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Adventurer demands -70°C phone for next expedition

Gavin Pearce


Am I alone in thinking ... why does he even want a mobile phone there?

There isn't any mobile phone network coverage surely???

Me thinks he was paid a nice amount to "endorse"....

Town OKs Jobsian tear-down

Gavin Pearce

Re: Lots of expert here

@Mac Phreak

Mac ... whilst I agree with a lot of what you said, your last point ... and I quote:

"What, exactly, has cost got to do with an object being environmentally friendly?"

The original poster had a valid point, a 6000sq ft house, is going to be less environmentally friendly than a 200sq ft house. It wasn't about the cost.

Screeching rails close London Tube station

Gavin Pearce

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Gavin Pearce

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Remote access tech nabs smut-fan laptop theft suspect

Gavin Pearce

Track the IP address of PCs

" variety of anti-theft software packages that track the IP address of PCs"

What's the point in that. As soon as they nick it and plug it in somewhere else it would have a new IP surely!

Maybe the MAC address, but you know .... Not that simple.

Finnish blogger amputates Google from Google

Gavin Pearce

Ah this solves one problem! IT Crowd...

Ah a fix for the old Google problem then ...

"With all due respect John, I am head of IT, and I have it on good authority

If you type Google into Google you cannn break the internet"

It's not a laughing matter, you can break the internet.

Legendary ...


Boeing to build combo airship-copter flying cranes

Gavin Pearce


When I was little I used to see loads of the things floating around. I haven't seen one in years now!

Is there any cheap and worth-while airship flights anyone know of?

I'd love to go up in one!

Mayor Boris to cover Porsche costs in CO2 tax brouhaha

Gavin Pearce

Re: legal fees


It's not called a "goodwill" gesture for nothing.

Porsche can see it's taxpayers money, and it would be bad to just pocket it.

Therefore they give it away and stump up the £400,000 bill themself.

Obivously once the bug bushy eye-brows man gets his hand on it, the charity will get about £5, but that's besides the point.

£400,000 is nothing to a company of that size. Remember they also own 31% (I think?) of VW as well!

Google deigns to comply with a privacy law

Gavin Pearce

Google removing Google from Google

Google have removed the word Google from their copyright, to keep the word count at 2008.

I have no idea here, but I thought in some countries, you had to have the company name in the Copyright disclaimer for the Copyright to count. (Don't mean UK/US/EU etc, but just some countries?)

Not sure though.

Tiwi spies on your children, so you don't have to

Gavin Pearce

No money =(

Being young myself (lucky me) I agree with Mr Drew Wyatt.

Parents can fit one of these to my car all they like - I can't afford to drive the thing anymore anyway!

Then add the £2000 insurance for my little 1.6 engine. =(

E-food crisis abates as Sainsbury's online sparks into life

Gavin Pearce

So glad ....

... that I'm not the developer who decided to drop the database instead of just merging it.

US school cheat hack suspect faces 38 years jail

Gavin Pearce
Black Helicopters

Blimey - 38 years!

He faces 38 years for cheating in a school on some grades.

That's more than someone would get here for murder, or blowing up a million people on the tube.

The world is crazzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Bournemouth floats UK's first 100Mbps sewer broadband network

Gavin Pearce

Re: Google

Yea I was going to say, Google have already done this :-p

Did the start up nick the idea from Google's April Fools joke? Or the other way round.

Oh please let it be flush and go.


^^^^ look at it if you haven't alredy ^^^^

RedTen snags lifeboat after being cut adrift by BT

Gavin Pearce

RE: Wheee!

Dunan how could you - you forgot that we also rethreaded the RAM holders, and doubled the area of the motherboard! And that's besides from adding the two more unit power switches and the extra core.

Old Bill break up Bournemouth Bebo bash

Gavin Pearce

RE: students who think they know better than the rest of the world

@ jeremy -

You old git lol ... I take it you just skipped being a student/teenager then?

You're one of those rare breed who just went from pubeless to pubefull over one night!

Why oh why do so many of us forget what is was like to be young now we are old!

Malaysian woman jailed for worshipping teapot

Gavin Pearce

RE: Good for them

"Quite honestly, I find the teapot a far more rational object of worship than most of the religions that infest this planet"

I so, so agree!!

Straw: Police can bug MPs without asking Cabinet

Gavin Pearce
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Re: Am I thick or ...

The security services will bug whoever they want anyway, the law doesn't make any difference.

I'm sure if they are quite capable of bugging large parts of Russia undetected then the local MP office will be no trouble.

The Home Secertary has the power in law, (i'm trying to find the exact part it says this, anyone help me?) to over-ride any other law - or his deputy if the Mr Straw happens to be busy elsewhere.

So I wouldn't worry. ;-)

ISPs nominate UK record industry as top internet villain

Gavin Pearce

Re: "I get all my music for free so somebody's got to pay"

"I get all my music for free so somebody's got to pay"

That wins. By far the best I'm afraid. Made me really laugh out loud.

It's such a good point, I bet he never pays a penny for any music he gets.

Cambs cops podcast 999 timewasters

Gavin Pearce

@Anonymous Coward @Simon Neill AND Re: Re Free advertising via 999

@Anonymous Coward @Simon Neill

I too have been on hold on a 999 call. The operator was quite clearly trying his best to put me through, and was about as distressed as I was (I had just been mugged / assualted). After trying numerous numbers to connect me too, and around a 10 minute wait, he got me through to a police control centre somewhere miles away.

It really worried me, you feel secure knowing that help is just a 999 call away. When you factor in a 10 minute wait just to answer the call, things seem a lot more scary.


Re: Re Free advertising via 999

I agree. Give the operator a chance. She was trying her best to get the person off the phone as quickly as possible, but yet not be too rude. She just gave her the first numebr that came to her head ... which would be the first number that would come to mine too. Though in this day and age you're quite right - its the sort of stupid thing someone would get sued and loose their job over, I do wonder if it would be you doing the sueing?

Tracking down the Ron Paul spam botnet

Gavin Pearce

Re: There's more here

I agree!


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