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Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA

Doug Lynn

Windows 7 is the adult grow up from the Vista baby!

Hi, yes Windows 7 is based on Vista fixed and optimized. And has been greatly received!!! Outsold Windows XP and Vista comblined I heard!!!

AMD to dump ATI brand

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ATI brand still remains on the boxes but distributors items are AMD Radeon

Hi, I guess it takes longer to get rid of the retail box covers. There are no more ATI authorized distributors selling ATI just AMD video cards.

Michael Dell snubbed by quarter of his shareholders

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Last I heard Dell is #3, HP #1, and Acer #2

They are just mad because Dell is slipping. Acer bought Gateway, Emachines, Packard Bell and others and became #3 and Dell slipped because of HP sales. But the real #1 is the combine sales of guess who? Independent computer resellers at 40% of the computer market while HP, Acer and Dell, etc share the remaining 60%!!!

Best Buy slaps 'God Squad' priest with cease-and-desist order

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Hi, hey guys there is another God Squad, its Campus Crusaders for Christ, a long time Chritian organization. They have a nice logo but it looks ok.

Intel investigates after retailer sold fake CPUs

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Glad it was not D&H!

Hi, I previously posted about D&H, glad it was not them. They have always been straight up. I suspect it was Ipex or one of their gray market suppliers. A good clue is that Newegg has already dropped them as a supplier. Newegg should play it safe and buy only from an authorized Intel distributor. However we do know they run out of processors and have to look elsewhere for them. Yes I'm a computer reseller too.

Microsoft delivers official Word on Office 2010 'tech guarantee' plan

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Wonder if www.win741.com student purchases will be included in the free upgrade to Office 2010

That would be sweet, Office 2007 and 2010 for $59!

'Friends with Benefits' sex does no psych harm - profs

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The New Morality is just the Old Immorality

HI, its time for a wake up call, there is no new sin under the sun that hasn't gone on for thousands of years. Wake up you are shortening your life living in sin. I hope and pray you realilze this before its too late and you die. Accept Jesus Christ now!

US told to keep its beak out of European decisions

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Someone need to remind EU who saved their countries in WWII

HI, thats really lame EU, holding up a US company merger...because they do business in Europe...

Microsoft enlists faceless girl band as face of Windows 7

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sugababes win 7 site


NASA: the world will not end in 2012

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Just another sci fi movie - just don't take it for a fact

Hi, I saw this based on pagan beliefs, NASA is right, there is no planet to hit Earth or we could see it by now with our own eyes. Just as global warming is overblown, NASA has proven that 70% of the Arctic ice melting is caused by man not CO2. Stopping all the S02 acid rain smoke is the cause of it. The extra S02 was actually creating more clouds and cooling the earth. Mount Saint Helen cooled the whole Earth 1/2 degrees F when it exploded. Mother nature knows how to keep the Earth in balance.

iPhone goes Orange

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Stop offending Christians with slur

Hi, please stop taking Jesus's name in vain when refering to the iPhone. You are offending millinos of your readers. You're breaking one of the ten commandments.

All-in-one PCs to replace desktops, claims Asus

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laptops out sell desktops all ready so all-in-one PC will not reign!

Hi, everyone knows laptops are out selling desktops. A all -in-one will never be able to replace a desktop for gamers, who constantly are upgrading, until they make very upgradeable laptops and all-in-ones.

AMD to beat Nvidia in DX11 GPU release race?

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AMD does it again! First to x64, first in graphics!

Hi, I just upgraded my old Athlon64 Socket 754 computer to Windows 7 x64 RTM and it has DirectX11. This made my old computer new, its so fast! Just a few drivers not available which I don't have to use. I think my new Quad Phenom II system will start with a a AMD/ATI HD5850 serices card!

PNY punts 'lifetime warranty' graphics cards

Doug Lynn

PNY orginal warranty was lifetime without registration

HI, been there before you are not required to register a product you buy to get the full warranty. PNY is breaking the law. You can't require registration to extend or validate a warranty.

Bolivian TV falls for Air France crash hoax

Doug Lynn

I like scifi but I'm Lost and confused about Lost TV program...

Hi, get more and more confused watching this show, even watched reruns for awhile but don't have a clue. Now I lost it on my new U-verse TV, what channel?

Duke Nukem Forever developer defunct, says staffer

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Sad to see Duke Nukem gone....

Are we talking about Apogee the orginal writers of Duke Nukem on floppy disk? I call it Duke Nukem 2D..along with Commander Keen, etc. I had alot of fun with these games back in the 80's

Symantec hit by massive goodwill impairment

Doug Lynn

evangelist doesn't seem quite the right word - you're right!

Hi, I am a computer reseller and dumped Symantec years ago. NAV is blot ware and almost impossible to remove to reinstall unless you are a computer expert. Only the accountant who wrote this article understands it... by the way the word evangelist is a Christian word only not to be used secularly with an adjective. Look it up in the dictionary. He is a man of God who goes out into the world and evangelizes(brings people to Jesus Christ) Like Billy Graham.

Illinois restores Pluto's planetary status

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Must be a science book bonanza rewriting all the school books!

Hi, glad to hear Pluto's been promoted again, I heard Mickey Mouse had something to do with it.

AMD lifts veil on six-core Constantinople Istanbul

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You forgot to mention the dual 6 core opteron coming soon (12 cores in a new socket)

Intel may have 8 core coming, but AMD is next to do dual 6 core Opterons (12 cores per cpu socket). Its coming in a new socket, 1207 can't handle 12 cores.

Windows 7 'upgrade' doesn't mark XP spot

Doug Lynn

XP to Windows 7 upgrade is possible

Hi, you could have your computer tech do a temporary upgrade to vista, then immediately have him upgrade to Windows 7. I have done that for older systems that won't upgrade directly to WinXP in the past.

Doug Lynn

Or by Vista upgrade that includes free update to Windows 7, when Windows 7 first comes out

Hi, like when Vista came out, you could buy OEM XP including a free update to Vista, so get the OEM that includes Vista with free upgrade to Windows 7. Do a quick double upgrade from XP to Vista to Windows 7...

Intel to extend chip-tech dominance

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Not to worry everything Intel develops is cross licensed with AMD

Intel and AMD been doing this for years, Intel may do it first sometimes but AMD does it for less cost.

New York serves AMD free Foundry lunch

Doug Lynn

Not a bribe, NY state will profit in the long run in increased taxes.

Not a bribe, incentives are normal part of incentive to bring business to town, they will get more in taxes. Bribes are illegal, incentives are not...

McCain gets pair of personal cellphone towers

Doug Lynn

This article is slanted...

But Verizon spokesman Nelson said it has no plans to build the permanent cell site and instead has installed a temporary cell site on wheels following a request in May from the Secret Service. ‘We have no plans to build a permanent cell site on this property, but are keeping the permit active as a prudent business planning measure, in the event the Secret Service's needs change over time,’ Nelson said."

Your version

The news comes from the Washington Post, which established that Cindy McCain, the senator's wife, offered some land on the ranch to Verizon early last year in the hope that it would put a cell there. Verizon got pretty far with that request, but ended up deciding the planning requirements were too onerous, and the return on investment too nebulous.

But come June the operator was wheeling in a temporary base station to provide coverage, apparently responding to a request from the security services.

You never mentioned the 'security services' was not McCain's personal security, but in reality it was the Secret Service who requested it. This in no way reflects badly on McCain or his campaign but our own government's security. I am sure if it was Obama this would have been the same request from the Secret Services and it would not been written about.

HP loses top PC spot in Europe

Doug Lynn

Biggest reseller of computers, independant resellers

Hi, once again the independants have our produced in one of the name brand computers. Why they are less costly and better with local service from the builders.

Google demanding Intel's hottest chips?

Doug Lynn

Good story!

HI, fine writing!

AMD Fusion for Gaming

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Yet another biased report

HI, AMD still rocks! Yes you need a Phenom, ATI Chipset board AM2+ board. The 780G or 790GX with Hybrid Crossfire. Why would AMD write it for Intel??? Does Intel write software for AMD? NO!!!!!!

Googlephone unworthy of Satan tag

Doug Lynn

iPhone unworthy of Jesus tag

Hi either is the iPhone worthy of Jesus, why don't you grow up and stop being biased in your reporting??? Prepare for a lot of emails!

Ingram slashes profit outlook on soft market

Doug Lynn

profit of .003 percent???

Hi, I thought that the market for parts was bad, resellers used to make good money selling parts but not any more since the big resellers got on the internet. You are lucky to make 2% net profit. No more mom and pop businesses selling parts, strictly system integrating and service.

Lawyers slap Nvidia with chip glitch lawsuit

Doug Lynn

nVidia when are you going to learn to be upfront with your customers and shareholders

Hi, all they had to do was announce a mandatory bios update to prevent overheating and customers would have had there bios updated...what a public relations nightmare they caused themselves. 31% decline in stock value overnight! Guess this will help AMD/ATI big time.

AMD releases overclockable tri-core CPU

Doug Lynn

AMD, more bang for the buck, keeps on ticking, and getting better.

HI, I have been an AMD fan for 20 years now since my first 80486/87 computer. They are more innovative than Intel and much less costly than Intel.

AMD Socket AM3 Phenoms due Q1 2009

Doug Lynn

Wow, I might as well wait for AM3 motherboard and cpu!

Hi, AMD does it again!

AMD trumpets Hyper-V nuptials

Doug Lynn

AMD chipsets

Hi, AMD 780G is low end system but very fast coupled with HD3450 video card. AMD 790GX is is medium end system with Crossfire/Hybrid capable with HD 3650 or up to two 4870 cards. 790FX is high end system with multiple Crossfire cards but no Hybrid mode.

Doug Lynn

AMD chipsets

Hi, AMD 780G is low end system but very fast coupled with HD3450 video card. AMD 790GX is is medium end system with Crossfire/Hybrid capable with HD 3650 or up to two 4870 cards. 790FX is high end system with multiple Crossfire cards but no Hybrid mode. Something for every wallet with best bang for the buck!

NASA chief blasts US space policy in leaked email

Doug Lynn

why don't you just tell everyone how to make bombs?

Hi, too much details about making bombs, you should be more responsible.

AMD to launch 45nm quad-core Phenoms on 8 January 2009

Doug Lynn

AMD antitrust suit hurt Intel

Hi, 45nm cool, I think I'll wait to January to update to Phenom. By the way, I am a computer reseller for 10 years and I have seen the Intel antitrust violations. Distributors who would not sell Opteron/Athlon64 due to contract for cheap parts from Intel if they didn't sell AMD. These distributors and manufacturers that didn't sell AMD before the suit are now SELLING AMD!!! Just about all of them including Dell. Also AMD has already won most of the lawsuits internationally, USA is still going on!

Emails allege ATI-Nvidia price fixing conspiracy

Doug Lynn

sounds more like marketing cooperation to promote nVidia and ATI video cards status

Hi, I don't see antitrust here but it would have been if the just remained competitors. After all Intel and AMD have cross licensing agreements, they share technology, they need each other, thats why almost the same sockets, cpu design, etc.

Buffalo touts 'first' external SSD

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Its not a SSD its USB flash drive - they can't sell flash drives in USA

Buffalo Technology will no longer be selling USB Flash Drives, MMC memory cards or CompactFlash ®, or any products containing those components in the United States. This decision is based upon SanDisk Corporation's multiple patent infringement proceedings against, among others, Buffalo's component suppliers of these products. Although Buffalo is confident its suppliers will ultimately be successful in rebutting SanDisk Corporation's assertions of infringement, until this issue is resolved Buffalo has decided to avoid any further litigation and refrain from supplying these products in the United States. Click here for additional information.

Hmm sounds like a mislabel, an SSD replaces a HD and has to be SATA not USB interface.

Novell recovery continues

Doug Lynn

Smartest thing Novell did was buy Suse!

Suse is a great Linux distribution. Much more uptodate than Red Hat or others. I remember having nightmares installing SATA drives when they first came out on Red Hat, they installed fine with Suse.

Newegg plays chicken with New York 'Amazon Tax'

Doug Lynn

Beware Newegg, Monarch Computer went under due to not paying sales tax

Hi, NY is wrong about this, the affliates should be paying state income tax through their Amazon affliations on their commissions, however Amazon is not set up to collect sales tax. They could with better programming but it would never fly with consumers. They will just void the order paying NY tax and buy directly from Amazon. Would you pay tax on an order when you are not in NY? NO! By the way resellers have to pay sales tax to any state their distributors are located in if the order is drop shipping to that state. The reseller is forced to bill his customer even when he is not located in the customer's state, or lose tax money. By the way Newegg may be great for consumers but their RMA service stinks, making everyone go back to manufacturers for RMA. I have heard numerous complaints from the RMA dept of manufactuers. Also they are selling at wholesale price in volume and putting all the small/local resellers out of the parts business. Soon your local reseller will be no more, look what happenedto Compusa. Its really ironic because Newegg is owned by ABS a big computer reseller...Pay your tax Newegg or risk the way of Monarch Computers.

AMD offloads TV chip unit on Broadcom for $193m

Doug Lynn

AIW it was time to go

Hi, there are many good manufacturers of DTV boards and they are separate cards for media centers, etc. AIW was basically out of the running.

Anatomy of a malware scam

Doug Lynn

AVG reseller finds this fake program over the weekend too

Hi, I ran into this the other night doing some internet surfing. Fortunately AVG 2008 detected the bad downloads as malware. I suspect I got some spyware doing a full scan of system AVG, Adaware and Defender. By the link scanner of AVG is working great, it caught several malware sites after clicked on them and blocked them from browser.

eBay changes anger smaller sellers

Doug Lynn

9.9 percent is outrageous fee for saling computer parts

HI, Ebay is not good for selling computer parts, unless they are old used parts where the markup is good. Computer and computer parts sell for anywhere from 3 percent to 15 percent profit margin. Ebay is just ripping us off. I only sell used parts on Ebay, they want too much money. Thats what happens when you take a good auction site and turn it into a corporation with hungry/greedy stockholders. To think Ebay was started by a Christian woman.... better evaluate your morals and usury.

Media companies urge judge to activate Intel's anti-redaction machine

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Here, Here! Open the court's records on Intel's antitrust behavior

HI, I am a computer reseller for 10 years, wish someone would interview me. I have seen alot of the antitrust issues and am glad AMD sued Intel.

Intel adds 22nm octo-core 'Haswell' to CPU design roadmap

Doug Lynn

AMD is going next to 6 core discrete and 12core dual 6 core

HI, as usual Intel is behind is the innovative department...

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

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As a born again Christian I see alot of discrimination in your hearts and minds

Hi, writing a history book from a Christian perspective is not wrong. It basically is American History with the addition of comments about he the faith of the participants. Most secular history books never touch on the beliefs of the historical people they talk about. A Christian history book will talke about it to explain historical motivations. Face this fact, the USA was started by the Christian majority for Christians. However we welcomed others as a tolerant people who love their neighbors and love God with all their heart. If you can't do this you might as well not follow God at all. These two commandments by Jesus basically sum up the 10 commandments. This whole subject reminds me of the book Robinson Crusoe which was written by a Christian author about a man stranded on a desert island. It talked in length about Robinson Crusoe's faith in the original book. Now we have movies and revised books that don't mentioned it... Secular schools have done much the same thing with their history books.

AOL phisher jailed for 7 years

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If your going to do it, you may as well do it properly

Nothing proper about credit card phishing, identity theft, etc. Throw the book at them...

COBOL thwarts California's Governator

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30M not 30B dummy! Thats the amount IBM wanted

15B deficit, 30M for IBM to replace it.... Duh!!!! Learn to read...

Russian push into Georgia could knock Nasa off ISS

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Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction in the works!

Hi, or didn't you read that the US released the news that Iraq had tons of yellowcake ready to make high grade uranium? It was kept secret until the could get it out of Iraq and it recently arrived in Canada. So the war of Iraq was justified at last....As far as the space program, let it continue, alot of new products come from the research done to go into space...including Tempurpedic memory foam beds.

Paris Hilton - the compromised candidate

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Paris Hilton needs to return to the faith of Hilton's founder, her great-grandfather.

Hi, Hilton was a great man of God, Paris could learn alot from him, but alas I doubt she never knew him, she should read his books.