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Upgrade drags Stealth Bomber IT systems into the 90s

Ian Dennison

Makes perfect sense to be less than "bleeding edge"

Having worked in Defence IT at both the sharp and blunt ends, it is absolutely necessary to stay behind the curve. 256K memory, and txt-based interface? Hell yes, cos its well written and works sufficiently fast enough! Simple = reliable!

Who will be the next Doctor?

Ian Dennison

What odds for,....

Daniel Craig?

Stephen Hawking?

Bungle from Rainbow? (someone above mentioned muppets)

Robbie Williams? (OK, that's pushing it a little)

Or really alternatively,....

Rowan Atkinson?

Robin Williams?

Jimmy Nail?

Colour me scared!

NZ hydropower drought could see leccy rationing

Ian Dennison
IT Angle

Historical reasons also,...

there is a large gas-fired station in the north island down for planned maintenance for an extended period, which will make a hole in the capacity.

One option thrown around in the 80s was to hook up one of the Inter-island Ferries to a generator and pump out some wattage into the grid. Wonder if they still have the huge fan-belt to connect it up?

Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help

Ian Dennison

@Carl Sagan

Carl, how many times do I have to remind you, stay out of the Total Perspective Vortex!

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eBay slams UK.gov touting ban

Ian Dennison

Lets make it official

Ever seen "Price bid tv"? Where you put your bid in for one of [x] many items, and the minimum bid to obtain an item creeps up accordingly? Why not just make it official and sell tickets directly this way? Have a cutoff of 4 weeks beforehand to allow for organising accomodation / travel, and have a waitlist of people who can pick up other tickets?

Am I the only one thinking here?

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor

Ian Dennison

Bring on the genetically engineered superheroes


New Statesmens, graphic novel about unravelling the genetic code and the cultural, political and popular implications of. brill stuff.

(The first step in creating superhuman celebrities was to build an "optiman", choosing his eye colour and everything).

New Bond film title voted a 'Licence to Thrill!'

Ian Dennison

Stephen Hawking to sing the theme tune

At least we know he is qualified.

Hannah Montana fails to defy laws of physics

Ian Dennison

I want my sacharine to be real!

Who cares if behind the scenes she is doing blow and half the road crew? If our kids pay $10 to see a xenophobic and distorted view of americana and youth culture, it should be the genuine purveyor of that distorted view. The risk of 2 wrongs actually making a right is too high and too damging to the american way of life to be allowed to happen!

Whats my world coming to?

Sysadmin admits trying to axe California power grid

Ian Dennison

With his surname 1 letter away from mine,...

guess I'll never get a sysadmin job in America

Campaign to name US street after Douglas Adams

Ian Dennison

Loved the books,...

but he ran out of decent ideas (and anger at civil servants) after book 3.

Secret mailing list rocks Wikipedia

Ian Dennison

Technology outgrowing ability to manage it

Seems Wiki is suffering the same problem as the recording industry - a technology has been introduced that allows free flow of information, yet the security model and user management "science" have not adjusted to best manage the results.

Kind of a shame that one of the "poster boys" for the new information age hasn;t figured out how manage its technology.

More research on social science, psychology and trend analysis needed? Better "filters" to remove "false positives"?

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