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Reg now behind invisible HTML5 Bitcoin paywall

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Re: Making money

Goddammit! It's even running on my Nexus 5X. I just saw the last paragraph fade out.

What happens when I navigate off the page?

Moron is late for flight, calls in bomb threat

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Re: FFS!

He was/is a heroin and meth addict, I doubt he had the foresight or acumen to think of using a burner phone.

What would you do if you were late for a flight? Forget about it and book another like most other folks probably.

HP Inc shares rocket 13% on Wall Street debut after split

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I thought everybody liked country music... No? Maybe it's only me then.

Hubble 'scope snaps ENORMO SPACE ERECTION: Pillars of Creation 20 years on

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Re: First rule of corrections.

Why not. Pachelbel's Canon in D major? I want a harp icon.

Faster-than-light back with surprising CERN discovery

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I thought they already have, it's called Data Execution Prevention (DEP :-)

Sarko boosts standing by standing in front of dwarves

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IT Angle

Je ne comprendre pas.

Obligatory IT? icon...

Wikipedia exceeds $6m donation goal

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I want my money back.

I was stupid and naive enough to donate 20 squid to the Wikipedians back when I believed there could exist an impartial organisation capable of providing information for "free".

Should have known there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Birmingham Airport in X-rated X-ray shocker

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IT Angle

F*ck Me!

Not a single comment about the IT angle on this article - so here it is.

BOFH: On the brink

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RE: eCS @ Trygve Henriksen

"... have a complete OS/2 1.3 with MS Lan Manager 2.2 ... "

Mate, you need professional help ;o)

I used to install RightFAX servers on OS/2 LAN Servers, back in the day... Configuring those sodding Brooktrout FAX card device drivers in CONFIG.SYS was my bread and butter.

How many folks *truly* appreciate the USB / Firewire devices Plug'n'Pray we all have now.

AMD denies 'stop ship' with Barcelona because chip is not shipping

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like the Intel FDIV bug - but worse

"... can cause system hangs in specific circumstances."

At least AMD aren't shipping buggy chips in the masses, eh.