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IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres

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A building at which I worked in 2008 had the wiring ducts next to the toilets. I was greatly amused one afternoon to see a sign in front of the toilet door, proclaiming "WARNING: CABLE LAYING IN PROGRESS", and still associate comms folk with poo

Football club catches, then punts, Kaspersky name

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Re: Why...

Whilst you are correct about the class issue in Rugby, Australian Rules football is mostly classless. It's one of the things I found most refreshing about moving to Melbourne in 2002 - at any given game, you could find someone like a High Court Judge on one side of you, and a repeat County Court defendant on the other. These days there is almost never any violence at a game, even at the serious end of the season.

It's not completely classless - the reason the Pies are the most hated team is because of their historical ties to the working class Irish Catholic suburb of Collingwood. Melbourne (second oldest continuously operating football in the world) are quite the posh team. But they're shit, and the Pies regularly flog them.

Earthworm blamed for laptop crash

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Earthworm? Laptop? pfft...

Do on image search on "red bellied black snake computer" and you'll find a corker over at overclockers.com.au. We do it proper hard out here in the colonies, you know...

You did what? The trials of supporting remote users

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Wrong kind of mouse...

Working support in a media monitoring company in Sydney, we got a call from a user in the Canberra office. "We've noticed that we have mice in the building. Can you help?".

Er, no, we're IT, not Rentakill.

"But <forgotten_name_of_manager> said to call IT"

Still can't help. Call a pest controller.

Turns out they'd told the manager that there were problems with mice, she heard it as computer mice, so said call IT.

A friend pointed out that it was lucky we didn't receive any calls about Komodo Dragons...

Three found guilty of web extremism plot

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Pretty amusing that this:

"What you misunderstand (or simply don't wish to understand), you trivialise and reduce to the ridiculous; in order to ease your wooly liberal consciences - or perhaps to avoid debating the facts"

is immediatlely followed by:

"people who hate you with a passion"

If our governments continue to prop up dodgy, violent regimes, and then attack and/or invade when said regimes stop following orders, we will rightly be a focus of the anger felt by those most affected by our policies.

These are just some of the extemists or repressive regimes supported by the West: the Afghan Mujahideen (from whom the Taliban sprung); recently resigned Pakistani President Musharraf; the current Saudi regime; Saddam Hussein. None of these have been recently nomimated for Nobel Peace prizes. They do (or have done) very nasty things to those that fall under their sphere of control. And our governments do or have supported them.

For most of us here, our countries are democracies, so what our governments do they do in our name. We've sowed, and we are reaping. I'd suggest that it's time to re-evaluate our crop choices.

World's Dumbest File-sharer megafine gets DoJ thumbs-up

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Sadly Misled

This woman has no idea! It's as if she imagined that the DoJ was a department of a goverment "for the people, by the people".

And the DoJ justifies the fine on the grounds that "it is unknown how many other users - 'potentially millions' - committed subsequent acts of infringement with the illegal copies of works that the defendant infringed". So if it's unknown, how do they justify the fine? Perhaps we could fine and imprison gun manufacturers on the grounds that it is unknown how many people - 'potentially millions' - are killed using the weapons they sell.

Come the revolution, brothers...