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Gartner: Windows 7 upgrade catch for XP converts

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Windows is a walk in the park when compared to some of the business software licence's I have had to deal with

Windows 7 is going to have the same problems with ancient business bespoke software that vista has. It still won't let you install stuff all over the place like XP did, sure its got the XP vertulisation built in but though it works it is still a kludge at best.

Periodic table adding new element

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If there is no useful need for this they need to stop messing about and do something else that is . Where is my flying car ?

Apple's big week: the good, the bad, the ugly

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Jobs Halo


Jobs for once is totally correct, flash is too slow to run decently on these devices. They can't make it run anything like on in a MAC making it run without killing the phone must be too much for the duffers at Adobe

Windows 7 to push up netbook prices

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Linux not for everyone

If you are a geek or a friend of a geek Linux will be mighty fine. For everyone else I am afraid its windows or if you are rich OSX

DO you Linux nuts spend all you time waiting for windows to be mentioned so you can come back with your nonsense, get a life (you may have to shower first)

Apple's 13in MacBook Pro in online strip tease

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the lock is next to the cd slot on the other side thats why the teardown says #

Computer lock is now on the other side.


Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

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THe EEC can kiss my *****

AS a person who lifes in Europe I wonder if they have nothing better to do.

I take it they wll just ad IE and media player to the live installer downloader thas on the start menu so the first thing you will have to do is spend half an hour downloading and installing the missing bits.

Hours is you are one of the poor souls ob dialup

Apple punts batterylicious MacBook Pros

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according to the apple store the cheapest unibody now comes with a back lit keyboard, about time

Core i7 bumped to 3.33GHz

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too much heat ?

I thought intel where going away from the high power hot running chips. Is not the point of having more than one core being able to run at lower speeds to keep the heat down.

The laptop o the link is just stupid it will be like computing with a vacuum cleaner with a screen attached. the heat that will throw out must be unbearable.

BT bumps up broadband speeds

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local exchange

All the telephone exchanges in my area have been pumping out adsl 2 capped to 8 meg for over a year this makes me think bt have been at it for a while

Microsoft breaks Windows 7 three-apps netbook handicap

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why no mce

'THe reason there will be no media center on the "starter edition" is it would have a feature the basic version will not have thus putting it above that version, so its inevitable really.

PC-pwning infection hits 30,000 legit websites

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the key here is ...

if your PC is up to date all you get is a popup. So keep you pc upto date , use firefox with noscript and you are sorted

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

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they have a point

I am as geeky as the next man and am quite comfortable using Linux but for normal , have a life people windows is easier for them to use if they don't want to go to the expense of a mac.

Facebook eliminates parts of Wales

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where am I

Facebook must have a very lazy mind set, The best the people where I live can get as a location is Manchester and I should think most of the people in Lancashire would not admit to to that being their location if they had a choice

Mozilla invites all comers on post-tab future

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where are the tabs

The strange thing about firefox is there is no new tab icon in the navigation toolbar by default.

Microsoft’s Silverlight 3 delivers decent alternative to Adobe

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flash smash ?

I am not a great fan of Flash content mainly because Adobe can't be bothered to optimise it on the OS X platform (it runs like a dog with 2 legs) .

The problem is Flash has such a big presence on the web I think that it is unlikely that web developers are going to jump ship, Microsoft would have to give some serious inducements to get a bigger slice of this pie

Researchers release Win 7 rootkit exploit code

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re ..meaning...?

some linuxfanboy said . >seriously hope they don't release one single edition of windows with all features available to all users. Think of the bloat, the sluggish repsonse. The Gb sized registry etc etc.<

Who the hell has a registry in the GB size , if you don't know enough about windows to comment, don't

FYI on my vista desktop which has been installed for over a year now and is probably as bloated as it is going to get the registry files come out at 82 MB

On another note a basic install of OS X 10.5 is bigger than an install of Vista

Brian Whittle

Rock and a Hard Place

When Microsoft Unified their OS to the NT platform (with the release of XP) they could have sorted out this problem then. XP home is more or less Pro with certain networking built in . (Yes I know there are other differences but I said more or less).

Does this mean XP Pro is better than Home ? That's a big no for most home users.

the laughingly called Ultimate version would tick all the boxes and should be the only one released. Preferably at a decent price not the £145 Vista Ultimate OEM has crept up to

Windows 7’s XP Mode — Virtually worth the effort

Brian Whittle

it seems fine here

Installed without any tweaks. It only gave it self 256MB which is a bit odd.

It runs a bit sluggishly but is usable

Enables me to use a printer that has no 64 bit drivers (lazy Canon)

Windows 7 works well but remember to use these features you will have to lash out for the Business Version or if you want the Media Center the Ultimate version. Unless they change the Pricing from Vista you will be paying at least £110 as the exchange rete has stitched up the UK in this matter

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will it allow me to run my canon printer with 32 bit XP drivers on 64 bit windows 7 ? If it does its a winner as far as I am concerned

Microsoft: Don't rush to download Windows 7 RC

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firefox works

If you can't get Firefox to work on windows 7 its a problem causes by you or your PC not windows 7

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minimum specs

I think Microsoft have get the minimum specs about right for once. For vista they said 512 MB which was never enough. Vista runs OK on 1GB and windows 7 runs even better, much better on crappy hardware

Out of curiosity I put the 32 bit client on my now aging HP/compaq NX9020 (Celeron M 1.4) and it runs surprisingly well . Maxes out when playing full screen Flash content but so does my Macbook.

With Firefox running (which is a hog anyway) and avast installed memory Use is 602 MB

I dread to think what it would run like with Vista on it

Brian Whittle

crying wolf ?

Microsoft either overestimated the demand or underestimated their servers. Got the Key and the download no problem.

Win 7 RC fails to thwart well-known hacker risk

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I never understood why Microsoft insist on this.

I thought though would the total numnuts who have PCs (but shouldn't) realise not to click on stuff if it had a .exe extention ?

I am not saying you are a numnut if you buy a Windows PC but some people are clueless

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

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hot air

I have been on cable internet for ever (about 8 years actually) and the problems I have had have been minimal. They just sent me the virgin media 256 modem and now I get a solid 23 meg

As for the caps you can (if you want and find enought to download) get 250 Gb of stuff a week from the internet if you are tricky with the scheduling of the downloads

I have had a thought if you have an Apple TV and download HD films at night (A legitimate thing to do) you will be capped, I suppose, surly this can't be right

Apple power brick sparks lawsuit

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at least

On most laptops with some miss use the power connector in the laptop becomes damaged and its an expensive job to replace.

At least on a Macbook you only have to replace the power adapter a much cheaper (probably free from a Apple Store) option

FYI my first macbook adapter lasted 7 months before coming frayed at the connector and was replaced at the Apple store without any fuss

The macbook solution is much better than any I have seen on other brands of Laptop, suck it up

Apple brands UK tabloid 'obscene'

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Not Arousing

I find the Page 3 stuff more odd than Erotic nothing sexy there

Acer nails Windows 7 for October release

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I wonder

Will Acer mess around with windows 7 filling the pcs up with unneeded stuff like the did/do on vista ?

Windows 7 — It’s like Vista, only less annoying

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security security

Microsoft backed them selves into a corner with the popularity of windows and the lack of security in windows until the vista. They can't start again to many businesses relies on the foibles of windows for their software (lack of security to run software, activex and such)

Sure OS-x is more secure than windows but Apple threw out the baby with the bathwater to get there. Anyway OS-x to me is still just another flavour (the most popular ) of Linux (sort of)

No classic Mac OS software will work on a leopard mac.

Depending on the software windows 98 software will work on Vista and more than likely windows 7

When you download Mac software these days it mostly expect at least 10.4 so any Mac with an OS before 2005 is excluded

Brian Whittle

release date

Seeing as Microsoft have set up windows 7 showcase roadshow Dates (in the UK) as starting from 14th of May I think we can safely say it will be here very soon.

Texas goes large with supersize SSD

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the end is nigh ?

How long till it gets down to a decent price, Probably silly money at the moment but give it a few years and bye bye disk storage (maybe)

Start-up Bee pledges 'affordable' British e-car

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my eyes , they are bleeding

God that's ugly I would rather drive a Mk1 Fiat Multipla

Microsoft targets Barmy Army with Silverlight

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Please Please

I wish it would take off, maybe Adobe would then get their finger out and sort out flash for OSX

HP packing workers seal bosses in conference room

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the french eh

Do the French never wonder why there is so much unemployment in their fine country ?. They ave some of the craziest employment laws that discourage business set-ups , shame

Scammers use Ford to drive users to scareware sites

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made up title here

This sort of thing keeps me in work cleaning up after this rubbish, but the people who do these things are utter bastards and will burn

Advent AIO-100

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no thanks

What is the point of this fugly PC ?

None of the advantages of a laptop

None of the advantages of a desktop

Put up with the loss of space and the wires and get a tower, that's my tip

Hugh Jackman speaks of Wolverine leak heartbreak

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Is a Ferrari without a paint job no doors and only have the engine, not worth watching

Apple seeks to patent movement, vibration and pleasure

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Patent smatent

I think I will put in a vague and ar reaching software patent wait for someone to breach it then grap that cash.

The USA patent office need a serous shake up, They seem to pass any old rubbish

Acer sued for shipping Vista-book with GB of memory

Brian Whittle


Least it has 1GB I saw may early Vista laptops with 512MB (less shared)

Vista bottoms out at about 600mb of used memory and is more usable with a 1gb stick .

Though this chassis of acer laptop is a bit fiddly in the replacement of memory (you have to take the large cover off the back) it is fairly easy to do your self and for far less than $157 . A gig of memory for this laptop can be bought for about £11 in the uk.

The problem with acer laptops is all the extra junk that acer put on them not Vista it self

As for OSX 10.5 I would not want to run that with 1gb . My macbook is on 2gb at the moment and that runs out of free memory quite regularly

Apple Mac Mini (Early 2009)

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1 GB not enough

Unless you only want to use your mac to browse the internet 1 GB is too low, the base should be 2GB same as Vista

Apple 17in MacBook Pro

Brian Whittle

good but

Apples upgrades are always ridiculously priced and tarnish what are quality products

US cops called to McDonalds menu cock-up

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Yes No Yes

Yes she should have got here refund

No . McDonald's chicken McNuggets can't be classed as food

Yes she is an idiot for ringing 911

'Vista Capable' plaintiffs seek class action revival

Brian Whittle

the thing is

Microsoft have always understated the requirements of their os's

These lawsuits are just from ambulance chasers IMOP

and as for the first comment I much prefer Vista to XP

theTCP/IP Stack is much better , it looks crisper than the garish XP, the enhanced search features are cin brilliant

That said UAC was at best poorly executed (and thats being kind)

I don't care about needing more memory more CPU time etc , things move on

Second rogue Facebook app bewilders users

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I live the word Scoundrels

Google antitrust suit: Is there a case?

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<Pretty weak case, if any. There's no law against any company having a dominant position>

try telling that to Microsoft with regards to the EU

There will be ramifications the bureaucrats (who have to justify their existence) will see to that.

New attacks on IE7 go wild

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activeX control

I know that lots of sites and programs depend on ActiveX (BACs card validation for one) but if it had never been invented it would not be missed.

M$ are buggered as their customers have come to depend on this function so it can't be removed

However thought it was a good idea for remote sites to run programs on PC's needs a slap especially aa when it first came out they could be run without your say so

Apple shares MacBook break-in tips

Brian Whittle

Form over function

Its the Apple style mantra that is at fault here not wanting little covers in the base of the laptop like in most other makes, Looking at the pictures for replacing the hard drive on the 17" a small removable cover would have sorted it out no problem same for some of the models

Hydrogen motoring too heavy for pundit

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it seems odd anyway

would not a car that actually runs on hydrogen be better

not one that uses the hydrogen to make electricity which turns electric motors

. basically the clarity is an electric car that generates its own leccy with a hydrogen generator , seems a bit arse about face to me

Brian Whittle

better solutions will become available

The fuel from algae seems a much better prospect to me as does biomass fuel when they get organisms to break down cellulose , which will come then the cars we have now could be used with some modification

Fuel from fuel is not a solution but from green plants , fuel from your garden clippings now that will be good

Apple sued over iPhone smooth scrolling

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Patent smatent

It about time that software patents where thrown in the bin probably 95% of all these have been in use in some form before some idiot granted the patent

Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge

Brian Whittle


to be honest, whatever you think of vista , she does not have a leg to stand on.

Though microsoft have a record of moving things around and changing names for no apparent reason to alienate their consumer base,

How has the feature "add and remove programs" become "programs and features" why? WHY?

Oh and UAC was still designed by a committee of chimpanzees