shockingly bad refutation of the NS.

Accusing them of not understanding Economics, then showing that you understand it considerably less.

The sand analogy :

Sure, you're making chips, and as has already been pointed out - that takes vastly more power and resources to acheive than making bottles.

But its also ignoring the fact that people still need bottles, so someone else now has to make those, so ultimately there is MORE sand being used by your new endeavour.

And the singer one is even worse.

Unless it applies to singers performing in tiny rooms in little houses where no amplification is required, your new career needs power for your mic, pre-amps, mixing console, any effects (eq and compression are virtually ubiquitous, even in live performance) and the PA.

Oh, and lighting, advertising, transport, studio time.......

Utter rubbish. WP The Reg.

Friends Reunited killer gets life

Martin Jones

Keeping the Regs happy

Shoulda killed em both with old SCO Unix CD's with sharpened edges.

Would have got the full support of the El Reg crowd for that one.

quote: "these days marriage is pretty casual"


"Hey babe, fancy coming back to mine tonight for a quick marriage ceremony? How do you like your divorce papers served in the morning....?"


Hoax: German IT boss sacks three non-smokers

Martin Jones

Yawn x2 @ Chewwie.

Congrats for spotting the Bill Hicks quote! You're probably the only person on the planet would have got that one.

(that was sarcasm btw).

Anyway, Bills been dead 13 years now. His material belongs to the world.

In fact, I've heard rumour that Hollywood are planning to remake him, with slightly more FoxNews oriented views this time.

Martin Jones

Go on my Son.

Bloody non-smokers should be forced to work outside 24/7/365 if they are that keen on Fresh air.

Whingeing health-freaks.

Here's an amazing fact, and I know for CERTAIN most non-smokers aren't aware of this:

Are you ready for this?

Non-Smokers? Paying attention?

Non-Smokers die every day.

Sorry to burst that Immortality hope you had going there.

But you're going to die too.

Hopefully while out jogging.

Sick of smokers being treated as the new Paedophiles.

BOFH: Friday madness

Martin Jones
IT Angle


Nope, paint me pink and call me daft, but I don't get the CP ending of this one.

Anyone explain please?


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