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NASA busts booster booster


It ain't rocket science

Oh - sorry, it is.

Inside the BBC's R&D Labs


actually not beta

Actually it was not beta but four Sony digital video recorders using HUGE cassettes. Long before jpeg compressed video formats.


DAB works fine - its the fcuking accountants who messed it up

DAB works fine if the broadcasters used it the way it was designed to be used. Its the bean counters who want more channels squeezed into each multiplex to create more revenue, which then results in the bitrate being reduced. Also DAB was not designed for local services.

P.S. I worked at KW when DAB was first demo'ed

Here lies /^v.+b$/i



how about - Oh foobar!

The IBM PC is 30


PCWs first review

I remember PC World magazine first review. It said the IBM PC was a dodo and doomed to failure. How wrong they were!

Moderatrix kisses the Reg goodbye


We've crossed swords

We have crossed swords in the past, so if you want to have one last stab, feel free. I can take it.

But seriously, enjoy it, whatever you new position is (reverse cowgirl. doggie, etc)

BOFH: Drunken Time Lord


time goes slowly between episodes

Yes I have noticed that time goes slowly between BOFH episodes but very quickly while reading them ( unless the boss has just walked in and found me reading BOFH)

Kiwi gals swig shots of horse semen



I'm sure the barmaids had lots of fun pulling the pump handle!!

They can pull mine anytime.

Middle England chokes on Nice Baps


Chocolate starfish

So my idea for chocolate treats would be banned too?


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It should be an iPhone app. I always thought iFans were a load of w@nkers

Out of shape? Not had sex for years? Watch out


But who will fill the prescription?

If its the girl behind the counter at my local chemists, I might be interested

Huawei to gift underground coverage to London


burnt contracts?

"No contracts have yet been singed". I should hope not. Health and safety risk.

NO-SH*T CURE FOR BALDNESS discovered by accident


Yes but..

inserting it will hurt!

The Girl with the NSObject Class Reference tattoo


Write your own

Why don't you write your own, Verity, you could use all the correct jargon and even confuse some of the most expert computer nerds. Throw some comedy in and you're onto a winner. You have enough fanbois of your own who would rush out to buy a copy.

Go for it, girl!

Footie fans in 'cunthorpe Utd' calendar shocker


I also worked for a SHIT department

I worked for a company in Bracknel who moved to a new building called Station House, so we became the Station House IT department, which was quite appropriate.



I read a book on canal history and one of the maps had cropped the C off canal

Buxom buttocks bolster Beemer bonnet

Paris Hilton

at least

He's not selling a beetle bonnet. That would be pornographic

Paris - because she has her own beetle bonnet

'Poo-powered' Volkswagen astounds world+dog


How many TPM?

How many TPM (Turds per Mile) does it do?

It had to be said - "Save gas, fart in a bottle"

Gulf spill to annihilate all earthlings, says seer


It's always "The end of the world is nigh"

If the end of the world was now all these NWO, biblical end of days, etc pundits would lose their source of revenue selling their shite DVDs, books, water filters and similar junk.

Mines the one with "Don't Panic!" written on the back

Beeb sends teaboy outside with iPhone


not short of cameras?

Surely the BBC is not short of cameras?

Salacious smut soaks 12% of web


This is new?

All visual media have always been for porn. Artists have been painting and sculpting nudes for centuries, or millenia.

Oz filmmaker to flog virgins for TV doco


You can apparently...

get two in the bush simultaneously. I've seen the video proof.

NASA tests amazing bailout rocket which will never be used


Gemini. Mercury

Didn't the Gemini an Mercury capsules have something similar, Apollo too if I remember correctly.

Megan Fox not world's sexiest woman: Official


Anna Friel

Anna Friel does it for me (in my dreams at least).

No penis pumping for Papuan plod


Dont try this at home!

I was stung by a bee (or wasp) when I was six years old. It did no permanent damage (as far as I know), but I cried my eyes out all the way to the doctors surgery.. Also it made no permanent improvement.

Boobquake fails to destroy planet


Who cares?

This is the sort of science experiment I like. I might have paid more attention to science classes at school if they did experiments like this.

The earth moved for me looking at Jennys picture ( or was that just flatulance)

First among SQLs


...but why?

the sub-heading of COBOL? What has that got to do with SQL?

P.S. J. Cook - I believe Verity is a girlie not a sir,. at least I have always assumed so.(I have not seren the proof)

Will DNSSEC kill your internet?

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I use it at work and I think itsF##''ing brilliant, but what do I know.


wrong place

I know this is the wrong place to ask technical questions, but WTF here goes...

Does anyone know how to configure ISA 2006 firewall to allow EDNS packets through?

Yes, I have googled and searched Technet, but no joy.

Lords: Analogue radio must die


Many Tvs will be scrap

Nobody has thought about the millions of portable TVs. Do you think those will work on Freeview with a 6 inch ariel? As for mobile phone with built-in DAB, will those work using the headphone lead as an ariel? If the authorities get their way and force everyone onto digital TV/radio, then portable listening will be a thing of the past (apart from MP3).

Password reset questions dead easy to guess


Helps if you can spell

It is spelt aardvark, and this is a poor choice of password, being the first word in the English dictionary

Google says desktop PC is three years from 'irrelevance'



Are companies going to run their finance systems on the cloud? Or their personnel systems? There is as much likelyhood of this as there is of the UK shutting down FM radio by 2012. (But that's another story)

Men lie more in online dating - except about their weight


2D girls

They are called blow-up dolls with a puncture.

US must redesign killer hot dogs


Sarah, you should be ashamed

"you're branes" or your branes. I accept the mis-spelling as artistic licence, but I think yours should be revoked.

Where did you learn your english? Sorry, I forgot, you're a Yorkshire lass. Only us southerners speak english proper.

And yes, I know that last sentance is not grammatically correct.

Wreck of 1930s flying aircraft carrier dubbed 'historic'


Quite correct!

It was pilot error that caused the Airbus crash not computer error.

A decade of techno-sex: Look how far we've come


Blow-up sheep

A vending machine in a pub toilet (in Wales, of course) was selling blow-up sheep.

Mines the sheepskin coat.

Chips make you chipper: Official


Nesar Birmingham

Aston is near Birmingham (not Alabama) so yes they do speak funny.


Up your...

Any reasonably pleasant food would be comforting. But give me a plateful of salad and I'd tell you where you can stick your cucumber. (Just don't expect me to eat it afterwards).

Microsoft erases Windows 8 optimism


What I would like to see...

The feature I would most like to see is for Windows to abandon the MeSs-DOS drive letters A:- Z: for a Unix-like contiguous file system. What features would others want?


MTV Mexico pulls South Park episode


Queef sisters

I thought the Queef Sisters episode was a classic. You can never have too many fart jokes.

Battlefield skyhook robocopter 'passes US Marines' test'


Look at it closely

It appears to have twin contra-rotating rotors, but they are very closely spaced. How does that work? They must crash into each other.

Spiderman Beetleman wall-crawl glove/boot tech invented


zero-G boots

Might be good for zero-G boots in spacecraft

Hubble snaps space conker bonk aftermath


Comets tail

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought a comets tail was caused by ablation of the solar wind against the comet not the heat of the sun.

Vote, vote, vote for Barbie the computer engineer

IT Angle

cable tester

She would need a CAT5 cable tester and RJ45 crimp tool and to keep BOFH fans happy a cattle prod.

Woman sues rail line for 'exploding' toilet


Do not rain..

"Do not rain, while the train, is standing at the station", obligatory quote from Douglas Adams.

French mock British G-spot probe


Well, Sarah?

What is your view on this? We need a female perspective.

Wrists playing up? You're shagging too much


rename it carnal tunnel

It should be called carnal tunnel syndrome. So CTS is now an STD?

IT Angle

Do it like animals

Doggie-style is best, and you don't have to look at her face which ia a bonus.

The IT angle? about 60 degrees

Too much sitting can kill: Official



Should suffer less from farmer giles (piles) as well. Too much sitting can really be a pain in the ar$e.

The beer icon cos beer keeps you regular