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20KB trojan turns on bank customers in Singapore, Indonesia


that's probably my third comment in as many years, cut me some slack :)


Every single bank in Singapore (and there aren't many) employs two-factor authentication, in form of either a hardware token or sms sent to a mobile phone. Even if you managed to steal someone's login credentials, you won't even be able to see full account numbers, let alone transfer anything out - so I'm wondering what's the point in developing the trojan

Unsafe at any speed: Memcpy() banished in Redmond


This is insane

What's up with this trend of 'making life easier and safer'? If somebody wants to use safe alternatives - fine. But why do we need to _force_ people out of fast low-level stuff?

It's like 'yeah, you know, 99% of the programmers are idiots, really, who can't be trusted with dangerous stuff'. Only in ten years time there won't be anybody who can program your framoworks, libraries and OSes at all with that approach. Things are bad enough as it is, nine out of ten candidates whom I interview already do not know how computer works.


Whitehats tackle The Great Botnet Dilemma


@wibbilus maximus & others with idea of changing address to

Don't be so quick in assumption that it wouldn't hurt anything. There's plenty of things that can go wrong with that, simplest being the bot client doing something unexpected when not receiving any ACKs for some period of time. And all kinds of possible resource problems - potential memory/handle leaks due to excessive retries, overflows and whatnot

Why is Ruby on Rails so darn slow?


How the f#$%...

...somebody can use language which isn't understood even by its developers (and with a stupid name to boot - Ruby on Rails is in the same line of names as Zero Cool and Acid Rain, i.e. teenage hacker nicks)

Why would anybody ever use a scripting language for anything besides text batch processing and starting up things is beyond me...

Reality crashes Google hippie code fest


@ b4k4

Living in Soviet Union was, actually, rather good, contrary to the propaganda

Plastic bag campaign falls apart at the seams


@ People who suggest charging for the bags

Let's also pay for shop's rent and electricity bill. After all, we can all be eco-friendly and only shop in the daytime out of the back of the store truck, right? Next time you're in the shop, leave a tip for the cashier as well, it's not like she's being being paid out of store' profit margin.

Do all of you really believe that the customers in the stores aren't already charged for the bags?

Can't believe my eyes when I see people writing crap like that

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain

Paris Hilton

@AC (all to much...)

When I read 'said slowly whilst menacingly stroking my pussy', first thing that sprung to my mind was an image of naked SlimVirgin, one-handedly typing a reply from a wp fortress... but you meant Dr.Evil, right? right?

Opera hits Microsoft with EC complaint


To all the people who use M$ in their posts

...you are just sooo 1337

f$#%ing disgusting, those forever stuck in their teens shouldn't be allowed on the internet. only couple of years ago the most what they could get was a soapbox in the park, now they are all over...

Tracking down the Ron Paul spam botnet


@Brett Brennan

Being from Minsk, I'd say that working on an 'outsourcing farm' is kinda prestigious, in a way that it's a lot better job that the most jobs out there. And btw Minsk hosts two biggest european software houses.

But I can easily see how people could write something like reactor for the coolness of it, as opposed to doing boring stuff outsorced from elsewhere. And there's extra pay, of course

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia


Wtf is 'sockpuppeting'?

Wtf is 'sockpuppeting'? Everybody else seem to know :(


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