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Brits and Yanks struck with embarasment embarrassment

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I don't care anymore...

It just means that I have an advantage when applying for jobs

If people want to be lazy, then let them. B-)

Sniper-aiding app arrives for iPhone


@Target Sports & FAC's

PS Under ground maps come on paper too ;P

So where can I download these 'paper copies'? I can't find them in any torrents...

Mine's the virtual one...

Enormous HP box spotted from space



Now that's a real news story.

What the heck is an IT Architect anyway?


Got one better..

From a Microsoft newsletter that just arrived today in my inbox...

Signed off "Infrastructure Architect Evangelist"

Found this on a MSDN Blog

The Architect Evangelist is a member of the successful Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) team for the Western Region whose overall mission is to secure platform adoption and revenue growth through evangelism, community engagement, relationship marketing and a vibrant solutions ecosystem.

I care even less now.

Microsoft nobbled ‘Vista-Capable’ for Intel


Marketing is marketing

To me, this is the same as all the car ads that visually show the top of the range model and the price that "starts from". You go to the stealer with $21,990 in your mind and drive off with a $20,000 debt. Or you drive off with a $12,990 priced car that runs, feels and resells like sh!t.

'Meh' makes Collins English Dictionary


waiting for...

"teh' - writer can't be arsed using a spell chequer

El Reg seeks top net neologism




DARPA: Self-repairing, learning kill-robot tech is go


@ Iain - A likely story

The chock is not to stop it rolling down the hill, it was put there by those pesky Moist Robots in a feeble attempt to stop the Machine.

Mind you, that robot's future is now in doubt due to the embarrassing photo of him mounting an inferrior 'dumb machine'. His mates will have no doubt already received it as they are all connected to the 'Net' and are currently rubbing it in. :)

Is the internet going down down under?

Black Helicopters

Tech solution to social problem

Everyone knows that censorship does--- work.

I fail to see what people are fearing, as they'll ----- pull this off.

Hmm, there's someone at the door...

Oz watchdogs howl over 'Cyber-Safety' net filter

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Another technical 'solution' for a social problem.

When it doesn't work, the company and salesman should be fined the cost and for wasting time... The pollies are clueless w@nkers over here, and will do anything 'to save the children'.

Big thumbs up for the picture B-)

Mars Lander shows rock who's boss


*blinks in the light*

Where'd my roof go?

Is there anything these rovers can't do? :-D

Nice hole you have there.

Secret of invisibility unravelled by US researchers


I have one of those cloaking devices

But I can't find it.

Mine's the one on the 'empty looking' hanger, I think...

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help


Into the VOID

By Sarah Bee

"Come on, folks. Dig deeper. Stare into the void.

Into the VOID."

I looked up VOID and it the all knowing Interweb said...


8. an empty space; emptiness: He disappeared into the void.

9. something experienced as a loss or privation: His death left a great void in her life.

10. a gap or opening, as in a wall.

11. a vacancy; vacuum.

Does this mean that The Register is a vacuum, vacant or an opening?

If so, are we wasting time here and should I just stick to my slashdot overlords?

Are we able to ask more than one question?

If not, how will we know, as it's not the first one I asked?

Lastly, I think I have some Ubuntu on my shoe, it tastes a bit nutty. :S

Caution - FBI fit-ups of Muslim patsies in progress



Could this mean that 'terrorists' really are a minority in the world, that ~99% of the population (including Muslums) are normal people trying to get on with their lives?

Seems the authorities have created a huge scarey underground network that is turning out to be not as bad as they say.

Is it just me, or is it that almost every accident reported on the news ends with 'Authorities don't believe terrorism was a factor'. No sh!t, accidents happen all the time, and we never 'suspected terrorism' before.

*gets off soap box and sits back in corner*

Thanks El Reg for publishing this news, a bit of reality is nice to see.

BOFH: Vampires!


Paranoia comes from experience

is not always a bad thing...


EU wants RFID tags turned off


Oversupply of information

I look forward to carrying around RFID tags from shoes, belts, pants, stereos, TVs etc in and out of many shops and f*kcing with their databases...

Yeah, mines the one that blue-screened the computer when you put it in the closet


How believable are government claims on ID cards?


New Aussie Gov scrapping ID card.


MORE than $1 billion that would have been spent on introducing a controversial access card for Australians will now be returned to federal coffers, Human Services Minister Joe Ludwig said.

Labor will scrap the Howard government's plan for an access card, which triggered privacy concerns and was compared to identity cards.

It was intended to replace the Medicare card and up to 16 other benefit cards, streamlining access to a range of health and welfare services.

Senator Ludwig said the card would have cost more than expected, without saving as much as it was supposed to. He said the money would be better spent on other policies.

"I'll return almost $1.2billion to the budget for taxpayers," Senator Ludwig said.

"We are focused on the practical things that will make a real difference, like online services, the co-ordination between agencies, data matching and data sharing, that's what the Rudd Labor government will focus on," he said.

Rubbish UK management crushing creativity


internal memo

Management knows there is a communication problem, but we're not going to talk about it!

UK.gov data review calls for... data


Obligatory response...

What do you mean you haven't got the report, I posted it last week... :)

UK claims millions saved by scrapping redundant regs


press release authorised by

The Department of Redunancy Reduction Department

I'd get my coat, but I can't find the form I filled out...

'Extortionist' turns Wi-Fi thief to cover tracks

Black Helicopters

Didn't quite think the scam through all the way

Nice try, but the hard part is collecting the $$


Fark attempts to trademark NSFW


File this in the

Far Queue :)

French high court thumps Google Video


Just another example

Of people trying to find a technical fix for a social 'problem'. If it's illegal, pull it down. You can't block it or stop it without blocking legit uploads.

Deal with it and move on.

Welcome to the El Reg bumper demographic survey


@ The Aussie Paradox

Australianisms won't work on an overseas site as

Take the following extract from the 'Aussie Citizenship Test' that was emailed around.

"Macca, Chooka and Wanger are driving to Surfers in their Torana. If they are travelling at 100 km/h while listening to Barnsey, Farnsey and Acca Dacca, how many slabs will each person on average consume between flashing a brown eye and having a slash?"

I suspect quite a few overseas ppl will be confused, where as an Aussie will smile and remember their youth...

Anyway, we get to Friday before they do, which is kinda cool...

Facebook CEO capitulates (again) on Beacon

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@ To those who seem to blame the users...

After reading your comment, I agree with you. Might go see if I can make me a *cough* fake *cough* page.

While I personally don't encourage visits to these sites, I know a lot of people who do (and email me invites to their pages on the sites).

I've found that you can't view them unless you register your details first. They can shove that sh!t where the sun doesn't shine...

Got to go, there's some kids on my lawn!

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I've never actually been to myspace or facebook

And from what I'm hearing about them, I don't think I want to.

I can't figure out though how people can put info online, and then expect it to stay private. *shrugs*. When I do need to put in a name and details, good luck with the site provider linking it back to anything about me but an IP addy.