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If I say something, seemingly intelligent....

If I say something, seemingly intelligent at work and my wife doesn't hear me... Am I still wrong ?

Paris - because that's what my wife looks like - If i really squint and look at her sideways!

BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy

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The national museum of computing

All yuo sad geeks (myself included) who are finding the naotalgia welling up inside them would do well to visit the national Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park http://www.tnmoc.org/

Last time i visited they had a room full of 'old' computers which were all powered up and open to the public to fiddle with! needless to say i went straight to the BBC and found myself, almost automatically, tapping in the wonderfully useful 'Hello World' program... and then naturally went around all the other machines trying the same...

I remember Micro Live, in fact it gave me the basis for one of the programs i submitted for my Computer Studies O level - (remember O levels? back when you had to actually learn stuff!) It was a simple game involving a series of platforms and ladders and some dropping bombs.. or something like that...

DARPA code teams compete on same K9 robot



How much money? .. call me picky but why not use real dogs? they can already do all these things, cost bugger all to make and don't need petrol. With the added bonus for the future squaddie that, when he arrives at the location, he has a fresh meat for the pot! kinda like killing 2 dogs with one stone I would say!

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins


What about the grand master himself

All these so called contenders are small fry...

Bring on Mr Mayagi ! ...

now if only he knew DImac too he would be invincible (if you get that one, congratulations your as sad as me!)

Mobiles can upset hospital equipment, after all


double standards

The main hospital in Suffolk has the usual mobile phone ban in place and yet they rent roof space on top of their maternity unit to mobile phone companies and it is bristling with masts! They claimed in the local newspapers that the mast worked differently to phones and posed no threat! (were a source of income more like to pay for hospital administrators chairs made out of gold plated virgins.....)

Paper calls for local ID cards



Yet another step on the slippery slope toward the panopticon society the government so dearly wants!

BAE demos DSL-esque military radio protocol


It'll never fly

Hmmm.. lets see...

It's cheap, relatively quick and it works...

Absolutely no way then that the military will buy it! Anyone who has had any dealings with military procurement will know that you are ONLY allowed to spend money in Vast amounts and then it has to be on a hopelessly pointless system that will never actually work properly and when it does come into service will be so unbelievably obsolete that it will immediately be retired - in favour of next gazillion pound development!

Or am I just a cynic?

DVLA urged to consider number plate recognition


Hmm... says it all!

"The NAO also says the EV[i]L scheme...."

nuff said!

Bletchley Park opens computing museum


Hope you can still play with them!

I went to Bletchley park a few months ago and was amazed to see a room full of good old 'home computers'! They had everything from a commodore pet through ZX 80.81/spectrums to a BBC Micro...

And best of all they were all setup and running to allow visitors to fiddle to their hearts content.....

Needless to say i spent a good half hour re-liviong my schooldaysa and running round to each one and tapping the good old 'Hello World' cliche program!

Loved it!

Seriously - If your a bit of Geek/Nerd/L33t Hakr you really need to visit this place - Amazing!

Beavis and Butthead in London jihad


Lest we forget!

The thing that galls me is the new home secretary trotting out the party line about the biggest sustained threat from terrorism... blah blah...

I cannot beleive we are being asked to forget the attrocities carries out by th IRA over many years. THAT was a real threat! I feel, as an ex member of her majesty's forces who has served in Northern Ireland, betrayed by the government on and it's seeming will to 'forget' the NI problems and all the dead soldiers and civilians.

Who here remembers the mortar attack on 10 downing street?, the bombing of the tory conference hotel? or the bombing in Hyde park? - not the government obviously!

Creationists open biblical history museum


Open on a Sunday!

What's this - the Creation Park is open on a Sunday! Do they have devine permission for this flagrant disregard of Christian dogma? or maybe they subscribe to the "Christianity's OK but money's money....." belief system.......

Can you die from testing a 9V battery on your tongue?


you missed the point

You seem to have totally ignored the point that Liam was asking.. He knows that a battery does not have the lethal current levels required directly but was asking if they could effect the nervous system and therefore cause death...

Anyway your response is entirely wrong as you talk about Voltages, everyone knows it is current that kills NOT voltage!



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