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Dell's order status website wobbles at knees

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Another reason #3

When I bought my last Dell ever I paid a lot extra to have it delivered to Spain. This took forever and when I finally got it I needed help under guarantee. The Indian assistant was not allowed to call me because I was not in England or Ireland. No further response was ever obtained from Dell.

Go figure why I will not buy Dell again.

Microsoft abolishes Money

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I have been using AceMoney for years. Very responsive developers and free upgrades for life. Runs on Linux under wine. A good $20 worth. Lite trial version available.

Dell sues Tiger for reselling old boxes as new

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Kettles and Black pots

Dell are the company that charged me considerably extra to deliver a UK, EEC purchased computer to Spain, also EEC. They then refused to call me on a guarantee matter (presumably from India) because I was not still in the UK!

No more Dell's for me, direct or from the scrap heap.

Dell retreat from Limerick will leave 9,500 casualties

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Service, what Service

Dell are killing themselves quite nicely by themselves so unfortunately the jobs would have gone soon anyway.

I used to always buy from them for clients but the service is now so bad that never again. My final purchase was for a laptop for myself with English operating system and keyboard to be delivered to Spain.

They were quite happy to deliver to Spain (still in EU) at vast extra cost and a really long delivery time due to their screw up with the address but not willing to make a phone call from their useless Indian call center when the problem could not be fixed with their standard email responses because I was not in the UK or Ireland. Go figure. I was left totally on my own.

For a company built on a good service reputation that sort of thing is not on.

I am sure I am not alone in this experience. Spread the word.

Focus plus excitement: Michael Dell talks turnarounds

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Regaining the Dell legendary service

In Europe the only way you can buy a Dell with a UK Keyboard and/or operating system is through the UK site. Previously you could get this from your local site.

You now have to pay seriously extra for delivery to the EEC. However the offshore support center is not allowed to call you by telephone when they have exhausted their Email script and need to talk to you. Thus the guarantee is useless. This I know is true because it happened to me recently. Don't even ask me about the expensive delivery!

This is Dells attempt to restore their legendary after sales reputation?

No more Dells for me or anyone who asks my advice.

Schmidt and Benioff try to rain on Microsoft parade

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I'll keep my own OS but not an M$ bloated one

Says it all really. A minimal OS with browser of choice is all we will need.


Toshiba's board to kybosh HD DVD this week?

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No doubt Sony will follow form

I remember the only CD from Sony that I bought for my computer. Remember them? Amazingly it was the only one I have ever had that could not supply data fast enough to rip my own CD's to MP3

Amazon to sell more stuff in 2008

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How good is Amazon?

I have recently tried to buy some goods from Amazon UK and had a seriously bad experience. The website did not work correctly and showed some very serious potential security problems. I have not, even after eventually getting call from a real person in Ireland, had a satisfactory explanation of what went wrong.

Needless to say, I am now an ex customer.

No Pay Pal in sight.


Microsoft takes a shine to Logitech?

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Must agree with your comment re Genius mice. I have proved it to myself and others on many occasions.

What will I do if Logitech goes? Sad, Sad Day!

Oz video rental giants go Blu-ray only

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Remember why Betamax failed

If I remember correctly Betamax failed not because it was Sony but because it was Sony ONLY.

Customers always like a choice and Blu ray has the greatest choice available.