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Nvidia four-core chip to power quad-res Apple iPad


doesn't matter duo or quad or hexa or octa cores

duo core, quad cores, hexa cores or octa cores, it's pointless if the power consumption problem no solved, when the heat precipitation handling is still exist... will be a failure. That's why most windows based devices too decades still unable to make a palm based PC popularize until iPad re-ignite the trend.

Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse


Mokia move

I think Intel boss is right. Nokia will eventually find out it's CEO decision is digging a grave for the company sink deeper into the hole. Unless decision is made talk the talk with little product made in winOS and focus on meeGo OS in real time production.

Leaked details on HP iPad challenger reveal tight fight

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iPad desrves the credit: re-invent innovation.

Let's face it, tablet PC been around for two decades now. It wasn't just clumsy and bulky, but OS is as horrific as using desktop. That's 20 yrs in the developments and researches by many PC makers with the help from Microsoft's hundred set of brains behind scene. The expensive device fails to attract consumers not just mentioned earlier, but also the price. Here we comes, Newton launch prematurely before we all ready for it, now the iPad. iPad is actually Newton reborn with a twist. Again, Apple doing it's best to do what others failed to do in the last 20 yrs, bring us a gadget that will ignite next round of technology gold rush, every PC makers try to imitate but failure to innovate in design from hardwares to softwares, something that really origin.

If a PC maker like HP really want to stand out, should re-invent the wheel and stop using Microsoft OS and spend some valuable time in RTOS or Linux which HP already has the technical skill to do it. iPad is iPhone size it up not, deserve the credit to change the way we use computer for yrs to come.

Google tweaks search results with mystery site speedometer


waste of investment

Instead of doing that, I prefer Google invest some valuable time to invent the wheel to warn people which searched links are potential dangerous attacking site with reddish high-lite or icon attached to it.

Chip makers to flex their bits at Hot Chips



it's hilarious, AMD couldn't even made a decent low voltage high speed duo core or quad core mobile cpu. Nw they ae going for multicore?

US WMD report: Dirty bombs, chem weapons are bunk


new bill for WMD attack within the US of A

I think US should now introduce a new registry or bill to execute those who use WMD onto US soil or coast. Let's say, if the WMD is made or has something to do with Iran, could be any country, US must retaliate decisively and wipe out the immediate threat without delay or hesitation. Strike then ask later policy must in place and widely publicize especially outside the country. So any nation try use the anti0America cheap politic for their political career boost in the near future would think twice cos the possibility of being wipe-out from extinction not just themselves but his or hers entire nation goes with it.

AMD pooh-poohs 'Atom smasher' cancellation claim


AMD will eventually step ino the footstep as others CPU makers in the past

Remember Cyrix CPU from IDT and National Semi Conductor as well as IBM's power PC CPU?

All are part of the history. AMD future will be the same. The Phenom is clearly a sign of technology failure, especially the power consumption by the CPU is a joke.

gOS - a Google good OS for your Mum

Gates Horns

Linux hype

I still don't understand why folks from Linux communities still refuse that Linux is an ancient defunct OS as in x86 intel CPU to Pentium class. No matter how it progress, VIA try hard and Intel try revive it as atom, still an ancient technology.

Linux boot time is slow

Linux is dump as hell when come to drivers, not even universal drivers wold function properly

Linux came in 100's of distro, each has it own half finish project. Together, Linux are almost a little more than half finish project.

User friendly? Not so fast when come to problem, user immediately realise that they stuck if didn't know all the commands. Not simply click here and there true GUI.

Linux almost virus free... hmmm! wait till those kid figure out then all your file will be gone for real because you don't know much about Linux either.

Security issue is not a problem, I've see some geek hacked into Linux in minutes. It not reported to Linux community yet because they've nothing to gain to prove Linux is insecure.

Intel slashes Xeon, Core 2 Duo prices


8 core named.

Intel 8 core could name Octa-core (SHORTEN AND SIMPLIFIED )

IBM's eight-core Power7 chip to clock in at 4.0GHz


take over the world

soon we will completely overtake by the computer as in the movies.

It's time for law makers set a rule for all chips makers to implement an ethic code into all chips they made.

Apple iPhone 3G

Jobs Horns

hype alright

I'm not happy with my new 3G. A) Touch responsive way too slow, no improvement over the 1st Generation. B) I still try to figure out making the numeric touch pad as default page each time when iPhone turn on instead two step processes. C) Claimed multi-tasking but in reality, there will be lag. I understood that the device is single core processor but expect it behave as duo because the impression from the hype gave me it is some sort of duo. D) I need a smarter yet higher mpix built-in camera with at least 2X optical zoom. Apple could apply the liquid lens technology on it. E) I need a louder speaker phone built-in.

Fujitsu intros half-a-tera pocket drive


soon will be obsolete

gor god sake people, take it easy on editor.

By the way, it's a waste of silicons create something will obsolete in a few months with no one wants. Nano-drive run on chips will soon on market before 2010. The size about credit card on 3.5mm thickness hold 300 Gig will virtually knock all the spin wheel off the shelves.

Romanian cops cuff 24 cybercrime suspects

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a joke

There we go, a start. The world enforcers should work together to form a uniform cybercrime unit to wipe out cyber crime to extinction and encourage local law maker create a law put them away locked underground bunker 247 without chance of parole for at least 10 years even if proof of reformable. Otherwise mean nothing to the criminals, it's like slap on the wrist with few years in the cell watching TV doing nothing.

Shuttle intros Phenom-friendly media centre barebone


too boxie

Still too boxie and dull compare to Asus and Apple mini.

AMD confirms 'Atom-smasher' chip on its roadmap

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waste of iinvestment resources

waste of resources and investment. Why not focus on smaller die mobile duo core run at 1.0 ghz neighbor with mere 1.5 W power? Obviously AMD lack of creative telented people other than bunch of smart techno thieves follow what it competitor did and steal the ideal from it. Like batch of leeches. Only once in awhile came up with something better probably by accident. Acquired ATI wouldn't make any differences, because such corporate disease will only spread into ATI core instead ATI creative spirit to cure them.

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters


it's a joke

Is this a joke? None of the phone makers able to duplicate the iPhone. Even Palm and Microsoft with partners. Reason is simple, they all just dont get it, iPhone is not mean just a phone, but rather a new generation hendheld communication device that Plam and Moicrosoft took two plus decade and unable to achieve,

Only morons will take a piece of wireless phone with wannabe buttons pushing gargets emulate into touch screen compare to iPhone and claim it top ten beater. RIM is great for e-mail but still a dumb design and cocoon in the classical innovation cage.

Only one at the moment consider catching up is LG Dare. That's it.

Lesbians like straight men, researchers find

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the research is a joke and bias.

You take a brain already formed it path is like a PC programmed the way doing thing then use it to prove it's that the way should be.

Bare in mind, research found, Children from infant to toddles are not much difference between boy and girl. Meaning they could be program as boy or as girl regardless physical by nature.

The gay research result are all a big joke in scientific world.

Nvidia blows out Moore’s Law with fresh Tesla


unrealistic and ahead of time set the path for a doom company

I believe we all don't need such computer power other than research institutes use for scientific calculations. another thing is we all couldn't afford it, nor the millionaires will waste their money for that thing wich wll be obsolete in a yr or so.

They should focus on making low cost high efficient with low heat low energy GPU that meet end users to keep the company moving forward and match the big boy competition edge.

Sun to lose lunch money on JavaFX


problems with Java

too much CPU and memories resources being suck up by all java written applications. Sun keeps telling us will be improve but instead, the newer releases the more CPU power required. Adobe is doing the right thing keep pressure Sun take it more seriously or bust.

Biofuel 2.0 gets off ground in Kiwi airliner trial


still thinking inside the box, going nowhere but merry go around.

Time to think outside the box, thing of magnet power, wind dynamic power, and water power.

Firefox 3 Download Day falls flat on face


FF will not make the record due to the fact server is down for hrs

pity isn't it?

I will be shock if record breaking download achieved.

MySpace wins $6m judgment against Spam King


should fine 10x more and bankrupt him

Should have get him to pay 10X more to myspace. The judge should set a gold standard to bankrupt spammer like him

AMD pitches latest Opterons at swollen boxen


doomsday is near for AMD

it's a waste of money and resources to obtain AMD chips that the company may be wipe out by INTEL and rising Chinese chip makers.

Unless AMD could make it magic to come up with a 3.0ghz desktop and laptop quad core CPU consume a mere 45W or less with temperature lower than 25 Celsius loaded with big 10 Mb L2 cache at below $200/chip.

Otherwise AMD is a company half way to the grave, if not ATI graphic sustain the survival, already there long ago. The company made CPU that no one wanted it.

Microsoft urges Windows users to shun 'carpet bombing' Safari


microsoft problem will always be iwth you as long as...

Microsoft should change the way if allow any software installation a pc, malware or cookies or any sort..should quarantine in a secure temporary section until user allow it to install with the pc id/pw plus installation 4 digits code permit it into the pc system.

Chinese boffins show off unbelievably tight ring


waste of funding and scientic research resources

waste of funding create something useless.

Intel chastises AMD for 'scorched earth' anti-trust attack


AMD whines

If AMD able to put it's much better faster products to the end user hands, instead of whining and making noise before the product even roll out the production line, Intel will not be succeed no matter what and how it want to.

Shame is, AMD only know how to hype, with once in a lifetime break through help expand it's hype further. Sounds like it ditch a grave for itself than Intel try hard bully them. Fingers pointing is easier to cover their mistakes. AMD should learn from Apple. Keep their freaking mouth shut in all future products until release day and continue innovate it's technology with rapid pace compare to current slower than snail.

AMD grabs for the data centre with low-power server chip


multicore hype

AS general usage server rather than scientific research involve massive calculation's, any server more than 8 cores is a waste as in Desktop PC, since the applications and OS are origin written for mono or Duo, the excess cores have no extra house power. What we really need is work on the speed beyond 10 Ghz limits, Due core is more than sufficient with low power 10+ ghz cpu

Fedora 9 - an OS that even the Linux challenged can love


same old dumb prblem in all Linux - drivers

If you have a desktop, with built in duo display capable chipset, both of your widescreens will be show you a blue blank page or flicker dots screen, deoends on your chipset: Intel, nVidia, or ATI. Other than that, device such as mp3, mp4, mobile phones, or digital camera or camcorder..still an issue.

Bear in mind, not everyone use Linux is techie nor has the patience to waste. Most people just want focus on productivity conveniences.

Firefox 3 beta is live

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FF rules

I love TB and FF as well as SeaMonkey. I don't understand why many still using IE, OE though. Those plugins from mozillas make lives easier and surfing who new meaning without much fear.

FBI issues prosthetic pregnant belly bomb alert



this is crazy. We should counter attack by provide free humanity education lessons to those Islamic nations aggressively as long term investment, as well as try convert them into any other religions away from Islam.

Apple's iPhone numbers do not add up


iphone mistake made by Apple

Apple made a serious mistake sign the dead end contract with only sole provider in each continent and also shouldn't limited to GSM only. The delay produces lots of opportunities for competitors times to better products to compete before iPhone saturate the market. Remember Apple 1 & Apple ll vs IBM clone n microsoft DOS?

Steve Jobs and team probably let recent success over crowded their mind couldn't see straight.

Hitachi hypes 'world's most capacious' laptop hard drive


nano tech HD

All these HD will eventually obsolete replace with the nano technology chips hold terabytes as small as a stamp with only .05 mm thickness. I couldn't remember the company name mentioned in a technology business magazine with millionaires sportsmen and billionaires heavily invested into the new starter-up specialist company. Apple iPhone and IPod should be the company to deploy such technology if not mistaken.

Apple targeted in DRM monopoly suit (again)


what a con artist

What a crook. She is nothing but opportunist try to find way ripe-off corporation weakness. She has choice to buy iPOD clone, where plenty of choices out there. I hope Apple will counter sue her for trying to damaging corporation image and her stupidity not to read fine prints before buying.


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