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Apple iCloud: Same old cage, new height


ft shortsighted

i already subscribe (pay) to ft website. I would not pay for a ft web app but i would pay for a ft ipad app. FT losing out on additional income. The FT may be able to forgo the itunes store but that's due to it being a professional financial source.

Android, Steve Jobs, and Apple's '90%' tablet share



you mention that apple's domination of the music players is an aberration. Instead apple is a premium player only. Definitely true for computers e.g macs but is that true for ipads? Can apple produce cheaper ipads? Well, they could definitely reduce the screen size to 7inc. Can they produce an equivalent ipod nano for the iphone or ipad? Do they want to? I think they do.

Issue is whether they can succeed as they did in the ipod market.

iPad's biggest rival? Microsoft's dead Courier



iPad is not like an iPhone because of the ability to touch type.

I can touch type not v fast but decently. Yes, improvements are needed but it's a beginning.

Apple iPad vs... the rest


size difference

is a 7 inch an ipod touch equivalent or a tablet device. Steve Jobs said he would not introduce a 7inch tablet but he did not say he would not introduce a 7inch ipod touch. At some point size changes the nature of the device. Just like the internet became interesting when a certain number of people started connecting.

Apple's AppStore closes in on $500m in software sales


openess overdone

i think you exaggerate the extent that users will not buy into the iphone because apple can restrict the application choice.

Most people just want applications that work and as long and reasonable choice. The choice just needs to be good enough.

If people really wanted an 'open' platform then there would have been an explosion in linux on the desktop!!


Depp for Dark Knight follow-up


depp for doctor who

depp would make a great doctor who.

Europe too cynical for iPhone



can you all please remember that the iphone has been selling in the US since July while it has only been selling since Nov in the UK, DE & FR (& France started later). So therefore, please remember that when making absolute comparisons with the US.

iPhone tops mobile browsing charts



i have an iphone & i sometimes use it instead of my laptop to browse the net. it's easy to surf the net & read articles. it's not just about the tarrif - it's about usability for me.