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Too hot to handle? Raspberry Pi 4 fans left wondering if kit should come with a heatsink


Re: Small heatsinks are less then ideal

nice case, but they couldn't be bothered to add some decent screws.

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6


Re: And the price will be?

I'm planning to hold on to my trusty Desire (Runnymede ROM) a little longer. Still running fine and I dont see any killer app that compels me to buy a new smartphone yet...

iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?


Re: Sony and HTC - It's not android.

"HTC alienated their customers with poor service, poor software, and few updates. "

hmmm... dunno about service and updates (compared to other manufacturers), but I actually like the software (HTC Sense). I'd buy a new HTC if it wasn't for the fact that my HTC Desire refuses to die :).

Yes! New company smartphones! ... But I don't WANT one


ah HTC Desire... how i love thee. We all knew this was the smartphone to buy. It has been my trusty companion for 4 years and hopefully will be in my pocket for many years to come. OK the memory is a bit tight (even with the Runnymede AIO rom) but those where the early days. The battery is still going strong so I see no compelling reason to replace it.

Bill Gates: Windows Phone strategy was 'a mistake'



Nascom.... those were the days :)

The Register Android App


Re: No luck here

Got a point there, but when you can only install a handfull of apps, you hardly have a choice. Running Leedroid right now, giving my trusty Desire a new life. I just don't trust it with a regular telecom subscription. The Reg app runs just fine here btw.

Ten... IPTV set-top boxes


WD TV Live

Obviously the people at El Reg only had a quick look at the WD TV Live SMP. The UI is ok, but it's riddled with bugs under the hood. Only occasionaly I can get this STREAMING media player to stream a movie, if i can connect to my router at all. Problems with samba protocol, wifi connection problems, serious lagging, the list is endless. As one user on their forums put it: they're turning us all into beta testers. Shame on you Western Digital.

HTC Incredible S Android smartphone


Call Confirm

....its far too easy to dial one by accident...

There's the Call Confirm app for that. Should have been standard in Android though (as should the switches for WIFI, GPS, etc...)

Transformers director blames MS for HD DVD/Blu-ray format war



I dont know about you guys but after like five years I'm still waiting for a Blu-ray RECORDER for my computer at a reasonable price. 50 Gb to store your multimedia now that would be handy wouldnt it? Picture quality is nice to have but doesnt add all that much to the movie experience IMHO...


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