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PC firm offers Ultra-Quiet Xbox 360


what's the point.....

when you can just copy game disks to the hard drive and stop ALL optical drive noise for free?

Any remaining noise is not intrusive - unless you game with no sound on the telly, and certainly not worth shelling out 200 notes extra to eliminate.

Microsoft trumpets Xbox 360 sales growth



Er......I think you should re-read the figures that you have quoted.

The gap narrowed from 9 million to 6 million in the years '06 and '07 respectively, but then for '07 and '08 the gap grew back from 6 million to 8 million.

So, over the last year the gap increased as 8 > 6.

(or to look at it another way, over the span of the 4 years that the figures are quoted for, 360 sales have maintained a consistent lead)

Motor quango thumbsup for satnav speed restrictions

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What a load of horse shite!

Speed limiters will not stop a single dangerous driving act committed below the speed limit.

The speed limit database would cost a packet to compile (as already mentioned, the current info supplied by Navteq and Tele Atlas for sat navs is far from complete - even for some main roads) It would need to be live, up to the minute info to be able to react to temporary speed limits in place due to road works, bad weather and non speed related accidents.

Will having one installed automatically indemnify the driver against any form of speeding penalty, as technically it wouldn't be possible? Will it fuck!!!

What's the point if it's voluntary, unlikely to be guaranteed to be flawless and will cost the taxpaying motorist a shed load to achieve practically nothing at all.

The reality is that we need more traffic coppers on the roads if we are to make them safer.

The big brother technology is not capable of detecting the the worst drivers (the ones who ignore every road marking, disregard the road conditions, overtake on blind corners, tailgate etc, etc) and it is not capable of intercepting a single one of them in the act either.

Windows Media Player flaw denied



"Fully patched Windows XP systems running either Windows Media Player 9 and 11 are each potentially vulnerable...."

How come WMP10 isn't affected, but the versions of media player before it and after it are?

Does this mean that I should downgrade to WMP10 to eliminate the risk?

Exam board to hear appeal over format cockup



How can the allowed software for the moderators include MS Excel Viewer 2k3, but not MS Word Viewer (2k7 version which will deal with .docx files) ?

I thought that .xls was also a Microsoft proprietary format, if so it looks like Edexcel are being just a tad inconsistent in refusing documents saved as Word format, but accepting spreadsheets in Excel format.

iPhone lights a fire


Any chance...

that the Youtube video links in articles on the reg can be uploaded to a different video hosting site? Am sick of them always being dead and returning "content no longer available" messages, and in this case, within 20 minutes of the story appearing on the reg.


YouTube on your telly

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still not as cheap as the vga and audio cables I bought to hook my PC and laptop up to the telly, thus allowing me to see any web content i want on the TV.

Texas cop tasers himself


'kin Youtube!

Neither link is working as the content is no longer available. Is there actually anything left on Youtube or is it just a bunch of still images with no video content attached?

(they need to tidy up the vast swathes of dead links their search engine returns as it's bloody frustrating to find owt)

OT rant over...

Hackintosh maker bites back at Apple


@David Willis

Bit of a bad analogy with the Ford, Honda thing.

On the other hand, if you were to fit said Honda engine to a Ford and call it your own brand (therefore not using Ford's trademarked name) eg: Fonda (TM) I don't see how either party could complain when Ford had willingly and freely sold you the car, and Honda willingly and freely sold you the engine.

It would be no different to buying an Arial Atom which comes from the factory with a Honda Vtec engine as standard.

Mines the one with the Fonda Moncord (tm) keys in.....

Actors paid to queue for Poland's iPhone launch



The Jesus phone as a standalone product at it's current price / tariff is pure tat, it has a limited feature set compared to most up to date high end phones - FFS my 3 year old ipaq is capable of more, even my lad's 20 quid mobile is able to out perform the Jaysus phone on some tasks!

A tidy appearance and a pretty user interface do not a good product make, and it looks like the Polish have recognised that from day one.

HP offers gov half-price printers


refilled carts

Having spent the last 15 years or so working as printer engineer i can honestly say that ALL refilled cartridges, be they ink or toner, are utter, utter shite. Fit for the kids to waste on pointless print jobs is about all refills are good for. Having seen the mess refills make of other folks machines, i have never and will never put them in my own machines. HP's recycling approach might not be the greenest around, but at least i know that when i buy genuine products they won't piss ink / toner everywhere, run out prematurely and will give a good, long lasting print quality.

Road Pricing 2.0 is two years away


@By Paul Hurst

Get a grip man! How many gallons a year do your hedge trimmer, lawn mower etc actually use? For domestic use i'd guess that it's not enough that you would notice the difference in price over a year. For commercial petrol powered equipment how about red petrol which just like red diesel could be taxed less or not at all.

Filesharing teen gets damages reduced in ignorance claim


@David Barrett

Dave, re-attach your balls! You will not get cut off yet, just a warning letter or two hoping to deter you. Your ISP is not about to voluntarily go around reduicing it's customer base by evicting you from their network (unless you hammer the living crap out of p2p) yes they will be paying lip service to the ailing music biz with their letters, but not at the expense of their own customer numbers.

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users



I'll fucking pay for them when they are at a fair and reasonable price. I'll be fucked if i am going to pay a higher price just to subsidise oversized deals for the likes of robbie williams or mariah carey every time i buy a cd, who are both oxygen thieves IMO.

Yahoo! opens search to all


@Anonymous Coward

Yes people do still use yahoo! when they don't want reams and reams of search results that are pure shite.

I still use Yahoo! if i want a more concise set of search results, and Google for more wide ranging searches where i am willing to trawl the endless pages of irrelevant to find what i need.

Microsoft touts trustworthy browsing with IE8


Why do so many people struggle to run IE7?

I've got a work pc with 1.7Ghz P4, 256mb RAM and XP SP2 and have no problems running IE7 at all. The pc has all the usual stuff on like antivirus, MS office, a kack load of printer utilities and drivers and a bunch of Nokia Dev tools so it's not exactly a basic install either.

Photos fool cigarette age-verification software



Relying on a bank card as proof of age is also a shite system, all you would need to do is borrow a card off a sibling or buddy who is old enough to buy tabs, give them the cash, and away you go to make your purchase. It would be easier to bypass than the shoddy photo recognition system.

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM



I for one am far too tight to pay to upgrade my radios to receive something that I already get and am happy with. I take it the BBC will reduce the license fee accordingly for those who choose to ditch their radio stations when they become only available on DAB, or provide at least one free DAB radio per license fee paid.

PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes



If you have had x5 RROD maybe you need to consider moving your console to somewhere in the room with a bit better air circulation to try and keep the temp down a bit ;0)

'We could wake up smarter' - Ballmer hints at Win XP reprieve


@ Matthew


PS3 owners game iPlayer



Why would i be worried that my 360 can't stream iplayer content when my 16mb adsl connection can download the programs in 5 or 6 mins, which i can then watch in the comfort of my lounge via the xbox 360 (with no excessive noise as there's no disc spinning)? More to the point why would i need to use my console when i've got sky plus?

Mr. and Mrs. Boring sue Google over Street View pics


what a crap hole, i've seen nicer caravans.....

If i'd payed a considerable sum of money for a property that looked little more than a converted set of prefab concrete garages and a paddling pool then i'd want it keeping private too!!!! Me thinks that they want the cash compensation to go towards buying somewhere that justifies having a private road.

Blu-ray 'to bloom', now HD DVD's dead


@ Mark re:Fantastic news for PS3...

How does it look like it's the end of the road for 2000-era DVD based 360? What about the option for MS to release an add-on Blu-Ray drive for the 360, not too dissimilar to the outgoing add-on HD-DVD drive? Personally, i couldn't give two f*cks about blu-ray movies, as the amount of new films worth buying is so low that it's just not worth the expense of upgrading. Also, i'm not so idle that i won't get off my arse to change discs from a dvd box set.

Nokia N96 to land in August


@ Simon

Regulations to legalize the use of certain types of FM transmitter in the UK came into force on 8 December 2006. The Regulations set a 50 nanoWatts power limit for legal devices, which limits the distance at which they can broadcast to up to 8 meters. Legality in other EU states may vary :o)

Human rights group pleads for condemned Saudi 'witch'


bunch of delusional camel jockeys

How can a nation still be so rooted in the dark ages? If someones life wasn't in the balance i would be rolling on the floor absolutely pissing myself with laughter at the crock of shite that is the Saudi judicial system. Has no one thought to point out to them that witchcraft is actually complete bollocks, and the guy who claims he is now a jaffa should actually go see his doctor instead?

Euro Blu-ray movie sales reach 2.37m discs


It's all academic TBH.............

It really doesn't matter which format wins as neither will go the same distance as plain old dvd. Download on demand is the future, the only thing that blu-ray and hd-dvd disks will eventually be good for is backing up large amounts of data for pc users.

Still, if yer daft enough to pay the price to prop up either physical format for the benefit of the movie industry, then good luck to ya :-)

London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax


@ Mark

The farmers must be poorer where you live, where i am in north yorkshire they all seem to manage to own at least one land rover or toyota hi-lux :-)


Ken's having a turkish, only no one is laughing.

How anyone could possibly need a 4x4 in town is beyond me! Most people don't even need them in rural areas, only those in remote parts of the country and farmers can justify them.

On the other hand If you are daft enough to still want to live in London and pony up for whatever new and even dafter money grabbing scheme Ken comes up with then good luck :-)

Why the inhabitants of the capitol put up with such greedy ways is a mystery. Ken bends them over and gives them a right royal stuffing in the name of eco friendliness, meanwhile the expansion of Heathrow continues to bring more and more pollution from aircraft.

It seems to be okay that pollution will increase from planes because it will be offset with carbon trading (I doubt that Londonners will be allowed the same privilege to offset their gas guzzlers emissions and and thus avoid the daily charge) How will carbon trading will make a difference to the air quality? I understand that it is offset against reductions in emissions elsewhere, but it still doesn't change the fact that the actual air quality in London is still going to be worse, and Ken is still raping for motorists for more and more of their cash.

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback


@Jim Adams

If you are trading on Ebay and have Powerseller status then you must be selling quite a bit of kit in a manner akin to a business, not just selling on a couple of surplus belongings.

You are getting away without declaring income to the tax man and I don't see why anyone should be able to make a living tax free while the rest of us have to pay up!!!

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It's all a storm in a teacup!

An Ebay seller doesn't really have much choice in who buys the items that they are offering, they list it and someone buys it, deal done!

A buyer on the other hand has a choice who to purchase from and will probably steer clear of low feedback rated sellers.

A seller leaving negative feedback is a pretty useless exercise TBH, it doesn't make any real difference to the buyer as they can still go and purchase from whoever they like in future, and it makes no difference to other sellers as they have virtually no control over who buys from them, thus making it virtually pointless for a seller to leave negative feedback.

Surely a good seller will receive good feedback, which is important as it attracts more customers for them. Leaving negative feedback for their customers doesn't have any benefits for them, but receiving it is bad for business and so should discourage dodgy sellers.

Also, it's about time high volume sellers started paying tax!!!! i don't see why power sellers should be able to make a tax free living when they are trading as a business in all but name. I have to pay my dues, so should they.

Cough it up you bloody tight fisted tax dodgers !!!!!

Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP


@ Steven Hewittt

Either your couple of year old laptop has some secret processing power, or you are talking complete guff! Our desktop P4 3.2 with 1gig of ram and a 256mb Geforce 6800 GT runs vista like a complete sack of wank, and has a performance rating of 3.7. You do know that being able to boot O/S is a bit different to actually using it with multiple apps running. Vista is turd, so i'll be sticking to XP.