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Gordon 'to sacky' Wacky Jacqui

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Can I be the first to say.......

.......I know, no chance. I'll be dancing in front of the burning stake tonight though!!

Have you no larger thumbs up icon?

Hang on, it's Gordon Brown it's for.....never mind :-)

Ryanair may charge cattle to use the bog

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I can see it now

"we've removed the toilets due to lack of demand and now have an extra 4 rows of seats in the aircraft"

Never flown with 'em and from the looks of it, never will...

El Reg suffers identity crisis


All this mention of lesbians....

.....and nothing posted from Sarah Bee?

(this is my social experiment to see whether the lesbian-loving pizza-eating geeks that we all are now assume that Sarah's a lezza)

((that's also not to say that Sarah's not a lezza))

(((also there's nothing wrong with being a lezza, Sarah)))

((((does anyone bar me find this juvenile shit funny?))))

Second rogue Facebook app bewilders users

Paris Hilton


What's bewildering is the average internet user seems to be dumb enough to click on anything. If you want to lose all of your money, your house, your reputation: "Click here"

I saw this incoming notice yesterday and though "that's bollocks". I can only assume that, having seen it only once and surely being connected to many below average "friends", it was actually too scary for many to click on.

Paris - because she has not clicked on the friend invite I sent her yet.....good lass! ;-)

Hertfordshire drivers endure 200-year roadworks

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so what are locals called? Or is it another name for a bra?

And there is of course a local birdwatching chapter.....! http://www.hertsbirdclub.org.uk/tyttenhanger-siteguide.html - "birdclub" indeed!!

Paris - because, according to the Sun in 2007, she now needs bigger Tyttenhangers!

Abba star slates 'lazy, stingy' Pirate Bay fans


Here I go again, my my, how can I forget you?

I downloaded Mamma Mia.

Do I feel guilty? Nope. Do I feel like I've broken the law? Nope.

Why not, I hear you ask...? Because I have the BD version of this movie and wanted to have it on other devices too - I don't have a BD-ROM to rip it to another format and I certainly ain't shelling for it again.

So that's ok, I hope :-)

Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard


Law & Order: "Special" "Victims" unit?

Lawyers < retards < freetards......!

Dell launches perfume ad teaser site for Macbook Air rival

Jobs Horns

Hmm if this was around a year ago

I might not have got my XPS M1330. Still, that thing's going well - and I was a naysayer for many years after being dumped-on at work with an Inspiron D610. Crap performance, crap screen, crap design...

Thankfully I left that job and got over my hatred of Dell laptops. I also now have a Mini 9 running linux.

It looks well thought out and vents well, expands well, hopefully performs well. But I'm sure it'll be 30% more than my XPS was ..... and that was as much as I wanted to pay.

For the haters, I'm sure you'll be able to make a Hackintosh out of it ;-)

HP printer hack risk prompts update

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Printing from home?

Hang on, it's hardly convenient - I'm at home and my printout is appearing in the office 50 miles away?

I like our solution - no direct printing and employee badge is needed to collect your output.

Yet....for some crazy reason, you still find unclaimed output on the printer. I usually dump it in the shredder bins - that usually learns them ;)

Reading punts free mobile info service


Will it help me get off the IDR?

or will I become forever trapped in The Oracle?

Seven Japanese poisoned by blowfish 'nads

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I reckon they were after the buzz

and the "move towards the light" experience.

Fuguoos - the 21st Century's Flatliners?

Disabling Windows Autorun - there's a right way and a wrong way

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Surely they're missing something here?

The people who are likely to disable autorun are the people who are unlikely to fall for this shit?

Ergo autorun will still run for Aunt Flo who's a complete computer numpty.

Paris - because she can override autorun-disabled....anytime ;-)

Hilton 'sucks face' with MySpace CEO

Paris Hilton

Every since I found out that she's only boffed two blokes

I Love Paris.

Heck, I'm not even AC for this one.

Double-heck - the wife wants a Chihuahua.

Paris, will you be my girlfriend (and protect me from my wife?)? I'd rather have my first Chihuahua with you (and your money) to be honest.

If not, I'll be sticking with my Amstaff habit. S'up to you, burd :-)

Whose notebook is it anyway?

IT Angle

laptops - status symbols?

bloody hell, maybe in 1992 or so when the first colour models came out (non-suitcase amber or green not included!). Kids today have cellphone and laptop; why would anyone think that this is a status symbol.

our lot get a laptop when they join. All. The. Same. Model. (Whole disk encryption, before anyone asks).

the last thing we want is for the scrotes to say "I need this installed".

we don't even offer them for sale at the end of life (about 30 months old) - it's too much hassle.

TCO is high enough without fecking about like this :-)

What's the IT angle? Sounds more like a bunch of whining kids venting, to be honest. With it hitting my budget (oh, if they only had the clout :-D)

Mom stole daughter's ID to shake pom-poms

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If she was fit

rather than a bit of a heffer, would anyone have complained?

Paris - because her site has great pom-poms right now ;-)

Enormous HP box spotted from space

Paris Hilton

It's faked

anyone would know that locals refer to the place as Peterboghorror.

Ergo I out you lot for faking the images in this story.

You'll have to try better to get one past me. A quick flash of Paris' Whotsits might help :-D

Leeds Council loses kids details


What they really need is control

Mobile Device and Media Control. Sanctuary. Control Guard. McAfee Device Control.


You have to remember that, unless enforced with technology, you're still pissing in the wind.

RIM officially unveils Javelin


what is RIM up to?

A mix of 3G and not 3G, wi-fi and not wi-fi - I think I'll stick with my Curve.

Which is a shame - with the missing features and mixed reviews, I don't want to tie myself into two years of anguish just yet!!

Windows patching abysmal, and getting worse


Actually seems reasonable to me

Installed on a VMware XP installation and told me some things about it.

Online scan of my corporate desktop XPSP2 got the green light with regards to being up-to-date on patches (my VM SP3 wasn't). Also picks up on many BHOs that people tend to not bother updating.....

Seems to do a reasonable job - the question is whether it adds value to the average home user? If they have to wade through false positives?

I'd like to think (hope) so.

El Pingu - because surely he's always up-to-date with patches ;)

Selfish worm targets month-old Windows flaw


I see this news item being referenced sometime in 2010

......as the NHS and other government bodies are hit by it.

Lovely :-D

Software update nobbles Sky+ boxes

IT Angle

Points to note on this

I have this as I have a 500Gb drive in the box. Standby followed by spin-down = disk unable to respond in the time that Sky+ expects the disk to spin up.

I actually just reboot the box and power it up as soon as possible; I then press Backup (no phone line here, thanks) and then I go directly into the planner. Disk works.....

If you WAIT after booting it, it won't work.

If you leave it in Standby, it'll eventually sleep.

I do have reliable recordings and playback - apart from when the wife puts it in Standby. "You never told me," says she. "I told you last week," say I. "Well that was on the telephone so it did not count." Crack that female logic, El Reg devotees!!

IT? as it really is a bit SH

Group Test: Blu-ray Disc players

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Rejoicing in Switzerland

I just got the Sony S350 for ........ 171 Swiss francs after an 80 franc mail-in rebate and 10% discount in the store. Even at the 279 francs list price, it was a steal.

I already now have 4 movies plus play.com just got my business on several.

Rejoice - that I no longer "have" to download movies ;)

PC virus forces three London hospitals into computer shutdown

IT Angle

Is this the Mytob worm first found in 2005?

Seems that they've skipped a virus signature file or 13'000.......

Glad my health is in someone else's hands...

Where's the IT angle - because this is just plain dumb.

Gov to Manchester: No new trams without road pricing


Excellent - I bet this is how it would pan out:

Step One: People agree to road pricing

Step Two: Government agrees to funding public transport expansion

Step Three: Government starts earning from road pricing




Step Nine Hundred and Seventy Six (twelve years later): Improvements in public transport begin

Icon taken and I don't even live in the People's Republic of Mancunia!

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest


Firefox Portable

If those at work cannot install software, consider portableapps.com for your needs.

Hopefully your nasty admins are not blocking your useragent at your outbound gateway.... ;)

Windows 7 early promise: Passes the Vista test

IT Angle

XPS 1339?

Bummer, I've only got the 1330 .... ;-)

Vista is great. Really. But that's on a PC with drivers and it's not an upgrade - and I think that's key.

At work, I've recommended not updating to Vista yet because I don't see any true benefits.

Windows 7 - I think take it or leave it; we had the naysayers about XP many years ago - so what's new?

Comedy UK social network berates moaning users

Paris Hilton

This is the sort of site I'd join

if I was not over 36 ;-)

Fucking giving it to the masses in plain English. Respect.

Paris - because deep down I don't hate her either....!

Ballmer and Gates defend Vista, drop Windows 7 hints


Vista's OK - but would I go out and upgrade an established XP machine to it?


I have two machines bought in the last year and they both run Vista. They were both delivered with Vista and I had no problem with that.

One machine was a challenge as I dropped a HD DVB-S card into it and had to use Beta drivers. That issue's now not an issue.

The other machine's a laptop and was randomly not sleeping when I closed the lid. SP1 seems to have eradicated this issue.

Frankly, I may be someone who does not care that much about the operating system. I can get Vista to BSOD but it behaves in a similar manner to XP in robustness (my opinion).

I have a mix of Vista, XP, FC and OSX.

One thing Vista has tried to address is user-retardedness - the number of people who simply click on Yes, Install, OK, Screw My PC and other buttons on pop-ups is frankly very high.

The Penguin - because he can be an alternative.

Rare bug blights Lotus Notes


Lotus Notes - sucks?

Certainly Notes is a unique beast, I'll give it that. But the Domino server runs on almost anything - from Windows through linux to AS/400, Solaris, etc. So it can fit into most roadmaps without too much trouble.

The client.....let's not underestimate how much of a hog Outlook can be too, especially with the cludge setting to use Word as the mail editor...!!

To the person suffering CTRL-A and having to deselect manually - Edit - Deselect All. It's an educational problem (as are many things).

To those wanting POP or IMAP, you mean you want secure POP and IMAP?! The Domino server can offer this too, of course. My Domino server sits with 1352 open to the internet and forces all sessions to encrypt network traffic (that is, once you've authenticated successfully). At the same time, I can use SSL to get to webmail to send and receive emails - all pretty much out of the box.

The Notes client is so unpopular, what with only 120 million seats out there (allegedly) that it's not targetted by the kiddies. Of course a badly-implemented installation with no antivirus, antispam and so-on (especially at the perimeter) can be a liability - but you can't blame Lotus Domino for that.

We have over 100'000 Notesmail users and our solution for this problem is simple; delete the offending DLL from the package and remove it from PCs.

Lotus Notes sucks? Yes, sometimes. But on the whole, it does many, many things very, very well....