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McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo

Owen Carter

Game Over

Time to admit, he's on his way to the US of A and theres nothing anyone can do about it.... Game Over sonnyjim!

Nokia's N95 successor slips out on web

Owen Carter
Paris Hilton

RE: Adam

"The Finnish phone giant has since closed the page"

Nato secrets USB stick lost in Swedish library

Owen Carter
Paris Hilton

Not just the UK Govt then

Good to see our fellow EU/NATO homeboiz are as equally as adept as losing important things as good old HM UK Government! I wouldnt mind having a peek at said NATO secrets! I really dont know why you'd hand such an item in....

Tiscali in shock customer satisfaction win

Owen Carter
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All the same really!

I would say most ISP's are the same and pretty shocking, you usually have to spend ages in a call queue then get told to turn your router on and off again.... always! Slow service and ineffective support!

Get me some 100mbit fiber to the home and i wouldnt mind waiting ages to talk to someone but paying for a 24mbit service and getting just under 6mbit is shite!

Facebook CEO capitulates (again) on Beacon

Owen Carter
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@ Tim & Simon, hear hear! Glad to see people with some sense making comments.

Everyones turned into paranoid conspiracy theorists! As Tim & Simon were saying the large majority of the people that use facebook use it to communicate and keep in touch with real friends.

Great to chat shit over genius pics of times gone by and all that!

My concerns about privacy are small esp since theres minimal data on there about me.

And to people who are going on about 'sad' people with 'no lives' that is a pile of shite, ive got a big pile of mates who are the most social outgoing people, enjoy going travelling, partying and all that AND all use facebook! Its not like we spend all day on facebook, but its good to go on now and then see what new stuffs goin down.

I have to say tho that those apps for facebook are crap, and so fkin pointless, NO i dont want to be bitten by a non-existant vampire or be sent a virtual beer i want a real beer!

Rant over

Oz video rental giants go Blu-ray only

Owen Carter

HD-DVD going the way of Betamax

It seems its only a matter of time before this format is laid to rest.... The simple fact that there are millions of blu-ray players in the shape of PS3's around the world mean that the format is unstoppable!

Nokia N95 update speeds apps with virtual memory

Owen Carter

pile of shite

I have this phone, and the battery life is appalling, I am soon to be selling this phone to get back to the old skool and a nokia with a battery life of 4 days on standby rather than less than a day with the N95! This badly needs sorting out before they bother making phones any more powerful!


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