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Drunkards warned: If you can't walk in a straight line, don't shop online, you fool!

Paul McCourt

I bought every back catalogue DVD from the 'Kids in the Hall' (Canadian comedy troupe for the unwashed reading here) across 3 sites including eBay at 0230 on a Wednesday morning. The TV series (what was available), the live shows including the reunions). For the next few days I was bemused at the packages coming through my door until it finally hit home and I remembered. Drunk me knows what I like.

Best 70 quid I can't remember spending.

BT scoops up Wales PSN contracts, elbows out Logicalis

Paul McCourt

Hmm, is that STG£130,000 per endpoint?

My primary school maths can't be right can it?

European Grid Infrastructure project condenses shared cloud

Paul McCourt

Say OpenStack

Say 'OpenStack' again. Say 'OpenStack' again, I dare you, I double dare you motherfucker, say OpenStack one more Goddamn time!

Google animates 'offline' Gmail for iPhone, Android

Paul McCourt
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Online version

Well until mobilOSx release 3.0 comes with the search function there is nothing like that with the native installed client.

Using the GMail online app now is quite the experience now, nice interface, however not integration with the rest of the mobilOSx for sending pictures and attachments etc..

Roll on 3.0 but am I right in saying that Storm and blackberry users are left in the lurch a bit?

Beatles to bless Rock Band

Paul McCourt

Not as popular they should be

I was listening to 'Iam the Walrus' (Beatles version) at work many moons ago and a colleague (at the time) only 5 years my junior (I'm 30) asked if I was an Oasis fan seeing as I was listening to them. I told him that it wasn't an original Oasis track. He mouched through his bag and pulled out a Oasis CD single and on the B side was 'Im the Walrus'.

"See," he said. "It is by Oasis ya tool!!" I told him to look at the author and sure enough it was Lennon/McCarthy.

"Ohh," he goes, "I see." I muttered that Oasis we a little to Beatle like and God bless him he replied with "Beatles, who are they?"

He never heard of them, or Lennon or McCarthy and this chap actually played guitar!!!

He should have got his coat!

Apple sees red over iPhone 3G

Paul McCourt

One of Captain Kirk's babes

Yer w'one on the screen looks like something Captain Kirk would have had a fling with in the OST.

Or was he more into green women?

Mayor Boris to cover Porsche costs in CO2 tax brouhaha

Paul McCourt

Really, hitting the disadvantaged?

Last time I checked the congestion charge was in the congestion charge zone. What the hell is a family doing driving their people carrier into central London for?

Sony, MS want control of PS3, Xbox iPlayer, Beeb boss claims

Paul McCourt
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Wii iPlayer Access

Dunno what Codec they are using but its bloomin crap, like watching a satellite linkup from the 70's.

And yes I have 8MB broadband and live in the center of London (not that it should help).

Amazon turns up volume, buys Audible

Paul McCourt
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What about iTunes

I've bought many an audio book from Audible via iTunes (which also included 'The Ricky Gervais Podcasts') will Amazon make the content exclusive to just their store?

My Gawd, content is king again....... God help us.

Acer gives Dell notebook business a kicking

Paul McCourt
Jobs Halo

Apple anybody?

Surely they should be included, or is it because they don't run Windoze, OOO OPS now they do.....


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