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Networked multipack cruise missiles in successful test


You were worried about......

Hackers getting your bank details....

If the hackers hold of the command node, which bully gets it first

Microsoft slashes US Xbox 360 to sub-Wii price

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muah hahaha

Microsoft are only dropping the price to reflect how inferior the console really is.

The yanks should still buy the wii better console by far, but still not as technologically advanced as the PS3


I sold my 360 to get the wii and kept the ps3.

Panasonic to bring IPTV into the mainstream



Something else for BT to complain about....

Million bank details sold on eBay


Could one have slipped through the net

It could be as simple as slipping through the net.

I have lost count the number of hardware disposal companies have tried to get my business, a couple of things they all say....

"We will wipe your data"

and the golden one

"Reduce you invoice if the hardware can be RESOLD"

How its resold I never found out, but perhaps to employee's.

Anyway this incident is bad for both Graphic Data and RBS.

IT pay jumps as skills gap widens


Where's Mine

Where is my payrise????????

Japan runs out of Xbox 360s

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Thats 1 sold then

PS4 and Xbox 720 due by 2012, says Crysis firm

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PS3 fan here but,

760 in 3 years

rushed out and stable in, well never

PS4 in 4.5 years

stable within 1 firmware upgrade

If the last product lauches were any thing to go by...

HBOS culls 5% of IT workforce

Paris Hilton

Fire IT, Hire IT

How about cutting back on the dumb customer service reps you ring that are no help.

Why Paris, HBOS customer service a job she could do and do well


Always the first to go

IT always the first to go.

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up


seeya going to catch some \\\\\'s

lets hope nobody with the vostro wants to go to the \oo or have a fit of the snee\e's and have to wrtie about it..

Did you see that doc last night about the \ebra's in \imbabwe.........

Music biz proposes 'iPod tax' in return for format-shift freedom


Just when music in the uk was affordable

Downloads are 79p cd's are £9, it's been a long time getting these low prices, and for me buying is now the better option, Put in place an "IPOD Tax" and it will drive people to start to download illegally again.

How about the Music Biz finds a better operating model for the distribution of their artists.

IT depts under threat as City braces for 20,000 job cuts

Paris Hilton


"The problem is that a lot of companies can't tell the difference between a productive employee and one who goes to lots of meetings. The consequence is that they shed the wrong people and soon afterwards either go bust or get taken over."

Got it in one

Paris, Because people who arrange all these meetings are no different from Paris, they have to be in the limelight and not really doing much...

US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades


You Have 20 secs to comply

The new range will be

Enforcement Droid Series 209 (ED-209)

2nd Time lucky

Carphone Warehouse stares down BPI and UK.gov on three strikes

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I completely agree with the CW CEO,

ISP's are like airlines, peple use them to gain entry into a country, Do the airline care what you do once they plonk you at your destination.

nope, nor should ISP's

New banking code cracks down on out-of-date software


Another get out clause

So what next, the wrong type of Anti-Virus and Anti-Phising software installed.

Quote poster above

"Anti-virus and anti-phishing by it's very nature can never work, the new virus has to occur BEFORE they make a definition for it."

How can they tackle that one........

Are they going to provide the right type of software and push its customers updates.

Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour



Excuse my dumbness

what is UK:R can you link me to the probs

Government set to 'destroy' UK radio astronomy



The UK has always be known for its scienfic acheivments, and how it performed on shoe string budgets. To start shortening it even more is out of this world, instead of funding some million pound schemes in india or let the welfare system costings rise, why not invest in the UK more.

Wouldn't be too surprised if another foreign benefactor steps in and embrasses this country even more.

Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic

Gates Horns

uk hotmail down now

uk hotmail is down

hotmail.com is up

MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive



Ok microsoft will push for the HD movie download option. When all the 360 owners start doing this, it is quite possible for your 10 minute download to be increased.

The uk broadband market cannot cope with HD downloads. The cable market possibly could, but again thanks to poor funding not everyone in the UK can get cable.To get 14 Mb you must live in your local exchange and are very lucky, a majority of Broadband owners pay for 8/16 MB services and get little over 2/4Mb

To stop all the ps3 fanboy posters, I have nothing against the xbox 360, being a previous owner (exchanged for a wii) and currently owner of a PS3, both very good next-gen consoles. Just think that the U.S, Japan and most other countries would see a benefit for DL, not the UK

All that will happen in the uk is premium HD download packages will be introduced with slight tweeking at the exchange to enable a slightly faster service, and prices pm doubling.

Gates Horns

Will UK Xbox sales slump????

If this article os correct and MS are opting for HD movie download service, Xbox for total HD solution, I think not. They need an external Blu-ray drive or at least pay sony huge sums of cash to license using it inside any new 360 h/w release.

UK broadband is too slow to download films on-demand. it just about copes with online gaming at peak times. Again RIP off britian will lose out, thanks to BT and its archaic under funded "network".

p.s I pay for 16 get 6.5 and thats a good rate.

Monster-capacity PS3 in the pipeline?


You forgot the dualshock 3 controllers

This is a big move too,

Wander if thet increased the battery capacity in the controllers>?

US HD DVD sales hit new low

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The power of the studio's

The studio's want more control over there releases. Something Sony's Blu-Ray can give them now. Toshiba's HD-DVD has the capability to do this.

But, All those who bought the blu-ray early dont count you chickens and mock the HD-DVD buyers. There is a chnace you may have profile 1.0 player,

to quote the BBC

"Blu-ray players were divided into so-called "profiles", with all machines released before November 2007 designated as profile 1.0.

Machines released onto the market since November are called profile 1.1, but none of the standalone Blu-ray players can be upgraded to accommodate this profile.

Films will still play on the machines, but access to extra features is limited.

Later this year the Blu-ray camp will offer profile 2.0, called BD Live, which will allow the players which support the feature to connect to the internet to download related content, such as ringtones, trailers and photos.

But because internet functionality is not a mandatory requirement in current players, none on the market today will be able to access the feature.

The only Blu-ray player which can upgraded to use all the features is Sony's PlayStation 3, because it comes with the right hardware built-in and online access."


Transformers director blames MS for HD DVD/Blu-ray format war


Downloads in the near future, I cant see it

The bandwidth required for downloading Full HD content, It would be quicker to buy it online and have it delivered. The majority of people like to have the physical media accessible,

also knowing that the Operating System where the download will be storeed is almost likely to be windows in one way or another. THey just won't want to take the risk of it being corrupt or lost through software/hardware failure