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Grid computer recreates ancient Greek lute



does this remind anyone else of some .mid lift music?

Official: O2 and Carphone Warehouse to slash 8GB iPhone price



In their defense, O2 is I think one of the few operators that allow truly 'unlimited' broadband (provided you're not using your phone as a modem through a laptop etc).

However, for other operators/ISPs etc, the whole "unlimited" (Fair Usage applies) fiasco really makes me mad, too. I don't understand how they're allowed to hide away the fact it is nowhere near unlimited in the T&C's? - Does anyone know why Ofcom etc allow it?

It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook


re: Id like to point out...

It may be able to 'borrow' optical drives, admittedly a nice touch, but what about if I don't have another Mac right next to me to borrow from? More to the point, if I do, then why do I need to buy this thing?

Secondly, Apple can't say "it's the world's thinnest laptop" since as far as I'm concerned, it isn't really one. No ethernet, no optical drive inside, and one USB? Once I've tacked on port replicators and an optical drive and a power supply, it'll be a pretty cumbersome piece of kit.

90mph police chief cops 42-day ban



I would imagine if he had hit and killed a child, the punishment would have been much more severe.

Plus...there's probably not many sweet shops/playing children on the 60mph A5.

Gibson plugs in self-tuning roboguitar

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Although it looks like you're right, in that self-tuning systems have been around for a while, that website you linked prices the modification at $3,399!

This new Gibson model is obviously a far cheaper option, when you bear in mind there's a Les Paul included in the price.