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Prepare for Apple's self-resizing iPhone interface


ok, so now users will be tempted

.. to take the phone out whilst bouncing around, thus increasing tenfold the number of units returned after being dropped on the pavement. good thinking!!

HP Mini 2140 netbook

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1024 x 576 ????

The huge screen res was the biggest selling point of the 2133, and they've chucked it away. And let's not start on the price. Fools!

Nokia E63 smartphone to separate work, play

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Very very good value

.. wonder what it's missing next to the E71?

I never quite "got" the work/personal switcher thing on my E71.. I turned it off within hours :-) but each to their own and all that

Passport and ID card price hike laundered via private sector


Does the populace ACTUALLY get to make a choice on this?

.. it seems not, so we're already heading for 1984 (are we? have the other EU countries with ID cards become totalitarian states?)

Way more people seem to be against it than for it. So how does this constitute a democracy? Is there a referendum?

Ok there's a general election coming up, who can I vote for that will actually stop the already launched mission to introduce ID cards?

The Jesus Phone NDA - No one cares but you


Dominant in which market exactly?

"The iPhone and the Blackberry are still the dominant market players"

Could you define "market" here? Ahh, is it the famous "Blackberry and iPhone market?" (one containing 2 radically different devices, let's forget about all those other weird devices out there that make up the vast majority of sales in any other "market" you care to define)

Or perhaps you mean "dominant" in terms of "amount of hype"? If so I apologise. It is your right to perpetuate said hype with statements like this.

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly


.. not wishing to sound ungrateful for this technological advance but..

.. is the factory it's made in solar powered too?

.. and is it shipped to us in sailboats?

.. and does every member of staff in the shop I bought it from cycle to work?

.. and is it made from renewable resources?

.. and is the industry whose content it delivers carbon neutral? What? Even if I don't watch the latest Hollywood action trash laden with petrol explosions?

.. and does it work in London (i.e. does it require actual sunlight)?


Finally launched: Nokia's iPhone beater


@Andrew Bush

Didn't you realise all the Apple-connected goods you bought would lock you into buying

Apple forever?

That's definitely Nokia's fault isn't it. Definitely not yours. No.

Virgin rejects $1m space sex offer

Paris Hilton

Maybe they'd consider it..

if they add a condition to the contract that the crew must rebrand the craft exterior "Impure" prior to .. ahem... re-entry

MetaRAM now pumping 288GB of memory into Intel boxes


@AC Amigan

You don't need recoverable ram disks for fast reboots... just go "Hibernate" *

*288GB free disk space required

The Top Ten 3G iPhone beaters


@N95 haters

I don't see an N95 on the list....

N95 8GB? Fixes most of the gripes about the N95. Firmware update to N95 solves all the software slowness/stability issues.

Can't say the web browser is nicer to use than the iPhone's.. but on more than one occasion the N95 has found a wifi network and the job is finished before the iPhone has even managed to get a connection.

.. and I echo the cry

E71! E71! E71!

.. and are all Blackberry devices *that* bad that they don't make the list at all? In my very brief exposure to one, I was wowed by the little trackball thingy. Is it just a gimmick?

HP demonstrates mega-memory concept


@Mark Rendle

I think you'll find it's from The Real Ghostbusters

Jodrell Bank spared the chop



If the British Establishment are valuing humanities above science, perhaps their priorities are in the right place (even if not for the right reasons). Maybe science has already developed a bit too far ahead of the humanities in a world that's managed to nearly nuke itself to bits several times, and still is nowhere near out of the woods in that respect alone.. To say nothing of all the other problems technology's brought to this short-sighted, immature bunch of scared children called the human race.

Anyhoo. Enough high level simplistic babbling. Nobody ever got paid for saving the world. I'm off to make some more mobile phone software.

US declares 1400-mile Pacific sat-shoot exclusion zone


@RRRoamer .. I followed your instructions

Now my laptop won't boot any more.

What gives?

Veggies a 'perversion of nature': Official


Pigeonholing idiots

To various: who the hell are you to tell vegetarians what they believe in?

You know nothing about them other than that they don't eat meat.

p.s. doesn't B12 grow on the famous Marmite tree?

Nokia N95 update speeds apps with virtual memory


I stand corrected...

the updater tells me my version, *12*.0.013, is the latest

.. and upon further reading I find "0546659" is the product code for my operator, who shall not be named.. but if it's anything like the delays I experienced with my P910 (no updates in 2 years), I'm won't be holding my breath :-)


huh? where?

I have an N95 (product code 0546659) and the updater tells me my version, 20.0.13, is the latest.

Presumably I have my friendly network provider to thank for this delay, while they stamp their logo all over my shortcuts, steal one of my app buttons to run some bloated "value added" menu and "repair" my homepage bookmark?

When, oh when will I be able to load the full front page of cuteoverload.com without an out-of-memory error?